The 20 Weakest Pokémon Of All Time (And The 10 Strongest)

Everyone loves, or at least knows of, the ever-popular Pokémon franchise. A series based around adorable monsters and a story line about companionship, there’s a sense of adventure you just can’t get anywhere else. The world is also ever-expanding with each new game and animated series giving us new Pokémon to look into and consider adding to our fighting teams. With a new region, new enemy, and new story line to go through, we're almost never bored with this series.

Every Pokémon is unique in its own way; just looking at its Pokédex entries, you get a sense of their purpose in the overall world-building. But with dozens of creatures to go through, you know that not everyone is going to be a winner. There are just some Pokémon that don’t quite make the cut when it comes to battles. Even though we all want to catch them all, there’s still going to be Pokémon that sit in boxes and are never even touched because of how weak they are. There are also rare and powerful ones that we’d love to have on our teams; these ones are usually a whole story line of lore in itself. It’s clear that not all Pokémon are created equal, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love them all just the same.

With so many new things to discover about both the classic and new monsters coming out each game, it’s time we list out the weakest and strongest; who will you pick to be on your team?

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30 Weakest: Magikarp

via polygon.com

This one should be obvious; after all, Magikarp is practically the first Pokémon that pops up when you think of weakest. This poor Pokémon has been considered such a joke that there’s even an official Magikarp game, titled Magikarp Jump, that has an opening theme song full of sick burns for how horrible this poor little fish can be.

Seriously, poor Magikarp. Being a goldfish-like Pokémon, it’s pretty clear to see why this little guy isn’t always optimal; normally, he just sort of flops. His main move is Splash, which let’s be honest, that’s not going to do anything.

29 Weakest: Bidoof

via twitter.com/bidoof_bot

Ah yes, the cute little beaver-like Pokémon that appeared in the Diamond and Pearl franchise in weaker areas. Also, the one that no one seems to like. For some reason, Bidoof has been the running joke of countless Pokémon references.

Likability aside, this Pokémon would probably be more popular if it was actually strong. Even in its evolved state, Bibarel, it’s not much to write home about. It’s stats are awful, although there are some fans that argue having the abilities Simple, Unaware and Moody make it a little worthwhile.

28 Weakest: Zubat

via pokemonfanon.fandom.com

If you’ve ever been in a cave in a Pokémon game, you’ll realize the true reason you need to stock up on Repels. Zubats are constantly hovering over you to the point that the majority of the time you’re being stopped, they’re the Pokémon that caused it.

Outside of the animated series, Zubat is almost never frequently used. You would think that a flying Pokémon could never be useless, but we assure that his whole existence is both bothersome and horrifically weak.

27 Weakest: Metapod

via wallpapercave.com

It might not actually be fair to bash on Metapod, especially since it can’t really do anything back. Sharing similarities with Pokémon like Silcoon, Cascoon, and Kakuna, Metapod is known for being a difficult Pokémon to evolve. This is because it’s literally just a cocoon with no real ability other than Harden.

If you do manage to evolve any of the Pokémon that share this category with Metapod, it is worth it. Creatures like Butterfree aren’t always used in battle, but are still a crowd favorite.

26 Weakest: Unown

via shutupandtakemyyen.com

The alphabet come to life, this Pokémon is particularly interesting when we see them on screen, but in a game battle? It’s almost no contest that these little dudes would lose with no real push back on their part. They should spell out W-E-A-K.

As clever and cute as they may be, there’s never anyone who would take an Unown to a fight. Their stats are awful with both a weak defense and attack, so the general gaming community considers them a poor choice for battle.

25 Weakest: Cosmog

via twitter.com/naupiko

As adorable as this legendary Sun and Moon Pokémon is, it’s not exactly the strongest until it evolves. Just look at its little cloud-like appearance; it looks so soft you could almost cuddle it to death.

No one can deny that Cosmog is adorable and its naturally curious personality makes it a fun companion to see in the games, but we’d never actually throw this little guy into battle. Honestly, we’d almost consider that abuse if you did; it’s too innocent for that!

24 Weakest: Ditto

via polygon.com

Ditto is popular for a number of reasons and, in theory, you would question why this isn’t considered stronger. The special thing about Ditto is that it can turn into practically any Pokémon. Typically, you’ll see it turn into whatever it’s battling.

You would think that gives it an advantage, but it turns out it’s more annoying than anything. While Ditto also has its own strengths and weaknesses on its own, it really can only block its opponent so far. After a while, you’ll realize it has nothing going for it.

23 Weakest: Paras

via youtube.com/Pokémon Cries

Paras is one of those unfortunate first stage Pokémon that we’re going to have to bash. While it’s not completely uncommon to see a starting stage Pokémon have horrible stats, Paras’ own evolution is equally as bad.

Parasect is only slightly stronger with mediocre stats that don’t really do anything in a battle. Some trainers may be able to find value in this Pokémon and even use it well, but overall it hasn’t really been well-received as a strong creature.

22 Weakest: Ralts

via pokemon.fandom.com

Ralts is a cute Pokémon, to be sure, and it certainly has the evolution every fan works hard to get. The Pokémon waifu and Ralts’ final evolution, Gardevoir, is often sought after and typically isn’t the worst when it comes to moves and stats. Ralts, however, is still not the strongest and would certainly be easy to beat.

