Pokémon Sword & Shield: A Complete Guide To The Perfect Campsite Curry

Which flavor each berry gives curry in Pokémon Sword and Shield, what extra ingredients to add, and how to stir properly.

Camping in Pokémon Sword and Shield is an altogether new mechanic introducing new mini-games that include playing with Pokémon and cooking. Cooking, in particular, offers an alternative to burning through potions or flying back and forth to Pokéstops to rest up the team. Online players can even see other trainer's tents and share meals– handy when running low on ingredients. Below is a compilation of everything needed to make the perfect Curry.

Curry Crash Course


Flavor Profiles

Curry can take on any one of five tastes. These are Dry, Bitter, Spicy, Sweet, and Sour. What flavor is brought out of the dish, depends on the berries that went into it, as they each have their own taste profile as well. Generally, it can be expected that the various berries will emit these corresponding flavors.

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Dry: Chestro, Chilan, Kebia, Leppa, Passho

Bitter: Aguav, Coba, Rawst

Spicy: Cheri, Tamato, Tanga

Sweet: Pecha, Salac

Sour: Aspear, Colbur, Iapapa, Salac, Wiki

Neutral: Hondew, Lum, Sitrus

Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients determine what kind of Curry is made, but no need to go overboard, only one Key Ingredient is needed per dish. Using only one will actually guarantee that type of Curry is produced. Depending on the combination of berries, every Curry can adopt each flavor listed above. The Key Ingredients and corresponding types of Curry are as follows.

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Apple Curry - Fancy Apple

Bean Medley Curry - Tin of Beans

Boiled Egg Curry - Boiled Egg

Bone Curry - Brittle Bones

Burger-Steak Curry - Precooked Burger

Cheese-Covered Curry - Moomoo Cheese

Coconut Curry - Coconut Milk

Decorative Curry - Packaged Curry

Fried-Food Curry - Fried Food

Herb Medley Curry - Pungent Root

Instant Noodle Curry - Instant Noodles

Juicy Curry - Bob's Food Tin

Leek Curry - Large Leek

Mushroom Medley Curry -  Mixed Mushrooms

Pasta Curry - Pasta

Plenty-of-Potato Curry - Pack of Potatoes

Rich Curry - Bach's Food Tin

Salad Curry - Salad Mix

Sausage Curry - Sausage

Seasoned Curry - Spice Mix

Smoked-Tail Curry - Smoked-poke Tail

Toast Curry - Bread

Tropical Curry - Fruit Bunch

Whipped-Cream Curry - Fresh Cream

Adding no Key Ingredients makes a basic Curry.

Cooking Tips


  1. Collect berries by picking items up off the ground, battling Dynamax Dens, and shaking berry trees. Be careful not to shake too much or a Pokémon will drop from the branches and while engrossed in battle, other wild Pokémon will make off with a portion of the fallen berries.
  2. When selecting berries for a Curry, read the descriptions. The information provided hints at the flavor profiles it can produce.
  3. The Ingredients Seller in the Wild Area outside Hammerlocke sells Key Ingredients and the selection switches up daily.
  4. Cooking animations give indications as to whether the player is stirring properly. Black smoke indicates to speed up while contents splashing out of the pot means to slow down. A shimmering effect signifies the contents are being stirred at the optimal pace.
  5. Check the Curry Dex progress with the Camping King to rank up and earn rewards for filling it out. The Camping King is stationed in the Wild Area outside of Motostoke.

This guide has provided the necessities for utilizing Pokémon's new cooking feature to the fullest. Now go forth and cook up some scrumptious campsite curry!

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