Are Pokémon Sword & Shield Actually Getting Autosave?

According to the most recent trailer, Pokémon Sword & Shield may be making history as the first Pokémon game to include an autosave feature. During the September 4th Nintendo Direct, a new trailer dropped for the upcoming Pokémon RPG, where fans were treated to four new features to look out for, such as avatar customizations and a new type of Pokémon you can eat. However, fans were sharp to notice something hidden in the trailer that also appears to be new - an autosave ability.

Around the 45 second mark of the trailer, a Pokémon trainer walks into a clothing store and for the briefest of seconds, a "Now saving..." text pops up in the top corner of the right screen. What could this mean? Of course, it is entirely possible that the player saved manually immediately right before this moment, and the trailer failed to show that. However, it seems unlikely, given that the scene before the trainer enters the store is them outside walking through the store's doors. Take a look at the trailer below:

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If this turns out to be an autosave feature, Sword & Shield will be making history as the first mainline Pokémon game to offer such a mechanic. But after over 20 years of manual saving, why the sudden change? Well, perhaps the games are modernizing, as autosaving is a common feature in most video games nowadays. It's definitely a handy feature as it removes the pressure of remembering to save from the player.

But is autosaving something necessary, or even wanted, for Pokémon players? Since the original Red & Blue were released in the 90's, Pokémon players have relied upon manual saving. Players have utilized their saves strategically, like when attempting to catch rare Pokémon. In past games, players could simply reload their save files if their attempts to catch legendary Pokémon failed; but if this autosave feature truly is implemented, their years of strategic saving may end with these new games. Now, once a Pokémon is gone, there's no second chance - it's truly gone.

Whether you're excited for or dreading autosave in Pokémon Sword & Shield, it's important to remember that nothing's been confirmed regarding this feature. We'll all just have to wait until November 15th to see for sure if autosaving is, indeed, a part of the Pokémon universe

Source: GamesRadar

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