Pokémon Sword & Shield: Gigantamax Raid Encounters Will Change Over Time

Game Freak announced that what kind of Pokémon players encounter in Giganamax raids will change depending on you game version and when you play.


It looks like Sword & Shield players will experience different Gigantamax raid battles over time, according to a new announcement from Game Freak.

Pokémon Sword & Shield arrived on Friday, and with it came some new game mechanics. Both of these mechanics cause Pokémon to grow to extreme size, but they do so in slightly different ways.

Dynamaxing a Pokémon causes it to grow to extreme size for three turns, but can only be performed in certain areas (such as during a Gym battle at a stadium). It will also power-up the Pokémon and its moves, but they still remain mostly the same.

Gigantamaxing a Pokémon also causes them to enlarge, but they also gain a unique appearance and enhanced G-Max moves. Gigantamax Pikachu, for example, gets G-Max Volt Crash, while Gigantamax Butterfree gets G-Max Befuddle. All Pokémon can Dynamax, but only certain Pokémon can Gigantamax

Sword & Shield also adds raid battles against these huge Pokémon where up to four trainers can team up to take down a Gigantamax or Dynamax ‘Mon. We’re still learning more about how these encounters work, but a recent announcement on the official Sword & Shield website reveals that what kind of Pokémon players encounter will change depending on when you play and whether you’re on Sword or Shield.

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Between now and early January, all players are more likely to encounter Gigantamax Butterfree in Max Raid Battles. If you own Pokémon Sword, you’re also more likely to encounter Drednaw in Max Raid Battles, while Shield players are more likely to meet Corviknight.

Butterfree Giga
via Nintendo

That said, the website also mentions that there may be other Pokémon you’re more likely to encounter, and the only way to find out which is to take part in Max Raid Battles.

"And it seems there may even be other Gigantamax Pokémon that could appear more often than usual,” writes Game Freak, “so be sure to give Max Raid Battles a try!"

After January the likely Max Raid Battle encounters will change around, so you’ll have to stay tuned to the site to find out which one.

(Source: Game Freak)

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