Pokémon Sword & Shield: 5 Scariest Galar Pokémon (& 5 Most Adorable)

Pokémon Sword and Shield have brought us a new roster of Pokémon from Galar. Some are scary, and some are just so cute.

With every new region of the Pokémon world, we unlock a big array of new characters to catch. In the last few years, it has moved into the changing of forms and exclusive Pokémon to a specific region. This has given players a fresh look at some of our favourites with the Alolan and now Galarian forms.

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As is the way of the world, some Pokémon make you feel bad for even fighting them. This is often a twisted trick as most of these adorable creatures usually packs a heavy punch to go along with it. Then you have the other side, the ones that you see across the field and the confidence drops a little. The Galar region has brought players a whole new roster of sweet to scary to explore.

10 Corviknight (Scary)

The most daunting taxi ride available today, this flying/steel Pokémon has a look that could increase the heart rate of most trainers on the trail. Luckily their temperaments don't match the shielded body they fly around all day.

Intimidating enough at its 7-foot normal size, these Pokémon have a gigantamax form that puts them at over 46 feet tall. Any soul that's brave enough to get on the back of that deserves major respect points, just don't stare into red soulless eyes.

9 Galarian Ponyta (Cute)

Is this even fair? the Galarian Ponyta looks like the most adorable stuffed animal of the bunch. Taking away the usual roaring embers of Ponyta and replacing it with a purple cloud-like mane really sets the bar high for the other horses around.

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Its shy nature and healing properties compliment the wholesome image. The psychic type attacks don't require any physical aggression, not that it has much to offer anyway. Standing at 2 feet tall it also shrinks a little from its original form, what trainer doesn't like a pocket-sized horse?

8 Morpeko (Scary)

The scariest thing about Morpeko is that you could put it on either side of this list depending on how hungry it is. The hungrier it gets the darker things will get, literally. Its type will change from electric to dark matching its purple skin and red eyes.

Now most of us have fallen victim to being hangry from time to time but with Morpeko it's more of a looming threat to keep it's belly full. The last thing you want is your Pokémon waking up on the wrong side of the bed looking like that.

7 Alcremie (Cute)

If we're being honest, most fairy Pokémon fall somewhere in the top end of the cuteness scale, from Marill to Swirlix, it's been proven time and time again. Alcremie defies the norm by being the evolved version and the cuter Pokémon, usually the stronger the more formidable they look.

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Saying that Alcremie is not to be taken lightly, especially in its gigantamax form. Even then who's running away from a humongous cake? The best thing about Alcremie is the berries that decorate its body, it gives them as gifts when it trusts its trainer.

6 Obstagoon (Scary)

Exclusive to Galaria in that not only is it a variation in the Zigzagoon evolution chain but it doesn't have a counterpart outside of Galaria. The only way to get this over aggressive evolution is in this region. Players who like to keep an intimidating look on their team will find Obstagoon a great asset.

Part biker, part rock n' roll, Obstagoon has a terrifying yell that can stop an opponent in their tracks. Not to mention the natural body armour and willingness to attack at all times. Any player that sees one in the wild had better hope it's sleeping, or cover their ears!

5 Yamper (Cute)

Kittens and puppies, the 2 surest ways to top the charts and cut straight to the heart of the masses. Especially when it literally creates energy and helps you with the farmwork. Most commonly used as herding dogs to no surprise, not much can get away from it.

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Players will have to wait until it evolves into a Boltund for any real fighting ability, but what it lacks in skill it more than makes up for with puppy charm. Just keep it away from Ground types if you don't want an injured pup on your hands.

4 Gigantamax Meowth (Scary)

Although we've seen the regular, smug Meowth before, the gigantamax version takes on an entirely different vibe altogether. Instead of smug remarks and personality to spare that made Meowth a show favourite, the gigantamax form is almost lifeless.

Empty, glowing eyes and an extended torso leave it towering over the battleground, ready to unleash the gold rush. Meowth's signature Payday gives you some extra pocket change at the end of battle whereas Gold Rush will break the bank and fill your pockets.

3 Eldegoss (Cute)

A fluff ball that has quite a lot of useful effects to it. Being cute is good and all but without any battle talent, they're doomed to gather dust in storage. Eldegloss breaks the mould by splaying pollen everywhere when attacked, slowing down enemy pokemon.

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It can also heal itself marginally every time you can take it in from battle. This makes up for its relatively weak stats otherwise. Its high special defence comes in handy on the back end because Eldegloss has its fair share of weaknesses, make sure to figure out some serious reinforcements.

2  Polteageist (Scary)

Polteageist isn't the most obviously scary Pokémon, besides the fact that it's a ghost. By all accounts its probably on the cuter end of the spectrum, especially with that vaguely confused look on its face. Though anything that jumps out of a teapot is sure to get a few hearts racing.

Luckily the ghost itself leaves a distinct and pleasant flavour to the black tea, only for those it trusts. In battle any attack it gets hit with has the chance of being disabled, making it a useful sacrifice for the fight. The more it gets attacked the more it speeds up meaning you'll get a lightning-fast ghost if it can hold the barrage.

1 Wooloo (Cute)

A sheep with pigtails might take the cake. There isn't a hint of offensive design behind this Pokémon unless you count those mini horns poking out of the fluff. Even the little sheep's eyes manage to melt the heart a little, a defensive trait it will need in the wild.

The look deceives, as Wooloo has defensive abilities that could make it a valuable front runner in the team. Run Away lets you get away from those pesky wild Pokémon that pop up without fail, this will become useful when you're searching for specific Pokémon to catch.

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