Pokémon: Ten Of The Best Signature Moves

In the Pokémon series, signature moves are a move that only one Pokémon (or its evolutionary line) holds. Some are blessed with fantastic moves like Sketch, while Kartana has Cut. There's really no kindness by Game Freak there. Either way, today we're going to be looking at ten great signature moves. There are obviously many more than that, so we picked a nice selection of damaging moves and others that you might not expect. Without any further ado, let's get right into the list.

10 Partner Moves

The Let's Go! games are incredibly easy, and one of the reasons for that is due to the signature moves of the partner Pokémon. Eevee is the one who really shines here, as it has access to a move that represents almost every typing in the game, with each of them doing base 90 damage and having a secondary effect, both status effects and more, all of which are absolutely fantastic. This sets Eevee apart as one of the best OU Pokémon in Let's Go! competitive, a thing that does, in fact, exist.

9 Sketch

Smeargle's signature move, Sketch, grants him the ability to copy almost every single move in the entire game in battle. This, of course, means that Smeargle can have literally any moveset that you could ever desire. He can even copy other signature moves, and learn non-TM moves, setting him apart from Mew. While his stats aren't that great, it's proven Smeargle as a very useful asset in VGC, so the power of Sketch really cannot be denied at all.

8 Chatter

Chatter makes this list simply due to how unusual it is. For some reason, the developers thought that Chatot needed his own move, and boy is it a weird one. When used, Chatter damages the target and has a chance to confuse, and the chance percentage is based on how loud you scream into the DS microphone.

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Yes, you record your own sound file for Chatter. Why? Who has any idea whatsoever! Who would have thought that one day you might win a Pokémon battle based on the sounds of your deafening screams? What a time to be alive.

7 The Conversions

The Porygon line has access to the moves Conversion and Conversion 2, with both of them changing the type of Porygon. Conversion changes the typing to the type of move in its first move slot, while Conversion 2 changes the typing to a type that resists the last move that it was hit by. Both of these effects are very interesting, and can lead to some cool tech option. Z-Conversion (which gives an entire array of stat boosts) is used by Porygon-Z in competitive play, which is awesome to see when used well.

6 Magma Storm

The signature move of Heatran, Magma Storm deals 100 base power and then traps the target and deals damage every turn, 1/8 of the target's HP. Fire Spin who? Don't know her. Magma Storm is such a great move simply because base 100 power is already strong, and can be super useful in battle. Then just add in the trapping and chip damage effect that it comes with, and it becomes an incredibly valuable part of Heatran's moveset. While the 75% accuracy can make it a gamble, it's certainly worth a shot, especially when you're on the losing end of a battle.

5 Fiery Dance

Fiery Dance is the signature move of the Unova Region's Volcarona. Fiery Dance, shockingly a fire-type move, deals a base 80 damage to the target. Along with that, it has a 50% chance to boost Volcarona's special attack by one stage.

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Well, that isn't half bad. While an 80 base damage STAB move is certainly nothing to sneeze at, the fact that it also has a chance to boost special attack (a solid 50% chance) makes this quite a valuable move for your Volcarona to learn.

4 Double Iron Bash

Double Iron Bash is chonky boi Melmetal's signature move. The move hits twice for 60 damage, and has a 30% chance to flinch the target, which is nothing to sneeze at. It also has another very important aspect to it as well. If Melmetal has used Minimize (to bring it down to regular human size), it deals a massive 120 damage each time, meaning it's a 240 base power STAB move, meaning that it must be like 730 damage or something, who knows? Double Iron Bash is a great move on a Pokémon that is unnecessarily difficult to obtain.

3 Spectral Thief

Marshadow, that weird Pokémon that showed up when Pikachu started talking for no reason at all, has its own signature move. Before dealing its 90 base power damage, Spectral Thief gives Marshadow the ability to steal EVERY single stat increase that the opposing Pokémon has. WHAT? Literally goodbye Baton Pass users. This move is already insanely absurd, and the fact that it steals the stats before it deals damage is even crazier. Without a doubt, Spectral Thief is one of the most powerful moves in all of Pokémon history.

2 Geomancy

Xerneas's signature move, Geomancy, is a fantastic one as well. While it does have to charge one turn, it grants Xerneas a sharp stat boost in special attack, special defense, and speed. This immediately bulks it up into the special sweeper that it deserves to be. Better yet, when Xerneas is holding a power herb, there's no charge turn needed. This makes an already great move that much better. This move is the main reason that Xerneas is the competitive threat that it still is to this day.

1 Nature's Madness

Nature's Madness allows all of the Tapus to simply drain the opposing Pokémon of 50% of their current health. Well all right, that's not bad at all. This allows the Pokémon to ignore resistances and take down any Pokémon that they might be having trouble with. The Z-Move variant, Guardian of Alola, takes out 75% of their current health, making the move that much better. While this move is somewhat situational, it makes a great group of Pokémon that much better, giving them even more options at their disposal.

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