If fact, it’s probably so weak that it’s tough to catch without knocking out completely. Many trainers find this particular Pokémon to be very difficult to raise, and we really don’t blame them.

21 Weakest: Pichu

via youtube.com/Baselard

Pichu is the adorable Pokémon that we were introduced to long after Pikachu. Apparently, it’s the first line in Pikachu’s evolution and it’s been widely considered a fan favorite for its adorable appearance.

We really don’t blame anyone on that front; just one look from those big, sparkly brown eyes and you’re bound to fall in love with those cute blushing cheeks. However, you’d never want to use Pichu in battle. Like many other first evolutions, it’s not particularly strong; and really, would you want to throw something that cute into all out war?

20 Strongest: Deoxys

via bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net

Let’s be honest, any psychic Pokémon is a little creepy given the fact that its power is based on messing with your mind. Pair that with being a mythical Pokémon, and you have something you’d never want to fight. Deoxys is that Pokémon.

But where do we find one?

It’s an incredibly rare Pokémon whose stats aren’t really that bad and it has an additional three other Formes it can use, depending on which game you’re playing. Over all, you’re going to want this guy on your team.

19 Weakest: Stunfisk

via sixprizes.com

Honestly, we’re not even sure what to make of Stunfisk. Not only does it look bizarre, but it also seems to have various conflicts in its total makeup. Nothing about this Pokémon makes any bit of sense.

The general consensus is that Stunfisk seems to be based after a flounder type of fish, but despite that it’s actually weak to water-type moves. In addition, it’s been stated that this Pokémon lives in the mud, but it’s also incredibly weak to ground type moves.

18 Strongest: Zekrom And Reshiram

via imgur.com

Both Reshiram and Zekrom are very beautiful dragon-like Legendaries that anyone would be lucky to catch. They’re also incredibly powerful but considering their top-tier status you probably already guessed that. Stats aside, let’s look at a bit of the lore.

Both Zekrom and Reshiram have compelling entries that make them look strong. Reshiram’s Pokédex entry states that it can “scorch the world with fire” while Zekrom’s parallels it with scorching the world with lightning. That alone makes us never want to get on their bad side.

17 Weakest: Wishiwashi

via pokemonfanon.fandom.com

Okay, we actually feel pretty bad about bashing Wishiwashi. Just look at that sad little face! It’s almost cruel to pick on them, but the harsh reality is that they’re not exactly top picks for battle.

These little fish really don’t have a lot of move sets that stand out and their stats are awful. This is, of course, on a solo scale. If it operates in its School Form, it actually does stand a chance of causing some damage!

16 Strongest: Rayquaza

via forbes.com

Let’s put it this way, have you ever had to be the one friend that keeps everyone at bay? Would you ever mess with the person that manages to keep the peace? That friend has always been Rayquaza, and we’d never want to upset this big baddie.

In charge of keeping Groudon and Kyogre from destroying everything, it has to be powerful. As a legendary Pokémon, it already has some nice stats and attacks going for it. But even in its lore, it’s known for being incredibly strong.

15 Weakest: Sunkern

via redbubble.com/105eggs

Sunkern is such a weak Pokémon that it’s actually aware how incompetent it is when compared to its fellow monsters. Its official biology says that because it doesn’t stand a chance against other Pokémon, you’ll often find this little guy feeding instead of fighting.

Living off of only the dew of plants, Sunkern lives a simple life until it finally evolves. This is certainly one of the cuter Pokémon you’ll find to come out the Generation II group, but it simply knows it’s not strong.

14 Strongest: Giratina

via ign.com

There are very few Pokémon that can really make us shake with fear, but Giratina should definitely be one of those monsters that instills fear into your favorite fandom. This Pokémon was literally banished to another world for its violence.

The world Giratina now calls home is known as the Distortion World; a place “where common knowledge is distorted and strange.” If a giant creature where to come back from that world after being kicked out, would you really want to risk fighting it?

13 Weakest: Charizard

via bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net

We know we’ll get a little bit of push-back for this one but hear us out; Charizard is actually a relatively weak Pokémon. Sure, the dragon-like appearance is certainly cool and the anime made it out to be one of the best Pokémon to get your hands on, but game wise it’s actually relatively weak.

For starters, there are plenty of memes going around that your Charizard probably doesn’t know Fly right off the bat, despite having wings. Its stats also aren’t the best and you’re probably better off going with a proper dragon Pokémon in the long run.

12 Strongest: Lugia

via polygon.com

In the Diamond and Pearl Pokédex entry, it states that if Lugia flaps its wings, “it is said to cause a 40-day storm.” Other entries will tell you that it chooses to live its life as a recluse at the bottom of the sea because its powers are too strong.

Have you ever been so strong you had to go into hiding? It should also be noted that this legendary prefers to sleep in a literal deep sea trench; that doesn’t sound comfy, even for a Pokémon. Clearly, this is a tough-as-nails monster.

