10 Bad Gen 3 Designs Pokémon Fans Let Slip By

As with every generation of Pokémon, Generation Three certainly has its fans, as it should. It is a great Generation! But, as we've done with Generations One and Two already, let's talk trash. The truth of the matter is that no generation is perfect, and they all have some flaws here and there.

In the design category... well, not everyone can be a Vanilluxe. (Calm down, we're joking.) Today, we'll be going over ten different Pokémon hailing from the Hoenn region that just aren't quite up to snuff with the rest of their counterparts. Without any further ado, let's jump right into it.

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10 Seedot

Anyone else bored? Seedot is such a snooze fest. This thing is literally just a sphere and nothing else. Obviously, the Pokémon is actually based around an acorn, but, even so, who cares? Shiftry itself is cool, and Nuzleaf is where the term Nuzlocke came from, what do you have to offer to the family Seedot? Oh, nothing? Fantastic. You're boring, and getting you to level 14 will be an absolute blessing. Let's hurry that process up a bit.

9 Nosepass

Forget 'hey, big head." We've got a new saying in town, and it goes a little something like this: "Hey, big nose." If you look up, "compass looking idiot" in the dictionary (a real entry), you'll see Nosepass.

This is already a really negative entry, so let's calm down a bit. This rock-type Pokémon just kind of makes it seem as if the designers were grasping at straws at this point in development. As a consolation, it does evolve into the somehow worse Probopass, but he debuted in Generation Four so he's safe for now.

8 Swalot

Oh, didn't see you standing there, horrific purple jello beast. Welcome to the list! While Gulpin doesn't quite make the list because he's at least a little cute, Swalot had to take it one step further to be downright gross.

This weird boy really doesn't stack up to the rest of Hoenn's Pokédex, but at the very least it's unique, so it has that going for it. You know, maybe we're being a bit too hard on Swalot. I mean, you can't be that bad when you have a species name of Poison Bag Pokémon, can you?

7 Regice

Hailing from the Generation that decided 34 Legendaries just wasn't enough, we have Regice. At least one of the Titan boys had to make this list, so we decided that Regice would be the best fit because it's literally just an icicle with a bunch of other icicles coming off of its body.

Also, could you be any more dramatic? You literally require the player to first read braille and then stand unmoving for two minutes? Absolutely not! We are leaving, goodbye.

6 Spoink

Spoink is a LOT. And that is meant in just about every way possible. To begin, what in God's name happened here? Who came up with this design? Is this the best Pokémon design there's ever been or a drug-fueled abomination?

Either way, its Pokédex entries are where the true horror comes in, brace yourself for this one because it is the dooziest of all doozies. If Spoink stops hopping, its heart stops beating. WHAT?

5 Spinda

And then on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, we have Spinda. Spinda doesn't know what's going on, and, in this case, neither do we. This one isn't really a case of bad design, but more confusion than anything.

Every Spinda has a different spot pattern, and every single one of them just looks like a drunken idiot. They're constantly dizzy and don't quite seem to be aware that they're never walking in a straight line. Spinda is just out here doing her best, so let her be. She thinks she's fine. What an icon.

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4 Whiscash

Remember that one time that Whiscash ate a Master Ball? You really can't argue with that one. Whiscash is the hidden legendary of the Hoenn Region, and that's that on that.

Whiscash is such a weird Pokémon. It evolves from the absolutely impeccable Barboach, and turns into... this. Isn't it just kind of intimidating to look at? Its eyes seem as if it knows everything about you and won't hesitate to share every secret that you have. There's something troubling hiding below the surface about Whiscash. Be careful around this Pokémon; there's no telling what it will do next.

3 Chimecho

Next we have a wind chime. While Chimecho has absolutely found its way into our hearts (how could it have not with James' fantastic little one from the anime), it's still a pretty strange design for a Pokémon.

While certainly not the first Pokémon based after an inanimate object, it's just kind of a surprising one. However, this smiling boy is just about the cutest thing in the world, so we'll let him slide. Do you know who won't be sliding though? The next entry on this list.

2 Luvdisc

Luvdisc. What happened here? Did someone forget to design the rest of your line? It just looks absolutely so done, and, honestly, same. You deserve so much better.

Luvdisc is just about the laziest design that one could come up with, it's literally just a sideways heart that swims around regretfully thinking about its design. What a mood. The fact that it isn't a pre-evolution of Generation Five's Alomomola is just about the worst thing that could have befallen poor little Luvdisc. You'll get your day in the sunlight one day Luvdisc. One day.

1 Shelgon

HA! Oh, pardon. Ahem, what we were saying was.... Shelgon looks really stupid. Look, Shelgon is not cute, and it really doesn't quite fit into the Salamence line in the slightest, but the final evolution before Salamence? Really? Game Freak, come on.

There are so many other ways that you could have gone with this one... and you just didn't. Shelgon is just so... sad. There had to be some other way to craft the Salamence line, but alas, this is what we ended up with. What a shame.

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