Pokemon Sword & Shield: How To Make Bank BEFORE The End Game

It's easier than ever to make a living in Sword and Shield. Implementing these tips into the daily grind will have any trainer making bank in no time.

Pokémon Sword and Shield fans have learned how to make the most out of their mystery gift Gigantamaxed Meowth and its G-move, Gold Rush. However, that trick isn't available until the end game tournament. So how can trainers rake in the cash before claiming the Championship title? It is actually incredibly easy for trainers to earn a wealthy living while adventuring through Galar.

5. Always Equip the Amulet Coin Before Battle


The Amulet Coin held-item is an absolute must for trainers seeking a fortune. It can be found behind the sign in the Motostoke Outskirts, just outside of Galar Mine No. 2. This handy trinket doubles a trainer's victory earnings if the Pokémon holding it participated in the battle.

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A handy alternative with identical effects is the Luck Incense, which is sold at the Incense Shop in the Hulbury market.

4. Challenge Pokémon Breeder Chloe Every Chance You Get


Pokémon Breeder Chloe is a trainer in the wild area- the only one who challenges players to battle - and she awards a hefty reward of 9,000 coins for beating her. Pair this tip with the use of the Amulet Coin for an 18,000 coin payout. The best part is, Chloe is always wandering the Wild Area and she's up for battle every time a trainer runs into her. Players can usually find Chloe to the side of a path, under a tree, or next to a boulder.

3. Pick Up Items in the Wild Area


Keep an eye peeled for gleams and shimmers on the ground while exploring the Wild Area. Trainers have dropped countless items and how lucky for you, most of them turn out to be valuables such as Nuggets, Stardust, collectible Mushrooms, and the like. Pick up everyone and bring them straight to the Pokémart to sell.

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 2. Exchange Watts For Brilliant Finds in the Wild Area


NPCs throughout the wild area will offer "brilliant finds" in exchange for Watts, the currency collected from Dynamax dens and battles. The trainers may sound like they're trying to sell it too hard, but it's not a scam. Watts are easy enough to build up and the NPCs ask a fair price of 100 Watts for valuable items, some of which can be sold at the Pokémart. The lady-fisherman is especially advantageous to talk to as she sells Pearls every time, which fetch a pretty penny in the shops.

1. Send Pokémon on Pokéjobs


A healthy sum of money is one of the possible rewards for doing good work on a Pokéjob. The amount usually ranges between 1,000 and 6,000 coins. The more Pokéjobs your Pokémon complete, the more jobs become available - so it's rather lucrative to continuously send Pokémon from the Boxes off on a hard day's work.

It's easier than ever to make a living in Sword and Shield's Galar region. Implementing these tips into the daily grind will have any trainer sitting in the lap of luxury in no time.

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