Pokémon: The 10 Craziest Gigantamax Pokémon, Ranked

Pokémon Sword and Shield has introduced fans to the concept of Dynamaxing their critters until they turn into the gargantuan Gigantamax Pokémon.

In Pokémon Sword & Shield, trainers are introduced to this wonderful thing that's possible in the Galar region called Dynamaxing. In battle, trainers can Dynamax their Pokémon for 3 turns which results in the creature growing extremely large and gaining a power boost.

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Certain Pokémon can take this to the next level and do a thing called Gigantamaxing which is just like Dynamaxing except for the Pokémon's physical appearance also changes for those 3 turns. Let's take a look at the 10 craziest Gigantamax Pokémon and rank them.

10 Eevee

Eevee happens to have one of the more adorable Gigantamax evolutions as the fur around its neck becomes the primary design focus. The fur balloons out and completely encapsulate the adorable little mammal with only its head and extremities popping out from the top and bottom. Eevee goes from being around 1 foot tall and weighing about 9 lbs. to about 59 feet and weighing an unknown amount. It's special Gigantamax move happens to be called G-Max Cuddle which seems as terrifying as it does cute.

9 Pikachu

Over the years die-hard Pokémon fans have started to miss the old chubby design of Pikachu that's drifted away over time. As the company saw the yellow mouse become a global icon it felt it was best to slim it down and help the brand as a whole have a better image. Luckily they brought back plump Pikachu via its Gigantamax form and boy is it a big boy. Its special move called G-Max Volt Crash seems like the perfect move outside of body slam for such a hefty looking creature.

8 Corviknight

Corviknight happens to be one of those Pokémon that is super cool looking by default. That's why its Gigantamax form isn't as impressive as some of the others simply due to it already being a visually interesting creature. When in its Gigantamax form, the stoic bird takes on a look not too dissimilar to that of the Atlanta Falcons logo. Its black and midnight blue design is injected with spurts of bright red and the creature puts its entire wingspan on full display in front of everyone in attendance.

7 Machamp

Machamp is a Pokémon that is cool and will often be the favorite of those who love professional wrestling. It can be off-putting for some, however, simply due to how humanoid its design feels and looks. The Gigantamax version of the four-armed fighter doesn't change its overall design too drastically and instead makes its hands, veins, and eyes glow a volcanic orange color. Like other Gigantamaxed Pokémon, it also gains the ability to use a special move called G-Max Chi Strike which raises the chance of critical hits.

6 Meowth

Meowth falls into a weird place in the Galar region where both his normal and Galar region variant forms co-exist. It also seems as though only his normal form, made recognizable in the anime can Gigantamax in battle.

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When activated Meowth doesn't proportionally grow, but rather its torso elongates vertically and causes Meowth to look like a giant skyscraper. Known for loving money and gold, its special move is called the G-Max Gold Rush and is super fitting for a creature focused on earning some cold hard cash.

5 Gengar

There are plenty of trainers out there who already think that Gengar is one of the creepier Pokémon in existence. Little did they know that in the eighth generation of games that it'd be getting a new form that primarily focuses on the mouth of the ghoulish fiend. In its Gigantamax form, Gengar's body virtually disappears and its head and mouth grow large to look like a theme park ride with its mouth providing the entrance as it sits flush with the ground. Enter at your own risk it seems.

4 Alcremie

If this list was purely focused on creativity then it'd be hard to not put the Gigantamax form of Alcremie at the top spot. The small little whipped cream inspired fairy-type Pokémon turns into a multi-tiered 98-foot tall cake when it enters its Gigantamax form. The biggest disappointment with this version of Alcremie is that it doesn't come with a special G-Max move related to desserts or food. It seems like such a missed opportunity for one of the more inspired and creative Gigantamax evolutions.

3 Charizard

Considering Charizard is one of, if not the second, most popular Pokémon in existence it's often used as a guinea pig in every generation's new battle gimmick. Thankfully the team understands how beloved the orange dragon is and whether or not it's mega evolutions or Gigantamaxing, they do right by it.

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The Gigantamax form for Charizard embraces the fact that it's a fire-type that has fire radiating from its tale and has it now sport a real flame collarbone and wings made up of flames.

2 Drednaw

From the moment Drednaw was revealed during the early trailers for the new generation of games, fans hoped the tough-looking turtle would be a focal point. Not only is its Gigantamax form cool and intimidating, but it also gets a move called G-Max Stonesurge which completely encapsulates its water and rock-typing. With the mouth being the focus of its normal form it's nice to see its Gigantamax design focus much more on the shell and torso as its head becomes reclusive.

1 Butterfree

The moment the Gigantamax version of Butterfree was revealed to the world, Godzilla fans everywhere must have lost their minds. The little butterfly inspired bug Pokémon shines in its Gigantamax form and looks to have a design heavily inspired by the famous ally of Godzilla called Mothra. The wings take on an ambient green color and the creature begins to radiate with this unmistakable energy. It also happens to gain the ability to use a move called g-max befuddle, which is exactly the right word for how you feel when you first see Butterfree's Gigantamax form.

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