30 Things Superfans Never Knew They Could Do In Pokémon Red And Blue

Pokémon has some serious secrets within its many colorful folds. For instance, have you ever realized how likely it is that Gengar is Clefairy’s ghost? That he’s her shadow. After all, she’s Normal (originally) and he’s ghost. They have very similar shapes and stances. And they were originally immune to each other’s attacks…hmmm…that’s one for the books. Although, it’s kind of just a theory too. But it’s not the only interesting thing about Pokémon. Especially not the older games, full of glitches and Easter Eggs.

Though some fans know of a few glitches, I bet there’s not one person who can honestly say they knew about all thirty of these things! Some are glitches, some are Easter Eggs, and some are hidden (though legitimate) adventures you can go on.

Out of all of the Pokémon games, Red and Blue have the biggest following. By far! It’s the original, where everything started. There may be a tenth of the Pokémon available there that are available in the newest installments, but that’s not what it’s all about. Anyone who considers themselves a Pokémon fan has to play through either Red or Blue at least once in their lives. And anyone who considers themselves a Pokémon superfan needs to play through each and every one of these little adventures we have in store! If you have already attempted and succeeded in exploiting each one of these, then we owe you a Coke. If not, then, write it down and add it to your book of Pokémon knowledge/to-do list!

30 Invisible PC

Via: glitchcity.com

Who doesn’t want to use an invisible…well, anything! In Pokémon Red and Blue, there’s a secret invisible PC that we’re not really supposed to have access to. It was coded into the game, visually erased, and then forgotten. Want to use it? Of course, you do! The popular invisible PC is in the hotel south of Celadon. This is also the easiest one to access. All you have to do is enter the hotel and move right and two spaces below the plant. If you are facing north press A, the PC will turn on.

There are other PCs but they are out of bounds. One is in the Safari Zone rest houses 2, 3 and 4. The reason they aren’t mentioned is that cheating with outside sources are needed to access them. But who in the world knows how to memory review old GameBoy games?

29 Win BIG At The Machines

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Not many know the reason behind the two separate buildings in the casinos in Celadon City. Why are there two buildings? The truth is, at the time, they didn’t want to have any illegal activity in the games. Gambling was illegal in Japan! In real life, they have one building for playing and one for collecting the prizes. This way, it’s like you’re not “really” gambling. Even though you are, it’s almost like separate businesses.

Another thing you didn’t know about the slot machines? There’s a way to beat the algorithm, so IGN says. All of the slot machines have different odds, which change every time. The best way to win is to play each machine 4 times, and if it hits 2 or more, then keep playing. If not, switch machines. Also, it’s stated that if you play a machine four times for the first time, you’ll win at least two of them, so that you’ll want to keep playing.

28 Pokédoll Beats Ghosts

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With the help of a special little novelty toy, there’s a tricky little way around getting through the Poketower the old-fashioned way. The Poké Doll in Pokémon Red and Blue is a Clefairy doll that allows players to escape from Wild Pokémon. You can purchase one at Celadon Department Store or the Battle Pyramid. It can even be traded for a cool, rare TM.

But the coolest thing about the doll is that there’s a glitch in the original games that makes it able to defeat the Ghost Marowak at Pokémon Tower. Throw and go! That’s all you have to do. Perhaps the Marowak was afraid of the doll. Perhaps it brings back memories of its sad childhood as an orphan. We don’t really question it, just exploit its uses.

27 Predict The Power Difference

Via; YouTube.com

Did you know that you can tell before you battle a trainer or wild Pokémon how much stronger he is than you? It all depends on the animation of the pre-battle sequence. If it’s a wild Pokémon that the first Pokémon in your party is at least three levels higher than, there will be what is called the “double circle” animation or “horizontal stripes” in a dungeon map. If the wild Pokémon is three levels or more above your first Pokémon’s level, there will be a “single circle” animation or “vertical stripes” in a dungeon map. In a dungeon map, these are changed to “shrink” and “split” animations.

The same goes for trainer battles! An “inward spiral” means you are stronger than them and an “outward spiral” means they are stronger than you. This might not be that helpful since the battle has already started, but it’s a great party trick.

26 Gotta Catch That Mew

Via: wikihow.com

No, we’re not talking about the theory of the old man under the truck. We’re talking about the bona fide way to get Mew. All you need is an Abra and two un-battled trainers on Route 24 and 25. Like any good Pokemon Master, you’ll want to save beforehand. Then make your way across Nugget Bridge. You’ll then want to go all the way to the left of the bridge where a thin grassy area sits between a wall and some water.

