Pokémon Sword & Shield Know When It's Your Birthday

Pokémon Sword & Shield include a special in-game Easter egg on a player's birthday.

Cook a curry to lure in some Pokémon on Sword & Shield and players celebrating a birthday will be met with a cute surprise.

Pokémon Sword & Shield received a lot of hate before the games had even hit the shelves. Game Freak must have known slimming down the National Pokédex would anger a few fans, but could not have expected the massive backlash it received after breaking the news. It led to unprecedented amounts of hate for the series and even a movement to boycott the new games.

Since release, that bad buzz has died down a fair bit. That's due to everyone having the chance to play the games and realize that they are actually pretty good. The hope was that other elements of the games would improve to make up for the time saved by cutting down the number of Pokémon available to catch and that very much seems to have been the case.

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Pokémon fans who mocked Sword & Shield prior to release but have had the chance to play the games are probably feeling pretty foolish right about now. Chances are some of them might even feel a little guilty, especially if they have celebrated a birthday since the games were released. That's because there is a special in-game Easter egg on a player's birthday.

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If players don't play Sword and Shield on their birthday, or do play it and don't make a curry, they might well miss the Easter egg. The event is so fleeting that they might have missed it even if they performed all the necessary steps. Thankfully, redditor jasiad picked up on it. They made a curry in-game on their birthday and realized that there was a candle right in the middle of it, as you can see above.

Next time a console or game asks for your date of birth, little things like this are the reason why. If your birthday isn't for a while and you want to see the curry candle for yourself, we don't see why bending the truth about your DOB wouldn't work. Otherwise, wait for your birthday to roll around and make sure you play the game and rustle up some virtual food when the big day arrives.

Source: Reddit

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