Pokémon Trading Cards: 10 Most Powerful Item Cards, Ranked

Pokemon Trading Card game is still going strong after 20 years. These are the best item cards that you should try to get in your deck.

For a lot of 90s kids, Pokemon holds a special place in their hearts. Just the image of Pikachu's cute chubby cheeks brings back wonderful nostalgia of trading cards with their best friends while holding on to that holographic Charizard for dear life. Buying packs of bubble gum just in hopes of getting a rare card.

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But since the 90s, Pokemon has grown to be a 20-year phenomenon, spanning a whole generation. Pokemon card tournaments are still being held with parents facing off against their kids in battles. But whether you're a seasoned trainer or newbie, these are the most powerful item cards you will want to have in your deck.

10 Special Charge

Special Charge was a trainer item card added in the expansion Steam Siege. In the expansions of the Japanese Fever-Burst Fighter and Cruel Traitor, they were first released. In the Build Box Ultra Sun Deck and the subset Best of XY it was then printed again. Due to its slight rarity, this one may be hard to find. But keep searching, because it's worth it. This card allows you to shuffle two special energy cards from your discard pile into your deck. and it also allows you to play as many Item cards as you like during your turn (before your attack).

9 Max Potion

Max Potion isn't a new item for most trainers. Especially if they've ever played the video game and had to face a tough gym leader. But in card game terms, it's relatively rare. It was first released as part of the Emerging Powers expansion, then again with different artwork in BREAKpoint and Guardians Rising. But players don't care how it looks, it's what it does for them. Like Special Charge, it allows you to play lots of item cards before you attack. However, it wouldn't be Max Potion if it also didn't restore one of your Pokemon to full health.

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8 Town Map

Released as part of the Freeze Bolt expansion pack, it was later given new artwork and re-released in Boundaries Crossed, sporting a rather odd look. The blue and yellow skin of the device was a far cry from the yellow and red we've come to know and love. Aside from its coloring, this isn't helping anyone navigate around the Kanto Region. With this card, the player can turn all of their Prize cards face up into play where they stay for the rest of the game. And of course, it allows you to play as many items as you want.

7 Max Elixir

In-game, this handy item was used to fully restore the PP of one Pokemon. Although you could pick this useful item up at any Pokemart, as a card it has been one of the rarest to exist due to its first Japan release, it was made part of one of twelve special promotional packs awarded to tournament winners. What this card does is a little complicated. The card says to look through the top six cards on your deck and attach any Energy cards you find to your benched Pokemon, giving you a fully loaded powerhouse to unleash when ready.

6 Escape Rope

When you were exploring dark caves in the Pokemon games, you would be kind of mad when you found a "Pokeball" hoping to get a Rare Candy and only ending up with this useless escape rope. But as a trading card, this item is far from useless. Depending on which print you happen to get, Burning Shadow or Plasma Storm, it's ability changes slightly. Both Plasma Storm edition and Burning Shadow edition lets you switch your opponent's active Pokemon with a benched one. But only Burning Shadow lets you play as many Item cards as you like before you attack.

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5 Super Rod

Super Rod was a welcome find in the games, especially for players getting sick of catching nothing but Magikarp. Players should be just as excited to find one of these cards in a booster pack. However, like the Escape Rope card, this one has many variations as well. Neo Genesis print allows you to flip a coin and if its heads, you put an evolution card back into your hand from the discard pile, if tails, you take a basic instead. But the really powerful cards are the other two prints (Noble Victories and BREAKthrough) that let you shuffle three into your deck.

4 Rare Candy

If you thought Rare Candy was scarce while playing, that's nothing compared to the card. It comes in a whopping eleven different prints. The good news is they all have a similar effect. The EX Sandstorm has you choose one of your Pokemon in play and if you have their evolution, you can evolve them even if they would need an evolution stone to do it. If you have the Dark Explorers or Sun and Moon prints, you can still evolve but you can't use it during your first turn or on a Pokémon that was put out that turn.

3 Trainer’s Mail

Way back in early Pokemon games, you had to attach mail to a flying Pokemon to send it. Now the trading cards show a super vibrant mailbox on a glittering gold background. First released in the Roaring Skies expansion, it comes in two other prints. But the effect is the same. Looking at the top four cards of your deck, you may reveal a Trainer card (except for Trainers' Mail) and put it into your hand. Then shuffle the other cards back into your deck. This also includes being able to use as many items as you want before attacking.

2 VS Seeker

This card started out as a Trainer card and not an Item card when it was released in EX FireRed and LeafGreen expansion. It was updated to an Item card during the XY series and although there are four different prints and even a mirror reverse foil edition for the Premium Champion Pack in Japan, there are only two varying effects. EX Red/Green has the player search their discard pile for a Support card, showing their opponent and putting it in their hand. In the Phantom Forces, you don't have to show it and you have the items perk.

1 Ultra Ball

Ultra Balls were always a treat to find until you could buy them at Pokemarts and made catching those more crafty Pokemon easier. So it's no surprise the card version is so useful that it's number one on our list. Originally released in the Dark Explorers expansion pack, it has four variations in total. One even being completely gold. Although pretty, the benefit of this card is a little bit tricky. You have to give up two cards but the payoff is worth it because you get to go through your deck and pick any Pokemon to put in your hand.

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