Highlighting 10 Important Things The Sword & Shield Trailers Have Shown Us

Pokémon Sword and Shield are releasing on the Switch in just four months, and the hype (and anger) amongst fans continues to mount. With all of this excitement, there has been a lot of information coming out about the games that we need to sort through (not the National Dex nonsense, we know already). Today, we will be highlighting and reviewing ten important things that the Sword and Shield trailers have shown us since their reveal. Let’s jump into it.

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10 New Rivals

Besides the awkwardly named Hop, we have a few other rivals to worry about in the Galar Region. We have the punkish looking Marnie that we will get into in a bit, but Bede is the more interesting one.

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Bede looks to be one of those awful rivals we have been complaining for since the friendly ones came around. Bede looks particularly mean, and there is something more there that we will soon uncover. If you’re being sponsored by the chairman of the Pokémon League that’s just shady, come on now.

9 The Legendaries

Big Head Dog Zamazenta and Violence Dog Zacian are the legendaries for this generation. Look, they aren’t great but they’re ours to protect now. These two were initially revealed to us in a CGI trailer. While the trailer started out with the two fighting, by the end an offscreen presence had emerged that had Zacian and Zamazenta worried. Whatever it was is still a mystery until the games are released, but it is likely some sort of third legendary that will star in Pokémon Gun.

8 Version Differences

Sword and Shield actually have a few more version differences than just different exclusive Pokémon, in a similar fashion to Black and White. While we don’t know too much else, we know that at least one pair of gym leaders are exclusive between Sword and Shield, and likely more differences are to come.

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It is a nice change of pace to see more version exclusives between the games. This change really encourages players to think twice about choosing Shield before they choose Sword and never look back.

7 New Pokémon

Obviously, with a new region comes new Pokémon, and we’ve already seen a handful of brand new ones we can’t wait to get our hands on. Of course, we have Sobble and Scorbunny, the two starters that aren’t good and the trio master Grookey. Then we have the legendaries, Zacian, Wooloo and Zamazenta. Along with those, we’ve seen a ton of other exciting new creatures such as Corviknight and Yamper. Even weird mutants such as Impidimp seem like a blast to take on the region with. This generation might have the best new crop of Pokémon that we’ve seen in quite a long time.

6 Team Yell

The aforementioned rival Marnie has a weird group of fans that run around with body pillows of her and cause trouble for the protagonist, Team Yell. And yes, we’re going to move straight past the body pillow thing.

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This is just fantastic. There’s probably going to be some sort of world-ending plot device in this game, but the fact that we keep getting evil teams that are just minor inconveniences is really just great. Thank you for that Game Freak.

5 Galarian Forms

Thank God. Look, the fact that we get Galarian Forms of older Pokémon (not just generation one) is great, but the fact that the Linoone line gets better treatment than what they once had is a blessing. Zigzagoon, Linoone and now the brand new Obstagoon are the newest Galarian Forms we have been introduced to. This Hoenn line has now been updated to look like KISS members, and we couldn’t be more excited. Oh yeah, and Weezing is just out here fixing the earth’s pollution problem? Wow, thank you king.

4 Dynamaxing And Gigantamaxing

Dynamaxing means ENLARGE. Gigantamaxing means ENLARGE BUT ALSO GROW AN ENTIRE SEVENTEEN LAYER CAKE UNDER YOUR BODY. Yes, the new battle gimmick in this generation has Pokémon grow to tremendous size and deal great damage. This is Dynamaxing.

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However, some Pokémon also have the chance to Gigantamax, which makes them grow to preposterous heights while also gaining a brand new form to use. Jury’s still out on all of this nonsense, but it sure is interesting.

3 Raids

One new feature that we have been introduced to is another one inherited from Pokémon Go, in which players connect with one another to work in a team to take down what seems to be a powerful, Dynamaxed Pokémon.

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In this mode you can connect with players around the world to complete this task, which could be used to introduce new Pokémon into the Galar Region. Whether or not it will be used for this remains to be seen, but nonetheless, Raids should be a fun new type of play to have in Sword and Shield.

2 The Galar Region

The Galar Region was unveiled to us in the first trailer for Sword and Shield, and oh boy does it look like a good region.

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It seems unlike most others in both layout and design, and seems to have some sort of a semblance of openness to it that the other regions didn’t have either. Hopefully, the Galar Region is filled to the brim with content and secrets just waiting to be uncovered once we get our hands on the game.

1 The Wild Area

The Wild Area is easily one of the highlights of the new features that have been announced for Sword and Shield. The wild area is a large area of land in between a few of the major cities that is filled with all sorts of landmarks and Pokémon. Considering that Game Freak is letting us have a fully controllable camera for the first time in over 20 years in this area surely means that The Wild Area is a big focus of the team’s energy spent on Shield and Sword.

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