Here’s where things get tricky. Walk right next to where you will meet the water on your side but press start right as you reach the corner of the water. This way, the hidden trainer won’t ask you to battle. Use Abra to teleport out from here. The exact moment you teleport, the trainer should notice you. Go back up the bridge toward Route 24. Fight the Youngster who is all alone. Just don’t walk right in front of him.

Right after you defeat him, teleport to the Pokemon Center and get ready for the final step. Walk up Nugget Bridge until the game pauses on its own. If done correctly, all you have to do is close it and thus a Mew will appear. If it fails, retry until it does from that last save.

25 End A Pokemon’s Life

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This is not something any loving trainer would want to do, but it’s truly inevitable. When you fight Gary, you never realize that one day…your attacks would be too much. It all happens on the S.S. Anne when you fight his Raticate. Little do you know, this is the last time you see that Raticate. The reason we know that we end Raticate is that when we see Gary at Pokémon Tower, he’s there visiting his lost Pokémon Raticate.

The only explanation for this other than your cruel intentions is that Gary left Raticate in his PC. But if that’s true, why? His party wasn’t even full and up until that point, it was one of his closest Pokémon. He even admits that he’s lost one close to him…so, yeah, you, the protagonist, are now an antagonist.

24 The 2018 Pokémon

Via: me.me

Bringing it to the 21st century with a little gender equality. At the beginning of the game, Professor Oak shows you a Nidorino. Obviously, Nidorino are always boys. But whenever it cries, it gives out a Nidorina cry. On the flipside of Nidorino, Nidorina are always girls. In this day and age, you would have just witnessed a transgender Pokémon. It has both male and female traits. The body of a male and the cry of a female.

While 99.99% of Nidorino are 100% male and 99.99% of Nidorina are 100% female, we found that .01% out there. It’s the one owned by Professor Oak himself. Of course, he’d keep this rarity to himself! No telling what anyone else would do to the little guy…or girl.

23 Charizard Can’t Fly…Or Can He?

Via: YouTube.com

In Red and Blue, Charizard can’t learn Fly. He has wings, but he can’t fly. That’s reserved for the one Pokemon everyone keeps in their party to take them places: Pidgeott. Don’t lie, it’s 100% the best option. But what if you could get Charizard to fly, that’s two birds with one stone (pun now intended). Turns out, there’s a trick here, and it’s not a glitch…if you trade your Charizard in Red or Blue to someone with Yellow, they can teach it to him. Because in Yellow, Charizard can learn Fly! That’s taking advantage of the system. When the Yellow-user sends him back (if they are trustworthy), he’ll have Fly!

For best results, do this yourself without relying on the dude who has a Pikachu. He’ll want to keep that Charizard.

22 Help Out An Old Fly

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In the Japanese Version of the game, there are tons of things that they had to filter out so that Americans could play it. Strange, it’s true, but there are a lot of phrases and insinuations that just aren’t okay in the English version. One of the most noticeable of these is when you help out an intoxicated man. In the Japanese version, he’s passed out, asking for coffee. But in the English version, he just “hasn’t had his morning coffee yet.”

You can find him in Viridian City where he is very grumpy…because he needs coffee, of course. He won’t even let you pass through Route 2 until you bring him some. Like…have you ever seen someone do the whole, “you shall not pass” thing? Were they intoxicated? It’s all making so much sense.

21 Skip Brock

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Brock’s lame, isn’t he? He wears aprons, objectifies women, and can see through his eyelids. But wouldn’t it would be so much better to fight him after you’ve gotten some strong water Pokémon anyway? There’s a way in the first two games to pass on through Pewter City unto Cerulean City. This lets you fight Misty before you fight Brock.

There are three ways to do this. The first thing you do is move your cursor to save, but don’t select it. Then, walk in front of the Youngster at the east exit of Pewter City and close the dialogs with the B-button (not the A-button). Immediately after, you press Start and save the game. Do a quick reset and when you come back, you’ll auto follow the Youngster. He’ll take you to the route you couldn’t pass before and allow you to pass. But if he sees you again, game over! Though there are other, similar ways, this one is the most straight-forward.

20 The Future Tale Of Munna

Via: YouTube.com

This one here lets you see a little picnicking fella tell the future. On route 10, you’ll see a little guy named picnicker Coral. When you talk to him, he says "The Pokemon here are so chunky! There should be a pink one with a floral pattern."

