Okay, What's Up With Some Of The Curry Options In Pokémon Sword & Shield?

The Currydex in Pokémon Sword & Shield lists a slew of possible curries, but some of them are a lot stranger than others.

The Currydex in Pokémon Sword & Shield lists a slew of possible curries, each with a set of prospective flavor profiles depending on the combination of key ingredients and berries thrown into the pot. Some of these concoctions, however, could even make a Snorlax turn its nose up in disgust.

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7 Smoked-Tail Curry

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The key ingredient for Smoked-Tail Curry is Smoked-poke tail. This dish confirms it; people are eating Slowpoke! It's probably why there are none left in Galar. Could they be importing the tails? Either way, it is a grim revelation to be sure. Smoked-Tail Curry rings in at the bottom of the list because it honestly doesn't sound too appalling compared to the other contenders, just unethical. Sorry, Slowpoke!

6 Sour Bean Medley Curry


There's nothing wrong with a tin of beans. After all, they pair great with many dishes and offer an easy source of protein. Maybe the Sweet or Spicy Bean Curry could be pretty appetizing, but why is it Sour? The Dry and Bitter options don't sound too appealing either.

5 Bone Curry


The Brittle Bones used in Bone Curry are said to have an umami taste. This is a pretty hard flavor to pair with and it certainly doesn't compliment any of the possible flavors in Sword Shield (except perhaps Spicy). Still, the main ingredient is old dried-up bones and after the Slowpoke revelation, it begs the question: whose bones are these?

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4 Cheese-Covered Curry

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Though cheese paired with curry is not a completely disgusting concept if executed properly, the results in Sword & Shield do not look appetizing at all. Perhaps the Spicy or Dry variations would be alright, but Sour cheese? Whoever is eating this is asking for a stomach ache.

3 Whipped-Cream Curry


Um, what? A Spicy Whipped-Cream Curry is the one the games seem to suggest, as the sweet taste of cream evens out an intense spiciness. But come on, if sweetness is needed, why not try adding mango or something? Incidentally, there is an Apple Curry on the list that would suit this as well. Dry, Bitter, Sour - they all sound awful. Even the Sweet variation doesn't sound enticing. Sweet on top of Sweet? Whichever Pokémon eats this will never settle down.

2 Decorative Curry

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That's right, ringing in at number one on the list is a curry that doesn't even sound edible and it looks like it was made in an Easy-Bake oven. Why is Decorative Currey even a thing? The key ingredient is Packaged Curry, but we're not even sure what this is. It just looks like sprinkles and icing on curry. No, Game Freak, just no.

1 Stick To What's Edible

Even some of the most stomach-turning options can pair relatively well with a Spicy palate since it is the traditional curry flavor. However, there are some dishes in the Currydex that are yet to be discovered, such as Juicy Curry, which is made with Bob's Food Tin and sounds questionable at best.

Thankfully, there are some tasty-sounding options like Fried-Food, Sausage, or Apple Curry. However, why not something like a Vegetable Medley or Hearty Breakfast Curry in place of sweet cream and decorations? Perhaps we'll never know.

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