Pokémon Sword & Shield: Does Cramorant Eat Pikachu?

Pokémon Sword & Shield's new bird Pokémon sometimes gets Pikachu stuck in its mouth... and things get weird when you capture it.

There's a new Pokémon in Pokémon Sword & Shield. Its name is Cramorant. It is a blue Flying and Water-type bird Pokémon. Its schtick is that its one of those birds that dives into water, plucks a fish, and swallows it whole. This habit manifests in battle whenever Cramorant uses the Dive or Surf attacks. After using the attack it comes out of the water with a fish Pokémon in its mouth. If attacked while gobbling, it will shoot its catch at the opponent. It's a fun gimmick. There's just one weird thing about it...


According to Cramorant's Pokédex entry, it sometimes makes a mistake when it swoops down and grabs food. Again, this can happen mid-battle. Cramorant will sometimes do a Dive or Surf attack and emerge with a familiar yellow rodent in its mouth.

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Yes that is Pikachu, the mascot of Pokémon. Only now the celebrity is in the rather shameful position of being lodged in the throat of a daft bird. So what happens in this situation? Well, a few things. If attacked, Cramorant will still shoot out its catch. That means Pikachu will become live ammunition. The Pokédex actually has an entry for this situation. It clarifies that Pikachu is surprised but also looking for a chance to fight back. That's why, when shot out of Cramorant, it will spark. This paralyzes the opponent, making the impromptu Pika-missile an effective attack.

It also carries some disturbing implications.

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When I first encountered a wild Cramorant in my game, it ended up with Pikachu in its mouth. But instead of attacking it to free our yellow friend, I captured Cramorant. The bird went into my Great Ball, Pikachu still lodged in its throat. What happened next? Cramorant was added to my Pokédex as usual. And Pikachu? Gone.

I checked my Pokédex and PC. Pikachu's entry still remained blank, and there was no yellow rodent in my Pokémon storage. Cramorant was there, however, alone and no longer choking. I have several theories about what happened to Pikachu. It definitely went into the Great Ball with Cramorant, so it didn't escape. It's very possible Cramorant got hungry as it sat in my PC so Galarian Stunfisk could take its rightful place on my team. Starved for curry, Cramorant could have gotten desperate.

Then again, Cramorant picking up a Pikachu is supposed to be a mistake. That means Pikachu probably isn't on the menu. In that case, we must remember that Poké Balls seem to be a single-occupancy device. There was no room for Pikachu in Cramorant's ball, so it was simply deleted.

In a more lighthearted take, some Twitter users took to explaining just how a water bird even catches a Pikachu in the first place.

Even with half the Pokédex, Pokémon Sword & Shield still deliver darkly humorous mysteries about the Pokémon world.

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