Pokémon: Every Shiny Eevee Evolution, Ranked

If you’re a devoted player of Pokémon Go, you’ve probably made it part of your mission on the game to collect all of the Eeveelutions. Along with the normal evolutions of Eevee, dedicated players also want to evolve the shiny versions, too. While most players are aware of the name trick that can be used once to evolve Eevee into the Pokémon you want, there are many guides available out there that go into detail about this. However, not many of these guides give you a ranking of which of these shiny Eeveelutions are best.

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We look at max CP, appearance, and other stats to provide this list of all of the best shiny Eevee evolutions ranked from worst to best. While all players have their favorite Eevee Evolutions, some are definitely more powerful than others.


Shiny Sylveon is at the bottom of this list because this version is not yet in the Pokémon Go game. Sylveon is the fairy type evolution of Eevee.

There is a high chance that this evolution will be added to the game eventually, but until then, they only exist in other games, as it first appeared in Pokémon X and Y. The shiny version of Sylveon is blue as opposed to pink.


While Eevee isn’t the evolved form of the Pokémon, they do start it all. The shiny version of Eevee is basically the same color as the regular version but just more muted. The colors are washed out and give a more subtle look to this favorite Pokémon.

Eevee is a normal type that has a max CP of 1071 and max stamina of 146. If you’re looking to evolve shiny Eeevees, you’ll want to make sure their stats are maxed out to get the most powerful versions that you can. This is especially true if you haven’t used the name trick yet, as you’ll easily be able to evolve your Eevee into the shiny you want.


Umbreon might be one of the most sleekly designed Eeveelutions, but unfortunately, it’s also the least powerful. While the color and the look of this shiny Pokémon is great with blue markings instead of yellow/gold, the max CP for Umbreon is only 2137.

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Many people love Umbreon, so even though they aren’t the most powerful, it’s still worth getting this shiny Eevee evolution. Umbreon is a dark type that has a max stamina of 216, max defense of 240, and max attack of 126.


Jolteon is quite a bit more powerful than Umbreon with a max CP of 2888. This evolution is the electric evolution. The shiny version of Jolteon isn’t the most exciting overall. This version changes Jolteon’s coat from a bright yellow-gold to a muted green. This definitely isn’t the most pleasant color change for a shiny Pokémon, but it’s still worth collecting if you can.

Other important stats include that Evolution has a max stamina of 163 and a max defense of 182. If you’re committed to getting all the versions of Eevee that you can on the game, make sure to save up as much Eevee candy as you can for events.


Flareon is another of the three Eeveelutions that were included when the game was first released along with Jolteon and Vaporeon. Flareon is a fire type that has a max CP 0f 3029, making it the first Eevee evolution with a CP over 3000. Their attack max is 246 and defense max is 179.

This is a Gen 1 Pokémon that is boosted by sunny weather, which is good to note if you’re trying to battle with your shiny Eevee evolutions. As far as appearance is concerned, the shiny Flareon is mostly just a muted version of the original. The coat is a more gold/tan color as opposed to a brighter orange/red that the original has.


Leafeon is a new addition to the game as far as Eeveelutions are concerned. This is the grass type evolution and has a max CP of 2944. While their max CP is lower than Flareon's, the fact that Leafeon is much newer to the game makes this shiny desirable. If you’re working to collect all the shiny Eeveelotuions, this one might not be in your Pokedex yet.

The shiny Leafeon is hard to distinguish from the original but has lighter colors overall. Leafeon was first found in the Sinnoh region and is a Gen 4. Leafeon also gets boosted attacks during sunny weather and has a max attack of 216.


Espeon is one of the most elegant looking of the Eevee evolutions, but the shiny version is quite different from the original. The regular Espeon has a light pink coat while the shiny has a bright green one.

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While the appearance of this shiny might be a bit strange, Espeon is one of the more powerful evolutions of Eevee with a max CP of 3170 and a max stamina of 163. As a psychic type, Espeon's moves are boosted when it’s windy outside. Espoen is from the Johto region and is a Gen 2 Pokémon. Their attack max is 261 and defense max is 175.


Glaceon is another recent addition to the game and is the Ice-type evolution. Glaceon’s max CP is 3126, which puts it slightly lower than Espeon. However, it does get a slightly higher spot again because it’s a newer option and so is rarer at this point.

Glaceon has a max attack of 238 and a max defense of 205. This puts its defense pretty high comparatively. Also, it has a max stamina of 163. Just like Leafeon, Glaceon is from the Sinnoh region. Also, players should note that it’s vulnerable to fire, rock, fighting, and steel types.


Vaporeon was one of the original Eeveelutions and has a max CP of 3157. Vaporeon might have slightly lower CP than a couple of others on this list, but overall it’s the best Eevee Evolution available on the game. This Gen 1 Pokémonwas first found in the Kanto region and is a water type. As such, it’s vulnerabilities are to electric and grass types.

If you’re battling with Vaporeon, its moves are boosted when it’s rainy. The Hydro Pump move is one of its best and most effective. Vaporeon is often extremely effective in battle and the overall look of this shiny, magenta Pokémon is appealing and unique.

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