Pokémon Sword & Shield: 10 Sonia and Wooloo Fan Art Drawings That Have Us Excited For The New Game

On June 5 of this year, Nintendo Direct released a video confirming Pokémon Sword & Shield would be available for purchase on November 15, 2019. Thus far Nintendo has only given us brief glimpses of the game. Among the new characters, and new pokémon, that have caught the attention of fans is a presumed ally to the main character named Sonia and a little sheep type pokémon called a Wooloo.

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As with any new addition to a beloved franchise, there will be a torrent of fan art. Within days of Nintendo's release of the latest update video there were hundreds of fan art depictions of Sonia, with and without a Wooloo. Here are 10 great pieces of Pokémon Sword & Shield fan art featuring Sonia, a Wooloo, and the two together, which are really helping to build the excitement.

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10 Wooloo Farm

Via: Drone0

This carefree image of the main character running alongside two Wooloo is great at setting the tone of the game. Wooloo dislike battle and have a passive personality; so the short stone wall could represent a separation from the safety of home. The other side of the wall, the side the main character is on, represents the beginning of a long journey in a large and open world. The setting here is similar to those in Nintendo’s own promo videos for Sword & Shield in that they evoke an image of the English countryside.

9 Wooloo Is The Only Thing On This Planet That Matters

Via: Taylor Robin

The cool earthen tones really give this image a relaxed feel. The Wooloo in the foreground seems alarmed to see the Whimsicott. This look betrays the timid nature of the Wooloo, or does this Wooloo dream of leaving the confines of the pasture and feels jealous that it can’t join the Whimsicott on an adventure?

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The warm colors hint at the coming of autumn and make one wonder how cool it would be if the seasons changed in Sword & Shield. Nintendo is known to add a lot of detail in their games; so something like changing seasons is not so far-fetched a dream.

8 500 Sheep

Via: Ashley Coad

This image shows some Wooloo (Wooloos?) and Mareeps grazing in a lush green pasture. The Mareeps appear to be standing guard over the Wooloo – casting their gaze outward. Looking at this picture makes one think about the chance to roam beautiful landscapes in the quest to become the best. The “chemistry engine” used is Legend of Zelda: Breath of Fire allowed for a high level of interaction between the environment.

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Scenes like this make one hope that this game will have a similar engine that allows for even more interaction. Can the main character’s Scorbunny accidentally set those trees on fire while fighting a wild pokémon? An environment that interactive would certainly add another layer of strategy to matches.

7 Running Wooloo

Via: urswurs

The artist used great colors in this one, and the contrast between light and shadow is striking. Plus, this Wooloo looks so happy and fluffy. With their tiny legs and large coat of wool, the Wooloo can’t be too graceful of a creature. Does the Wooloo evolve? What abilities will it have besides being fluffy and running away?

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The official Sword & Shield site alludes to the value of Wooloo wool and how long it takes to grow back (three months). Will you be able to have a herd of Wooloo that you can harvest for their wool? Perhaps the valuable wool of the Wooloo will be an ingredient of a crafting system.

6 Sonia

Via: TheArtOfVero

This picture of Sonia doesn’t share the anime style that Nintendo used for the game. Instead, it has more of a Disney look to it than most pictures of Sonia. Many gamers are probably wondering what Sonia’s role will be in Sword & Shield. Will she be there to help and advise the main character throughout his or her quest to be the Pokémon Champion? Sonia might also play the role of the nemesis, like Professor Oak’s grandson in the first Pokémon game. It’s also likely she might be both. She will help the player at times but also challenge the main character from time to time.

5 Sonia

Via: Ardennlolo

This picture typifies how most fan art depicts Sonia. Meaning she is usually shown with a playful yet serious demeanor to her. She is always shown sporting that look that shows amusement towards the pokémon trainer who just challenged her and has no idea the mistake they just made. Nearly every picture of Sonia has her holding a pokéball, or shows one near her. It leaves one wondering what is in that pokéball.

4 [Pokémon] Memories

Via: Angelique “Zeph”

Here’s one that definitely deserves more retweets. The man to Sonia’s right is Leon, the pokémon champion of the Galar region – where the game takes place. Leon and Sonia were childhood friends according to the official Sword & Shield page.

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This is a selfie of Sonia and Leon when they were younger. Judging from the caption this picture was taken the day Leon became the champion of Galar. Although this is fan art and not official, this picture still makes one wonder what Sonia’s story arc will be like, and what her interactions with the main character will be like considering she is friends with Leon.

3 Sonia

Via: Viper3n3n3

The white border and glare effect give this image the feel of looking at an old photo. Photos are a window to the past; so is the artist giving us a picture of a younger Sonia? The use of bold and solid colors in this picture is nice and gives the image the feel of being a still from a cartoon.

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The Wooloo at Sonia's feet is sleeping peacefully. How could anyone want to make such a cute and fluffy creature fight in an arena? An artist out there needs to give us a picture of a Wooloo as an Ultra Beast. It would probably still be adorable.

2 Sonia And Wooloo

Via: Cherise

Here we see a much less serious Sonia with a sleeping Wooloo in her lap. I think we are all expecting to have our main character get humbled by Sonia and her Wooloo at the start of the game. She grew up with the current pokémon champion and her grandmother is Professor Magnolia, the leading pokémon expert in the Galar region. The official site says this regarding Professor Magnolia, “She shares her home with Sonia and has given her a certain research task...” What is this task? How will this task involve the main character?

1 Sonia and Wooloo

Via: Dokonjo

This picture brings to mind those pokémon you really liked and kept in your main roster despite having superior pokémon resting in storage. Looking at all these pictures with a smiling Wooloo, it would not be too surprising if it had an attack called “mirth”. It is the pokémon equivalent of Nummy Muffin Coocol Butter, and everyone who got that reference just earned 100 cool points. The Pokémon series is one of Nintendo's most successful franchises. The chances Pokémon Sword & Shield will be anything other than excellent are as small as a Diglett. Five months and counting…

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