Pokémon Switch Will Be Generation 8, Confirmed In Nintendo Magazine

From an official Spanish Nintendo magazine comes word that Pokémon Switch will feature the 8th generation of Pocket Monsters.

So, Pokémon Switch, what’s it going to be? If this early evidence is any indication, it looks like we may really have a full-blown eighth generation title on our hands.

As Nintendo Switch fans will know, the hybrid handheld had a huge 2017. It may not have immediately set the retail world alight on its release that March, but the arrival of Super Mario Odyssey in October really kicked things off. The system finished last year on a high, so the challenge now is to keep up that momentum in 2018.

Nintendo Directs and other showcases this year have shown an emphasis on ports, with the likes of Hyrule Warriors and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze foremost among them. Mario Tennis Aces is also on its way in the coming months, a spangly new entry in a much-beloved franchise. Speaking of which, a couple of little series called Super Smash Bros. and Pokémon are also on their way to Switch.

The internet, as we saw, completely imploded when the surprise Smash Bros reveal hit. However, nobody’s yet sure whether we’re looking at an all-new entry or another port. We’re clinging to little rays of hope –like the fact that Link was wearing his Breath of the Wild costume in the teaser—as proof. But what of Pokémon?

We’ve known for some time that a Switch instalment of the series was in the works, but we’ve had nary a whiff of it in action. We don’t know if we’re talking about a full-blown new region, new generation RPG. It sure seems as though that’s the case, however, judging from this info-nugget from an official Spanish Nintendo magazine (via @raqueruu):

According to this, the Pokémon franchise, after a lifetime of main series entries on handhelds, is coming to consoles for the first time. Pokémon Switch will mark a brand-new eighth generation of the games, and Game Freak are taking things in a new direction with innovative new gameplay mechanics.

Now, naturally, these are things that just about any series fan will be able to get on board with. However, this remains speculation for now. The fact that this publication still lists Octopath Traveller as Project Octopath Traveller (which was a kind of placeholder) suggests that they may not be privy to such exclusive information. Before legendary Poké-info leaker CoroCoro, to boot?

What with that, and Game Freak’s reputation for sneaky chicanery, we can’t quite take this as read just yet. It’s darn interesting to think about, though, for sure. What kind of new mechanics could we be talking about? Pokémon Sun and Moon sure did shake things up, after all, with the removal of HMs and gyms.

Fan theories and debates are still rife about Pokémon’s big Switch debut. All we can really do is stay tuned and wait for concrete details to be revealed.

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