If you think about it, this Pokémon doesn’t exist in Pokémon Red or Blue. But the description is a perfect fit for Munna. But Munna won’t exist for twelve years! That means that Coral told the future! But then, what if his name is also a tribute to the future Coral Pokemon named Corsola? They call Sabrina Psychic, but I think we know the real otherworldly trainer here. Makes us wonder if there are any more secrets hidden in these characters we A-A-A through conversations with.

19 Find An Illegitimate Dragonite

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NPCs are big cheaters, we know that. They have like a gazillion potions and wacky stats. Player characters are still superior, but a few things just don’t measure up. One thing in Red and Blue that catches our attention is Lance’s Dragonite. Lance is the final member of the Elite Four you face before fighting the Champion. What we found out about this member is that he is a cheater. How do we figure that? Well, Dragonite cannot learn Barrier. Or at least, they aren’t supposed to. But Lance’s Dragonite has it. Whatever he did to teach it Barrier was illegal. How else would he have taught Dragonite a forbidden move? How else would he be able to join the Elite Four? Probably cheated his way to the top on multiple occasions!

18 Spanish Moves

Via: dorando.emuverse.com

Any bilingual Pokémon fan knows that something’s not right with the Spanish version of the game. It’s as if it were translated by an elementary school kid. No offense to the translator though, right? There are so many moves and Pokémon names that just aren’t right. So if you want a treat, then take that bilingual tongue to Pokémon or hire yourself a translator and go on an adventure.

The game of “see how many mistakes you can find,” is hard to pass on. For example, they call Slam…Door Slam. No, there are no doors involved and this must confuse little Mexican children playing the game. Then, when you catch a Pokemon with the fishing rod, the game says, "¡El malvado <POKéMON> atacó!", which means “the evil Pokémon attacks!” Nice one, never trust a Magikarp.

17 Catch A Little Pizzazz

Via: YouTube.com

This is a better-known glitch, but is the most insane one in the game! It can often be called the explosion glitch because of what happens if you use the move Explosion when given to you. It’s a dangerous glitch to play with as it can permanently screw with your game, but many say it’s worth it. The ZZAZZ glitch can be triggered by using the Ditto glitch with a Special stat of 251, 252, 254 or 255. You know it’s working when you see that your Pokémon in your party except each third one has been changed to a level 153 Bulbasaur with Explosion. Aside from that, everything looks glitchy and unreadable, plus your Pokémon are no longer under your control. You can’t control level 153s!

Check out Bulbapedia for the full tutorial as one simple paragraph cannot explain the pros, cons, and details of this gem here.

16 Fish Those Statues

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Water is overrated, wouldn’t fishing inside of a solid statue be a better idea? In the first two games, it is possible to fish in the bottom of the statues in Gyms. The only two exceptions are Saffron and Cinnabar Gyms. You also can’t use the ones in the Elite Four, however, when using the Super Rod in any Gym or Elite Four room other than Cerulean Gym or Lorelei's room, it will always say, "Looks like there's nothing here."

The rule of the Old Rod also applies, not allowing you to catch anything but Magikarp. But with a Super Rod in Cerulean Gym and Lorelei’s room, you can catch normal Pokémon that would be caught in the water. Why not fish in the water, you may ask? But grasshopper, everyone fishes in the water.

15 Meet The Meme

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We all dream of one day meeting the face behind the meme. Any meme really, those people are like celebrities now. You can meet one of these celebrities in Red or Blue! All you have to do is travel to Route 3 and find a Youngster to the left of a row of trees. But what is the famous quote that he uttered that day? The quote he never knew would become so popular? It involved his love of warm weather.

“I Like To Wear Shorts! They’re comfy and easy to wear!” is a quote you see in many memes and vines these days. Not many people know that it comes from Pokémon Red and Blue. In the Japanese Version, the trainer sounded quite a bit more intelligent, but you know…English.

14 Mowing Time

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In real life, mowing is a task that no one wants to do so they pay the neighbor kid $5 to do so a few times each summer. But in video games, it’s something that we actually want to do. That’s the way games go. They make work…fun. In Red and Blue, you can cut down grassy areas. How? Well with the HM Cut of course.

This is incredibly helpful when you don’t want to run into any Pokémon. It may be slow, but it’s way cheaper than Repels. It might even be slower than running from Wild Pokémon, but some people really like to do things the hard way. And this really is a helpful trick, especially when you’re bored out of your mind.

