Pokemon: The 10 Most Powerful Shiny Pokemon, Ranked

Shiny Pokemon are extremely rare, so finding one that is already powerful is even rarer. Here are the ten most powerful shiny Pokemon, ranked.

Any good Pokemon Master knows the struggle of spending countless hours searching for shiny Pokemon. Shinies are Pokemon with sometimes distinct, sometimes subtle color changes. For instance, the shiny Charizard is black instead of orange, while the shiny Pikachu is only slightly more yellow than normal. Shinies are rare; according to the Pokemon Database, "every time you encounter a Pokemon there is a 1 in 4,096 chance it will be shiny."

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The thing about shiny Pokemon is they're not really any stronger than normal ones. The only difference between regular Pokemon and shiny Pokemon is the color change. Barring that fact, here are the 10 strongest shiny Pokemon, ranked by how cool they look.

10 Tyranitar

Tyranitar doesn't change much when it comes to its shiny form. Maybe it's a little bit more green than normal, bur for the most part it looks the same. Kind of boring, but you get that sometimes with the shinies. As far as its strength goes, Tyranitar is a tank; with combined base stats of 600, Tyranitar can definitely take anything you throw at it, barring the fact that it's not a Fighting Pokemon. With a base attack of 134, Tyranitar excels at powering through and getting one hit K.O.s. Being a Rock/Dark Pokemon, Tyranitar's weaknesses are Ground, Fighting, Bug, Water, Grass, Fairy, and Steel, which seems like a lot; but just remember, with a base attack of 134 and a base defense of 110, your Tyranitar can take a hit.

9 Mewtwo

Another shiny who doesn't change much, Mewtwo just turns a subtle shade of green. Since Mewtwo was bred to be the strongest Pokemon, it makes sense that its combined base stats are at 680. Its Special Attack is particularly strong at 154, and it's incredibly fast guaranteeing that you'll always move first if you have Mewtwo on your team.

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Being Psychic, its weaknesses are Dark, Bug, and Ghost, and with its Defenses relatively low in comparison with it's Attacks, it's recommended not to try and one hit wonder your way through battle with any of those types. We've all been through battles like that; we think we can risk it if we move first, if we can get a critical hit, only to be one-shotted in a second. The bottom line: Mewtwo may be strong, but it's not as much of a tank as it seems.

8 Palkia

Original Art by: iLikki

Palkia, known as the Spatial Pokemon, is totally cool. But as a shiny, it's just sort of...pink. There's not much change with a lot of the Legendary Pokemon and Palkia is a good example of that. When it comes to stats, Palkia has a crazy Special Attack base stat at 150. If you have Palkia and you need to take out another Pokemon in one hit, definitely use a Special move. Palkia has few weaknesses, only Fairy and Dragon, but with combined stats of 680, like Tyranitar it can definitely take a hit. Palkia is also relatively fast, so will often go first, which can sometimes make or break a battle.

7 Dialga

Original Art by: iLikki

Known as the Temporal Pokemon, Dialga is part of a pair with Palkia. Another Legendary, the shiny version of Dialga is decidedly underwhelming. Just as Palkia is sort of pink, Dialga is just sort of turquoise. But, just like Palkia, Dialga has a base Special Attack of 150 and total combined stats of 680.

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Makes sense, as Palkia and Dialga are two sides of the same Pokemon coin. As a Steel/Dragon type, Dialga also has few weaknesses, only Fighting and Ground. It's normal attack and defense are balanced at 120, so Dialga can take a hit and deal one right back.

6 Charizard

Shiny Charizard is black instead of orange, with red accents instead of blue, which makes it look like the ultimate destroyer. As far as stats go, Charizard's base attack and defense are relatively low, but its Special Attack and Speed stat make up for it.

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With a base Special Attack of 109 and a base Speed stat of 100, it's easy to swing a battle in Charizard's favor. Especially because Charizard has few weaknesses, only Water, Electric, and Rock. With its combined base stats at 534, Charizard is the weakest Pokemon on this list, but its cool shiny form bumps it pretty far up the list.

5 Zygarde Complete

According to the Pokemon Database, Zygarde Complete is "the perfect form, which is more powerful than Xerneas and Yveltal." If you thought Tyranitar was a tank, get ready for Zygarde's base defense stat of 121. This is a Pokemon who can really take a hit. Like Charizard, Zygard only has a few weaknesses, Ice, Fairy, and Dragon.

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With total combined stats of 600, Zygarde is recommended if you like ending battles in one hit. Zygarde is interesting because it's the first Pokemon you have to assemble. Using the Zygarde Cubes, you can set Zygarde at its 10% forme, which looks like a dog; its 50% forme, which looks like a snake; or its complete forme.

4 Arceus

As the god of Pokemon, it's somehow fitting that its shiny form is all gold. The legend of Arceus is that it "emerged from an egg and shaped all there is in this world," according to Pokemon X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire. Being the god of Pokemon, its also fitting that Arceus would be on of the strongest ever, with combined base stats of 720. All of it's base stats are at 120, so there's not much to say about Arceus except that its wicked strong, having only one weakness, Fighting. Still not the coolest shiny, though.

3 Giratina

In its normal form, Giratina already looks cool, but its shiny form is pretty slick. It even looks a little less intimidating in its shiny form, but only by a little bit. Stat-wise, Giratina has the highest base HP of every Pokemon on this list at 150.

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Its Attack/Special Attack and Defense/Special Defense are perfectly balanced at 120 and 100 respectively. The only issue is Giratina is a little on the slow side, with its base Speed at 90 in comparison to its other stats. But with combined stats of 680 Giratina is good to have in a battle.

2 Primal Kyogre And Groudon

Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon's shiny forms are gnarly. Kyogre looks like a literal Orca whale, and Groudon looks extremely intimidating. As far as stats go, Groudon and Kyogre beat even Arceus for total stats combined at 770. Groudon puts everything into its normal Attack, while Kyogre focuses on its Special Attack and Defense. They have virtually no weaknesses, with Groudon's only problem being Water types, but with its ability Desolate Land, damaging Water moves don't hit. Kyogre's Primordial Sea ability does the same for Fire moves. Though they seem to constantly clash, the Continent Pokemon and the Sea Basin Pokemon are two sides of the same coin.

1 Mega Rayquaza

Original Art by: Tanukky

Mega Rayquaza has probably the coolest shiny form, which is why it ranks number one on this list. The Mega Rayquaza evolution is already so intimidating, but paint it black and it turns into something so much scarier. As for stats, it beats out Primal Kyogre and Groudon with combined base stats of 780. All its strength is in its Attack and Special Attack, while its Defense and Special Defense remain relatively high. Mega Rayquaza also has the highest Speed stat we've seen on this list, at 115, so it's guaranteed it'll go first if you have it on your team. In exchange for ultimate strength, you have to deal with a few weaknesses; Mega Rayquaza is weak to Ice, Rock, Dragon, and Fairy. Despite that, Mega Rayquaza is a battle machine; it'll take on anything you throw at it and look incredibly cool doing it.

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