Pokémon Sword & Shield: Let Girls Have A Side-shave, You Cowards

There is an inadequate selection hairstyles for girls in Pokémon Sword & Shield.

The customization options in Pokémon Sword and Shield are all over the place. On one hand, there's a huge selection of apparel and color options for each. Trainers can also collect a plethora of Gym uniforms, but may only wear the original during Gym Challenges, and the makeup options can hardly be called such when there is barely any makeup involved. The inconsistencies persist in the hair salon where female trainers find an adequate selection of hairstyles, but upon closer inspection one realizes all the options are painfully basic.

The hairstyles are watered down models of current trends like pixie cuts, waves, and bobs. However Game Freak overlooked some staple trends, most notably the ever-popular side-shave, or any asymmetrical cut for that matter. There is a severe lack of daring in the available options and it's really out of place given the edgy tone in the Galar region. Between the tattered jean options and the Punked-out rival Marnie with her leather and stud clad supporters, there is a rebellious undertone throughout the game.

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Team Yell rocks mohawks and boy trainers can choose long wavy-locks or their own side-shave fade, but girl trainers are stuck with a selection of wishy-washy housewife hairstyles. Buck up Game Freak, even the salon workers don the widely popular side-shave. How ironic to incorporate the hairstyle in the game via the NPC who's cutting hair, but not make it a wearable option!

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Not only are girl trainers deprived of a proper side-shave option, but the only short and even slightly edgy option is a painfully basic pixie cut. Anyone looking to punk up their appearance isn't going to be very happy settling for this option. Quite frankly it makes the ten-year-old girl trainer look like a trying-to-be-hip soccer mom. The only hairstyle that comes close to emulating a side-shave is the long "Sideswept Waves" and that's because the hair is pulled around over one shoulder, giving the illusion of an asymmetrical cut.

In today's society, not including some more outlandish hairstyles just seems like cowardice. Varying styles of feminine side-shaves are a top trend right now. Not to add even a generic side-shave or an asymmetrical option at all was a mistake. It's apparent through the various NPCs and the vast apparel options that the developers expanded upon and modernized the stylization of characters. Even the starter evolution Drizzle gets a moody side-shave hairstyle. With all of the disenfranchised Grunts, grungy tattered fashion, and the added mockery of our pokémon and hairdressers donning the hairstyles we want for ourselves it would be much appreciated to give girl trainers the option of a side-shave, please and thank you!

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