13 Ditto Is Mew?

Via: YouTube.com

This one here has pretty much been proven. The first piece of evidence is self-explanatory. Mew and Ditto both contain the DNA and cell structure of every single Pokémon in existence. They are also the only Pokémon that have the ability to mate with both genders. These facts alone tell us a lot, but it takes a player to put together all of the evidence. For starters, the base stats are all the same, and they are the only ones who can learn Transform. But it gets more involved as well!

If that isn’t enough, we have the last piece of proof that you can go see for yourself. You know that unknown dungeon where you capture Mewtwo? There are tons of Ditto there! Mewtwo was born from Mew through experimentation. Could all of the Ditto around Mewtwo be prior experiments?

12 Evolve A Raichu

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Did you know that Raichu can evolve in Pokémon Red and Blue? He can! All you have to do is get your Raichu and find a man in Cinnabar Island’s Pokemon Lab. After talking to him, he’ll offer to trade you for an Electrode. When you accept the trade, he’ll say, “the Raichu you traded me, it went and evolved!” it confuses the daylights out of us! But there is a reason.

In the Japanese version, you trade him a Kadabra. It is supposed to let you know that in order to get Alakazam, you have to trade a Kadabra. But since this is not a Kadabra in the English version, it’s another translation error. But that doesn’t mean his Raichu didn’t evolve. We wonder what this new Pokémon looks like and when it will soon exist to the public.

11 Change Your Color

Via: YouTube.com

This one is only known by the hardcore Pokémon Stadium fans. But now, the whole world is about to find out! You can change the color go your Pokémon! If you change the name of your Pokémon, there’s a chance that you can change their color as well. Not in Red and Blue of course, but rather in Pokémon Stadium. The chance isn’t exactly random, but preset.

For example, there are three colors for Pikachu with the following names: PIKACHU, pikachu, and PIKA. Don’t capitalize Rhyhorn and he gets a blue mouth! Want a purple and red Exeggcute? Name him EXECUTENZA! For a full list of names, visit IGN’s page on Pokémon naming techniques. May all your colorful dreams come true. Oh, what we wouldn’t have done for this as kids when we thought the outcome was random.

10 You Remember Nothing!!!

Via: vizzed.com

Amnesia is a highly sought after move that is very difficult to get. Having it means you’re the real Pokémon Master. To get it, you need to have Pokémon Stadium. Now brace yourselves, you’ll love this or hate it, but you have to register all 151 Pokémon in the Hall of Fame!

Whenever you beat a tourney, your six Pokemon are entered into the Hall of Fame. You don’t have to have all of the Pokémon, but you have to eventually register all of them in the Hall of Fame. Afterward, you’ll be given a free Psyduck that knows the Amnesia technique. From there, you will be able to transfer it to your Gameboy game and play with Amnesia. Not exactly overpowered, but 100% completion nerds will have to do it!

9 Random Rare Pokémon

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After beating Elite Four in Pokemon Stadium, you are awarded one of eight semi-rare to rare Pokemon. After the credits, you can pick it up in Professor Oak's Lab. Just remember to pick it up right away or else it will be overwritten the next time you beat them. For example, if you get an Omanyte and you don’t pick it up, the next time you go check, it could be an Eevee.

The Pokémon available are Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Hitmonlee, Hitnomchan, Eevee, Omanyte, and Kabuto. Note that these are the Pokémon that you have to choose between in the game. So now, you can really complete the Pokedex because you will be able to collect the other half of the Pokemon pairs you didn’t choose. And you get to start from scratch with another Eevee as well!

8 Risky Business

Via: YouTube.com

Clone Pokémon…or erase your save data. It’s a hard gamble, but it’s one we just might be willing to make. Who wouldn’t want a million Charizards, Dittos, or Raichus? You’ll need to trade with someone else for it to even almost work though. Choose the Pokémon you want to clone and have the other person chose someone lame that they have a ton of. When the Game Boy that is receiving the good Pokémon says "Waiting," turn off the Game Boy that is receiving the bad Pokémon when that message disappears. No sooner, no later.

When the "Trade completed" message appears, you turn the other Game Boy off. When you turn the Game Boys back on, they should both have the good Pokémon. Repeat as many times as you like!

7 99 Pieces Of Rare Candy On The Wall!

Via: wikihow.com

To get 99 of any item seems like a dream, but it is possible. First, put the item you want to multiply in the sixth item slot. Next, Fly to Viridian City. Talk to the old man northside of the city. Tell him you aren’t in a hurry and watch him catch the Weedle.

