10 Best Original Stitch Pokémon Shirts, Ranked

Original Stitch Pokémon shirts were some of the coolest Pokemon apparel ever made, featuring unique designs for all 151 original Pokemon. In the past, these shirts have only been available in Japan, but that all changed as of the Pokémon Company's most recent press conference. The Original Stitch shirts are finally making their way to the West, and Pokémon fans can show off their love appropriately.

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Now that these shirts are available to more regions, we've looked at all the designs and decided which ones we thought were the best. Here are the 10 best Original Stitch Pokemon shirts ranked from worst to best.


What's impressive about the Pokemon shirts from Original Stitch is that they're more than just slapping the design of the Pokemon and repeating all around the design. The Pokémon are given some sort of artistic flair that makes them attractive shirts. The Dugtrio shirt is comprised of curved, colorful lines.

The curves inevitably meet to form the three Dugtrio heads with noses in the middle as well. The Pokémon's design is seamlessly integrated with the overall pattern of the shirt, making it something you could wear formally while still expressing your love for the franchise. The design is also mesmerizing to look at.


The creativity behind some of the Pokémon shirt designs is astounding. There's not much to write home about regarding Fearow. It's a fairly forgettable Pokemon. However, it has one of the best shirts from Original Stitch. Fearow is turned into a Native American-inspired design across the shirt, with square lines and a dark color palette.

Each Fearow design is sandwiched between various attractive lines and markings that connect the entire shirt. The dark brown of the shirt makes it go extremely well with a leather belt and even some boots. Those who do their work outside may like to wear this one.


There's something subtle and gorgeous about the Original Stitch Articuno shirt. It makes sense that one of the prettiest legendary Pokémon would also get a pretty shirt to match. Small, gentle, blue silhouettes of Articuno are seen flying around the shirt with its tail cascading behind them.

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They're complemented by blue snowflakes. There's something light and attractive about this shirt. Not only does it reflect the gracefulness and mystery of Articuno from the games and anime, but it's also easy on the eyes. This is an excellent shirt to wear around the winter time or, with the right design, on a gorgeous vacation trip.


What better shirt to wear around nighttime than this Gengar shirt? Gengar doesn't get a unique pattern nor is it translated to some more unusual design. Instead, Gengar is used to show its mischievous and playful nature. Designs of Gengar are speckled all around the shirt. Some of them feature two Gengar hiding behind a tree, while others feature just Gengar with a big grin on its face.

With the black color of the shirt, the white trees and purple Gengar offset it quite well. Furthermore, the dark tones of the shirt give it a sort of premium, fashionable feel that some of these shirts might not have.


Slowbro (and its pre-evolved form) don't do much, so making a design for them might've been more difficult than other Pokémon. Leave it to the people at Original Stitch to create something extremely good-looking, then. Slowbro is shown in their natural state, relaxing. However, the tan base color gives it a tropical feel, making this an excellent vacation shirt.

Furthermore, the Slowbro are having the time of their lives, sleeping under the shade provided by an Alolan Exeggutor. Flowers and boats are added to the design to sell the feeling of relaxing at the beach, and this shirt pulls everything off perfectly.


This Weezing shirt is perhaps one of the most creative that Original Stitch has to offer. Weezing already has a hexagonal design, so that's used to great effect on this shirt. The design is split into small hexagons with various Weezing as focal points.

The colors of the hexagons change as they get closer to Weezing, becoming yellow and light purple to function as the Pokémon's smoke. The design is very striking as a result, essentially being entirely comprised of smoke from a Weezing. At the same time, the shirt is still quite fashionable, which is what a great Pokemon shirt should be.


Squirtle is a cute Pokemon, yet both cool and relaxing. The feeling people get when looking at Squirtle is exactly the same feeling they get while looking at this shirt. This shirt is inspired by paisley designs but offers an excellent twist. The center points of the paisley are, instead, replaced with Squirtle's tail.

With various shades of blue accenting these tails, it's so seamless that it's hard to notice unless you're looking for it. Tiny Squirtle are patterned between the designs, their orange shells providing points of focus for the eyes. It's overall just a cool shirt that's just a treat for the eyes.


Sandshrew is an adorable Pokémon, and that has never been better communicated than on this shirt. Sandshrew's design looks like sand bricks over its body. That was clearly the inspiration for this shirt. The entire shirt is sandy yellow bricks.

Sandshrew are then placed at various points (either the head or the tail). The front of the Sandshrew hang on to the bricks with their stubby arms while the backs of the Sandshrew seem to be burrowing into them. It's this creativity with the Pokémon design that marries itself well to the consistency of fashionable shirt design that makes these shirts so great.


Dragonite is one of the most powerful Pokemon in the franchise; however, it also has a soft side, as shown in the anime. Dragonite can be cute and cuddly when it wants to be, and that feeling is sustained in this shirt.

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Dragonite is turned into a lovable dragon that looks like it came right out of a children's storybook. The faded colors and blue lines in the background help give it this whimsical, childish feel. It looks like something that you remember from your own childhood, which gives it its own appeal. It also makes you see Dragonite in a different way.


Coming in at our number one spot is the Ditto shirt. It was always going to be difficult to perfectly represent a Pokémon that can transform into any other Pokémon (such as Geodude). Nonetheless, the folks at Original Stitch pulled it off.

Not only is the standard Ditto form featured around the shirt as the combining element to the design, but there are also designs featuring Pikachu, Eevee, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle with the Ditto face. However, all these colors are faded a bit to make everything look cohesive and not like an assault on the eyes. It's for these reasons that the Ditto shirt takes our top spot.

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