11 Weakest: Luvdisc

via pokemon.fandom.com

Let us preface with this; Luvdisc is actually an adorable Pokémon. Of course, you wouldn’t battle with something whose stats are so bad that even Team Rocket wouldn’t really want to steal it, but it’s still a nice friend to collect at the end of the day.

The entire point of this Pokémon is to bring joy to couples; if you’re lucky enough to find one with your partner, it’s said that this is a sign of good luck and eternal love. Who doesn’t find that adorable?

10 Strongest: Palkia

via gamespot.com

If we want to talk about some seriously strong abilities, take a look at Palkia. This Pokémon can distort space itself and lives in a gap between a special dimension parallel to our own. That in it of itself is absolutely frightening.

The other important thing to keep in mind is that Palkia can actually travel to different dimensions. We have to wonder; could we actually follow this Pokémon if it were to take us with it? We’d seriously hope not.

9 Weakest: Happiny

via twitter.com/Chikuseren

The first stage evolution before turning into a Chansey, Happiny is constantly in a cheerful and bright mood; unsurprisingly, considering that’s what the name sounds like. Fun fact: Happiny isn’t carrying around an egg, but rather a white stone that looks like one!

As adorable as this little dear is, it’s not a very strong Pokémon at all. If anything, this creature is meant to be more of a healer, especially after it’s been leveled up and evolved. While it’s useful to have one around, it’s not a fighter.

8 Strongest: Darkrai

via artstation.com/Ryan Van DongenPRO

Darkrai is a powerful Pokémon that has a very specific skill you should definitely be afraid of. Whereas the other legendary Pokémon on this list might actually be considered a danger to trainers, Darkrai doesn’t actually want to cause harm.

Instead of physical harm, this Pokémon is known for using more psychological attacks. Using horrifying nightmares to keep humans out of its territory, Darkrai can also cause people to fall asleep. How would you even plan on catching this Pokémon if you’re already passed out?

7 Weakest: Diglett

via imgur.com

Look, we all love Diglett; it’s an absurd Pokémon that pops out of the ground and we have yet to see if it actually has a body beneath the surface. Novelty aside, Diglett is not the kind of Pokémon you’d be taking out for a battle.

In fact, Diglett actually has biological reasons why it stays underground and isn’t really much of a fighter. Sensitive to sunlight, Diglett’s skin is incredibly thin, causing it to overheat very fast and become weak if it stays out of its tunnels for too long.

6 Strongest: Dialga

via pokemongohub.net

Most of Dialga’s entries describe time moving so long as Dialga lives. If the world and the flow of time depends solely on this Pokémon simply living its life, then there’s no way it can be weak, or that we’d want to fight it.

The other interesting thing about Dialga is that it’s actually been known to travel between different time periods; that’s certainly one way to take a vacation. This is one Pokémon you really don’t want to bother.

5 Weakest: Azurill

via pokemon.fandom.com

Azurill is a classic Pokémon that everyone seems to get nostalgic about. Who doesn’t want to see this adorable water mouse-type Pokémon running around with that absurd tail? Being shown in the anime certainly grew a fanbase for this little critter, but that doesn’t mean it’s ever really used in battle.

Across the board, Azurill doesn’t have very great stats in game. It’s not worth investing the time unless you’re hoping to get its evolved version, Azumarill. Realistically though, it won’t make the team.

4 Strongest: Mewtwo

via engadget.com

You had to have known that Mewtwo will always make a list like this; it’s one of the creepiest and strongest Pokémon out there. With a heart wrenching backstory of being artificially created using Mew’s genetics, Mewtwo has always set the bar for man-made Pokémon.

The experiments describing Mewtwo’s creation are often detailed as “horrific.” Because Mewtwo was made using a powerful and rare Pokémon, it already has a leg up on most creatures. However, it also was able to achieve two new forms that make it even stronger.

3 Weakest: Beedrill

via pokemon.fandom.com

Beedrill certainly isn’t the worst when it comes to weak Pokémon, but it’s also not the best. Unfortunately, Beedrill, especially in its Mega Evolution, has a very low defense stat, which makes it a little more vulnerable than a trainer would like to be. The rest of its stats are pretty average or below average. This is really unfortunate, especially since it has such a menacing look; if anything ever reminds you of a wasp, there’s nothing left to do but run at that point.

2 Strongest: Arceus

via destructoid.com

When it comes to the strongest Pokémon out there, you knew that it had to be the one to create them all in the first place. This Pokémon is considered to be a god that shaped the world and all that’s in it with its “1000 arms” that we apparently never see.

Of course, it is a skittish creature that can be fairly difficult to capture in the first place. Most of the lore indicates that Arceus emerged from an egg that had nothing surrounding it and, because of the emptiness, it decided to create life.

1 Weakest: Caterpie

via pokemon.fandom.com

An adorable classic, Caterpie, and any of the worm/caterpillar Pokémon like it, are by far some of the weakest creatures out there. This should be expected, since they are first stage Pokémon and are weaker bug types after all.

However, the beef we have is just how cool Ash made this little guy out to be. Using him to fight in the original series, you would think that this happens more often. Unless you’re trying to get a Butterfree out of this, you’ll probably never even touch a Caterpie.

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