Pokémon Sword & Shield Direct: What October 16th's Video Might Reveal

With Pokemon Sword and Shield's presentation set for Oct. 16, here's what we might learn during the video.

Those eager to learn more about Pokémon Sword and Shield, the upcoming entries in Nintendo's long-running creature collecting series, should mark their calendars. On the official Pokémon Twitter account, the company announced that a new presentation for the games will be taking place tomorrow, October 16, at 6:00 am PDT. This will likely be held on Nintendo's YouTube account, where the company normally airs Nintendo Direct-style presentations.

As for what information developer Game Freak has in store, that is anyone's guess. The attached gif in the Tweet shows the games' logos and a short animation of a trainer walking into a stadium. Since we already know a ton about the Galar Region, Dynamax transformations, and Max Raid Events, this will likely focus on which creatures will be seeing a return in the series' first HD outing.

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Parsing through all of the currently available information, I've come up with a few ideas for what tomorrow's video could reveal. I'm not expecting the world with this, but we're bound to learn information in the following areas.

New Evolutions For Old Favorites

Last month, original Pokémon Farfetch'd was revealed to have a brand new evolution in Sword and Shield. With the internet collectively losing its mind over the creature, it only stands to reason that Game Freak is likely cooking up some other evolutions for returning favorites. Could critters like Aerodactyl, Delibird, and Sableye be up next?

Special Edition Announcement

Nintendo has recently been getting into the craze of releasing special editions for its upcoming titles. After snubbing America for years while other territories get all kinds of goodies, there's a very real chance that Sword and Shield may get a special edition bundle. I'd imagine it would likely just be a compilation pack of both versions (which some fans like to own), but it could even be something with an art book or steelbook case.

DLC Plans

It's inevitable that a modern game will receive some form of post-launch support and the Pokémon series is ripe for such a measure. Whether or not this takes the form of paid content, I'd expect Nintendo to at least talk about some of its DLC plans seeing as how the game is only a month away from release.

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