Directly after, Fly to Cinnabar Island, go east until you hit water, and Surf. Surf up and down the bank and you will run into Missingno. Yes, that MissingNo! Either knock it out it or run away, and you’ll have copies of your sixth item made. Don’t catch it though. This is not the glitch where you want to catch it. That’s an entirely different glitch that is much riskier than this safe one.

6 Safari Zone Everywhere

Via: wikihow.com

Wouldn’t you like to battle Safari Zone Pokémon anywhere? All you have to do to achieve this is go to the water around Cinnabar Island or Seafoam Islands. Swim along and you will be able to fight land Pokémon. But the Pokémon aren’t random. They are Pokémon from the last place you were.

Following now? Go to the Safari Zone, let your time run out, then go to the coast. That way, you can catch, Scyther, Kangaskhan, and Tauros without any problems. Plus, with those 99 Master Balls you just got, you can get them in one throw. This is one of the most helpful tips you will find and can be personalized in order to make sure you get the Pokémon that you are looking for without the hassle of the area.

5 Professor Oak Battle

Via: YouTube.com

By far, the hardest battle in the entire game is one that does not readily appear. It’s like fighting Red or Blue in Sun and Moon. Only this time, it’s done through a glitch. can be battled by performing the Ditto glitch with a Special stat of 226, or by performing the old man glitch with the character MN in the third, fifth, or seventh slot of the player's name.

To battle him, it all depends on your name. You can read about how to control the outcome on Bulbpedia’s custom name guide. It seems complicated, but it’s really not. You do the Mew glitch we mentioned earlier, but make sure you have a Pokémon with Special Stat 226, Growl, and an Escape Rope. For a full guide check out Mega Rayquaza’s instructions.

4 Making The Grade

Via: ibtimes.co.uk

Have you ever caught every Pokémon in Red and Blue? Have you ever completed the Pokedex? If you haven’t then you probably had no idea that you could get a diploma. But you can! All you have to do is catch them all and ta-dah! An image appears on your screen telling you that you’re the best. If you’re lucky enough to have a GameBoy Printer then you may be able to print it out to show all of your friends. Or, if you’re not completely old school, you can just take a picture with your phone and upload it to Instagram. But then, no one will believe you will they?

Having a diploma might not mean much but back in the day, that kind of thing was taken seriously. Good luck convincing everyone you didn’t use a GameShark or memory review though.

3 The Guard Isn’t That Tough

Via: YouTube.com

All this does is save time but it’s so worth it because it shows your persistence and determination. You know how that guard seems to not want to let you get to cycling road without a bike? Show him you’re more determined than him by never giving up! He will eventually give in, trust us. There will even be a bike for you to ride in there, but you can’t take it out, of course. Who cares, though? You just beat the system, and sometimes it worth extra work to do that. Luckily for you, this time you do less work in order to beat it.

Unfortunately, he’s pretty much the only character in the game that will break under pressure. Maybe because the others only have one line. Imagine that in real life. Asking someone a question and them answering you the exact same thing every time.

2 Glitch City

Via: YouTube.com

Crazy game this is! There’s a map (or rather maps) known as Glitch City that can only be accessed through the Safari Zone. You go into the Safari Game, then immediately after entering, attempt to leave the Safari Zone. Tell them that you are done playing, answer "no" and re-enter the Safari Zone, don’t leave. Save, rest, and let the fun begin.

When you leave this time, they will ask if you want to play the Safari Game, even though you are already playing. Answer no, leave, then take 500 steps (anywhere but Celadon City, Cerulean City, Lavender Town, Saffron City, Fuchsia City, Viridian City, Pewter City, Cinnabar Island, Vermilion City). You will then be warped to the Safari Gate and will enter Glitch City. To exit, just Fly out!

1 Watch Stand By Me

Via: reddit.com

This is the very first Easter Egg you can find in the game. At your house, if you watch the TV, you’ll see that someone has been watching the incredible movie Stand By Me. How do we know this? Because the announcer says “There’s a movie on TV. Four boys are walking on railroad tracks.” This is the opening scene for the Stand By Me movie.

Is it possible that someone in production wished to tribute the movie? It makes sense considering the main characters in Pokémon are children going on adventures, coming of age, and learning about themselves together. Or it’s just a coincidence referencing to some Japanese boy band more popular than One Direction. Anyway, we’d still like to see the movie in the Pokémon world.

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