Pokémon Sword & Shield: How To Find And Evolve Grass & Dragon Type Pokémon Applin

Applin, a rare new Pokémon in Sword & Shield, requires a special item to become either Flapple or Appleetun.

Now that Pokémon Sword and Shield are out, players are discovering that certain Pokémon need special attention if they are to be evolved. Applin, the grass and dragon type Pokémon, is one example of this, and the effort is most certainly worth the time to evolve into either Flapple or Appleetun.

To begin, each evolution will require a special item. These will be either a Tart Apple or a Sweet Apple to become Flapple or Appleetun. Like in all previous Pokémon games, each item is exclusive to either Sword or Shield, so players will need to find another trainer to be able to add both Pokémon into their Pokédexes.

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The apples can be acquired from Hammerlocke, which is where the third gym battle takes place. After reaching the city following the ramp, players will need to go left until reaching an archway with a trainer located near the grass after crossing the bridge. After speaking to the trainer, players should select the option that says, “I haven’t”. If you have an Applin on your team, it will be removed for a moment, and then by speaking to the trainer once more, you will receive the apple needed to evolve your Pokémon.

Both Pokémon make great additions to a team and have strong points. Flapple and Appleetun are grass types which provides them immunity to Leech Seed and other grass moves. The mix of being both grass and dragon provides a strong four times resistance to water, electric, and grass.

Via: youtube.com (IGN)

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Ripen is one of the new abilities they have access to, which is strong thanks to the effect of berries to double the power it typically provides. On the downside, Flapple appears to have stats that are unremarkable and average. This means that Dragon Dance is all but a necessity to boost up to the power of some other Pokémon. While Both Pokémon have some resistances, they are also four times as weak to some of the most commonly used offensive abilities, and suffer against ice, dragon, and fairy moves.

Via: youtube.com (IGN)

Still, both Flapple or Appleetun feel like great additions to the game, even if they are not the most powerful or efficient of fighters. Since trading is necessary to acquire one or the other, Players should make sure to make friends with other trainers to trade for all the exclusives between Sword and Shield!

Source: ca.ign.com, smogon.com

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