A Mexican Newspaper Thinks Pokémon Gun Is A Real Game

One newspaper in Mexico has recently published an article mentioning a fabricated third version of Pokémon Sword & Shield, Pokémon Gun.

The Pokémon series used to have a game in each generation that was unofficially known as the "third version," which combined elements from the two previous games and added new features for returning players. The idea of releasing a third game in a generation was abandoned with Pokémon Black & White, with the following generations either having direct sequels or no additional games at all.

When Pokémon Sword & Shield were announced during the Pokémon Day Direct, the fans created images of what a theoretical third game would look like, with one of the most popular being Pokémon Gun, which had its own logo that was shared online.

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It seems that a journalist in Mexico didn't fully research the upcoming Pokémon games before writing a report on them, as there is an article in the La Voz de Michoacan newspaper that lists Pokémon Gun alongside Pokémon Sword & Shield, while also displaying the fanmade logo next to Grookey.

The article was revealed online by Twitter user Cin Ceja, who uploaded the whole article to prove that it was genuine.

It's hard to defend the slipup, as there is only one trailer for Pokémon Sword & Shield in existence and it doesn't mention a third version of the game, nor show any footage of its logo. It's also hard to believe that the journalist would assume that Nintendo would allow a game called Pokémon Gun to be released.

It's possible that we may see a third game set in the Galar region released during this generation, but it won't be called Pokémon Gun unless the higher-ups at Nintendo suddenly start taking crazy pills.

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A more likely name would be Pokémon Armor, which would fit in with the castles and knights theme of the Galar region. Another possible name is Pokémon Crown, which has been rumored in the past. We have already seen a fortress with a crown on its central tower on the map of Galar and the region is almost definitely based on the United Kingdom, so there is a strong chance that a royal family of some kind will appear in the game.

Pokémon Sword & Shield will be released for the Nintendo Switch in late 2019.

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