Pokémon Sword & Shield Leak: Every Trainer And Team In The Game

A leak of Pokémon Sword and Shield's files shows every battle, so we break down all the major ones.


The release of Pokémon Sword & Shield is imminent and information about the game is leaking everywhere. The opponents and their teams have been laid bare thanks to dataminers and modders who have scoured through the game's files.

A Twitter user named Kaphotics has uploaded information about every trainer and their team in Pokémon Sword & Shield to Pastebin. The list contains the teams for the Gym Leaders, rivals, the Champion, and every random trainer battled in the Galar region. Showing everything would make for an eternal article, but here are the games' major battles.

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Major Spoilers For Pokémon Sword & Shield ahead! Continue at your own peril! The spoilers are below the crying Pikachu. 

via: theverge.com

The Gym Leaders 

Allister Gym Leader Pokemon

Milo the Grass-type Gym Leader uses a Level 19 Gossifleur and a Level 20 Eldegoss.

Nessa the Water-type Gym Leader uses a Level 20 Goldeen, a level 23 Arrokuda, and a Level 24 Drednaw.

Kabu the Fire-type Gym Leader uses a Level 25 Ninetales, a Level 25 Arcanine, and a Level 27 Centiskorch.

Pokémon Sword Exclusive - Bea the Fighting-type Gym Leader uses a Level 34 Hitmontop, a Level 34 Pangoro, a Level 35 Sirfetch'd, and a Level 36 Machamp.

Pokémon Shield Exclusive - Allister the Ghost-type Gym Leader uses a Level 34 Yamask, a Level 34 Mimikyu, a Level 35 Cursola, and a Level 36 Gengar.

Piers the Dark-type Gym Leader uses a Level 44 Scrafty, a Level 45 Malamar, a Level 45 Skuntank, and a Level 46 Obstagoon.

Opal the Fairy-type Gym Leader uses a Level 36 Galarian Weezing, a Level 36 Mawile, a Level 37 Togekiss, and a Level 38 Alcremie.

Pokémon Sword Exclusive - Gordie the Rock-type Gym Leader uses a Level 40 Barbaracle, a Level 40 Shuckle, a Level 41 Stonjourner, and a Level 42 Coalossal.

Pokémon Shield Exclusive - Melony the Ice-type Gym Leader uses a Level 40 Frosmoth, a Level 40 Galarian Darmanitan, a Level 41 Eiscue, and a Level 42 Lapras.

Raihan the Dragon-type Gym Leader uses a Level 46 Gigalith, a Level 47 Flygon, a Level 46 Sandaconda, and a Level 48 Duraldon.


The Champion 

Leon Pokemon Sword & Shield Cover Chess Board

The Champion uses a Level 62 Aegislash, a Level 62 Dragapult, a Level 63 Haxorus, a Level 64 Seismitoad, and a Level 65 Charizard. Depending on the choice of starter Pokémon, Leon will also have either a Level 64 Cinderace/Seismitoad, a Level 64 Intelon/Mr. Rime, or a Level 64 Rhyperior/Rillaboom.

The Main Rival


Hop will use a Level 3 Wooloo and a Level 5 starter Pokémon during your first battle.

Hop will use a Level 6 Wooloo, a Level 5 Rockidee, and a Level 8 starter Pokémon during your second battle.

Hop will use a Level 18 Wooloo, a Level 19 Corvisquire, and a Level 21 second-stage starter Pokémon during your third battle.

Hop will use a Level 29 Cramorant, a Level 29 Toxel, a Level 30 Silicobra, and a Level 33 second-stage starter Pokémon during your fourth battle.

Hop will use a Level 34 Trevenant, a Level 34 Heatmor, a Level 35 Snorlax, a Level 35 Boltund, and a level 35 final stage starter Pokémon during the fifth battle.

Hop will use a Level 48 Dubwool, a Level 48 Corviknight, a Level 47 Pincurchin, a Level 47 Snorlax, and a final stage starter Pokémon during the sixth battle.

Hop will use a Lv 69 Dubwool, a Level 68 Snorlax, a Level 68 Pincurchin, a Level 69 Corviknight, a Level 70 final stage starter Pokémon, and the other Level 70 box Legendary Pokémon for the final post-game battle.

Pokémon Sword & Shield will be released for the Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019.

Source: Kaphotics/Pastebin

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