9 Crazy Pokémon Tattoos That Poké-Fans Actually Got

Tattoos are subjective— some people love ‘em and some people hate them. It’s said that once you get one tattoo, chances are you’ll be itching for another one. Whatever the phenomenon that gets people to drive permanent ink into their skin, the pictures or phrases they have embedded typically represent something they are passionate about.

And that definitely can be said for these ten crazy souls. The Legend of Pokemon started in 1996, which means the cult followers of this anime and gaming creation are well into their adulthood by now. today, the '90s have become something of an unyielding nostalgic presence, with many people holding onto the passions of their childhood, including Pokemon. The fascination for the little animated creatures known as Pokemon is clearly indicated by these actual tattoos that actual adults will have on their bodies until the end of time.

Admittedly these aren’t bad. In fact, some of them are straight-up amazing. Take a look at these ten crazy Pokemon tattoos that Poke-Fans actually got!

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9 Watercolor

All jokes aside, tattoos are actually incredible works of art. Take this watercolor tattoo of Umbreon (by Tiggy Tattoos) for instance. Not only does the Evee evolution look ridiculously adorable, but the artist incorporated fantastical colors that showcase the true power of this Pokemon. Umbreon is known to be more of a nocturnal Pokemon, this artist reworked its composition to include iridescent colors and gems

8 Snorlax

Oh boy. This tattoo is sure to be a conversation starter. Known for its lack of drive, Snorlax is a large Pokemon that can be found eating when it isn’t conked out against a tree somewhere. But rather than presenting Snorlax in its true sleeping form, this artist put the Pokemon in his own little oasis — a snug chocolate-topped donut, complete with sprinkles and an ice cream cone on the side. Perfect for the lazy AND hungry poke-fan.

7 Larger Than Charizard

Charizard is a fire type Pokemon known for its size and fire-breathing powers. Charizard resemblance the basic build of a dragon, but with that famous anime twist. Charizard is one of the mainstays of the fandom as a part of the original 151 Pokemon.

This creature is so large that, when turned into a forearm tattoo, it has to be looked at from various angles. This tattoo is gorgeous with every aspect of Charizard shining through. The cracked details and the wing modulation make it especially impressive.

6 Pokemon Card

Back in 1998, The Pokemon Company came out with a series of cards featuring Pokemon. These cards became the equivalent of baseball cards for nerdy collectors. Some people may even remember the most coveted of all the Pokemon cards: the holographic ones.

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This patron decided to shell out a pretty penny to show just how dedicated he is to the Pokemon franchise. This tattoo of the Pokemon, Typhlosion, is pretty exalted as the fire Pokemon blasts his way past the card's borders.

5 Pizzachu

Yes, this is a real thing. Tattoo artist Courtenay Dickson in Scotland permanently etched a Pikachu flavored pizza (Pizzachu, if you will) into this willing contender’s arm. Not only that, but Cortenay mentions in the photo that this is the second Pizzachu tattoo she has done!

It’s is really, a very clever tattoo.

4 Stitch & Pika

This one is just adorable. This artist reworked Disney’s Stitch and Pokémon’s legendary Pikachu into chibi characters. Chibi is a Japanese slang word describing something short and it’s a concept that has become extremely popular amongst artists. This tattoo turns a feminine Pikachu and Lilo into best chibi bffs, with each of them wearing the others colors in the form of a cozy onesie.

3 Disturbing Eevee

Some people are so enthralled by the legends of Pokemon that they want to know everything about their favorite creatures— inside and out.

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This artist’s tattoo is a black and white drawing of the anatomy of perhaps one of the most lovable Pokemon, Eevee. Eevee's quintessential cuteness is somewhat overlooked in juxtaposition with its morbid insides. Nevertheless, the detail in this Pokemon tattoo is definitely a creative concept to say the least.

2 Black & Gray Pokemon Sleeve

Apparently not one to shy away from commitment, this Australian tattoo fiend was dedicated to the Pokemon legion enough to dedicated his entire arm to it. His black and gray sleeve, though lacking the resplendent colors typically present in Pokemon, is unreal! From shoulder to wrist, this tattoo features almost a whole generation's worth of Pokemon. Pikachu can clearly be seen along with Squirtle, Charmander, Blastoise, Flareon, and Zapdos. All of them seem to be springing forth from a Gameboy Color console.

Fun fact the Gameboy Color was among the first gaming consoles to bring the Pokemon creatures in the fun of RPG.

1 Cubone Darth Maul

When fandoms collide. This tattoo is an interesting blend of the ground-type Pokemon, Cubone with one of Star Wars’ classic antagonists, Darth Maul. Cubone is known to be a loner Pokemon and tends to stay away from social interactions. Likewise, Darth Maul like to be unencumbered by cronies and tends to work alone. However, the characteristics of Darth Maul are far more sinister than Cubone's, with many of his features being reminiscent of the devil. While some similarities between these two can be found, this tattoo does a phenomenal job of mashing two contrasting characters.

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