Pokemon Sword & Shield: The Internet's Best Reactions

The latest Nintendo livestream has given gamers a bigger insight into upcoming titles Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield.  It revealed more of the new region Galar, as well as several new Pokémon.

Viewers also discovered some new ways to play the game, including Dynamax mode, which allows your Pokémon to become oversized and overpowered. Finally, we saw glimpses of some new trainers, gym leaders, and helpers as well as the two new legendary Pokémon.

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With all this extra information, naturally the Internet had thoughts. Many thoughts. Here are ten of the best reactions to Pokémon Sword and Shield.

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10 Corviknights Make Slightly Sinister Taxi Drivers

The news that gothic raven Pokémon known as Corviknights help transport players around Galar had the Internet flocking to make jokes about Lyft and Uber taking a dark turn. Corviknights are said to be the strongest Pokémon in the skies, with others fleeing at their glare and cry. This seems to be somewhat of a contrast to their day job working for Galar Taxi.

Apparently, the Pokémon are well-suited to taxi services, as they possess excellent flying skills and high intelligence. Just don’t be late, as Nadia Oxford says in her Tweet—it probably won’t end well.

9 GameFreak Are Taking Inspiration From Dark Souls

When one of the legendary Pokémon turned out to be a wolf with a sword in its mouth, it was almost inevitable that comparisons would be made. Fans soon started commenting that Zacian, the Pokémon in question, resembles that other famous sword-wielding wolf Sif from Dark Souls.

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Bandai Namco, publishers of Dark Souls, were naturally one of the first to draw a comparison and the Internet jumped on board. Now a quick search will yield pages of Dark Souls and Pokémon mashup fan art for your viewing pleasure.

8 Legendary Pokémon Are Dogs, Not Wolves

While some fans were identifying the new legendary Pokémon as wolves, others felt they were dogs and have been remastering the new covers accordingly. This adorable take on canine Pokémon sees a stick take the place of a sword and a cone of shame standing in for a shield. This quirky cover by Twitter user Wood even has a new catchphrase: gotta fetch 'em all.

The mashup has also made commentators begin to wish for a new Nintendogs game. Just don’t hold your breath for that one.

7 Introducing Galar: Breath Of The Wild

The new region of Galar is said to be based on the United Kingdom. The trailer shows much more of the world, including new expanses known as Wild Areas. Seeing the lush green fields has reminded several gamers of other Nintendo games, most notably Zelda: Breath of The Wild.

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The similarity is so great that Twitter user Orenji has edited the trailer to set the Galar region footage to Zelda’s music. It fits perfectly and gave host to a range of new title suggestions, including our personal favorite: The Legend of Galar, Pokémon of the Wild.

6 Floofception Is A Thing

In the trailer, we were introduced to some new Pokémon and a couple of their evolutions. We saw Wooloo, the adorable sheep that’s captured fans' hearts, and Gossifleur, a flower Pokémon. Gossifleur evolves from a cute budding flower, who’s taken some style tips from Ariel, into a big fluffy flower named Eldegoss.

The dandelion style fluff of Eldegoss matches so well with the wool of Wooloo that it has produced this adorable cartoon of the two new Pokémon stuck together by Inksmudgefox.

5 Dynamax Pokemon Make Great Movie Villains

Dynamax is a new mode of play which allows you to increase your Pokémon’s strength and size on a temporary basis. Dynamaxed Pokémon will grow incredibly large and gain new superpowers, much stronger than anything we’ve seen so far.

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The Internet collectively had the same thoughts about this, and most of those were related to Godzilla and other similar movies. This B-movie fan art by Brandon was just one of many drawing comparisons between Dynamax Pokémon and monsters or aliens invading cities.

4 There's A Lot Of Wooloo Love

The vast majority of Pokémon fan art currently circulating is of Wooloo, the sheep Pokémon. An adorable cuddly sheep, this Pokémon escapes from danger by simply rolling away. This attitude combined with adorable looks has given rise to a wave of Wooloo love.

Not only is there fan art galore, but beenerdish has even managed to craft a real-life Wooloo named Hamish Fluffs The First. Skillfully and quickly put together, it’s a great symbol of how much fans already love this adorable sheep. Mareep who?

3 Everyone Wants Zacian To Play Fetch

The jokes about fetch were inevitable. There are so many comic strips about it that it was difficult to narrow them down. So far, though, no word from Nintendo about if Zacian will actually play fetch or not. Surely he must? The temptation to add that feature has got to be incredible.

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Sadly, we’ll have to wait until November to find out if he ever drops his sword. Until then, entertain yourself with this comic strip from Caitlin and check out the comments for more artwork.

2 Watch Out For Dynamax Wailord

As well as imagining Dynamaxed Pokémon as B-movie monsters, fans have also been imagining the chaos that some Pokémon could make in a maxed-out form. This mockup imagines the devastation a pumped-up Wailord could do using his Heavy Slam ability.

We're almost certain that a gigantic Wailord would be a total threat, not just to other Pokémon but to the entire Galar region. If you're playing the new game, we'd encourage you to remember to Dynamax your Pokémon responsibly.

1 You Encountered A Wild Door

Finally, the joke we expected more people to have made. The new legendary Pokémon may look cool, but as seen here, their appearance has some drawbacks.

Zacian has been the focus of many fan art images, and this drawing from MangyFeathers is an amusing take on the sword-wielding Pokémon. I’m not sure how many doors Zacian will need to go through, but it’s certain that it will take some planning for him to get around town. Maybe he's not so legendary after all.

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