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For many, determining your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type is a fun little diversion, while others take it very seriously. Regardless of whether this is a bit of fun or a matter of Biblical importance, we can all agree there is a more fundamental test of merit that all folks measure themselves by: what starter Pokemon they choose.

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There are few merits more trustworthy than whether someone chooses Charmander, Bulbasaur, or Squirtle. Obviously, the only right answer is Bulbasaur, but for those souls who choose poorly, they identify with their choice in Pokemon on a personal level, like how many identify strongly with their Myers-Briggs® Personality Type. It is for that reason -- and the sake of good fun -- that we decided to combine the two. After a thorough and thoughtful examination, we have concluded what the best Pokemon is for you, based on your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type.

8 ESTP - Houndoom

ESTP Personality Types are typically very outgoing individuals, driven by curiosity and a desire to perceive the world around them. They are action-oriented problem solvers, versatile and spontaneous.

What better Pokemon for ESTP Personality Types than Houndoom, the energetic hellhound with a great sense of smell? They are perfect for those looking for a best friend capable of keeping up with an ESTP's action-oriented problem-solving lifestyle.

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7 ESFP - Arcanine

ESFP are much like ESTPs, but far more feeling oriented. They are in touch with the feelings of those around them, able to perceive when someone needs love and affection. They are there to truly be man's best friend.

Which is why the best Pokemon for this Myers-Briggs® Personality Type is Arcanine. The fire-dog is a burning presence, fiercely loyal to their trainers, here to light up their world with intense grace and emotional warmth. Few Pokemon can offer an ESFP Personality Type the same type of love an Arcanine can.

6 ENFP - Sylveon

ENFP are energetic creators. They put their best foot forward to start new projects. They are driven by helping others see the best qualities within their own hearts, while also hoping to find ways to creatively relay their inner optimist.

When looking at optimistic Pokemon capable of matching an ENFP Personality Type's zeal, it becomes the best Pokemon for this Myers-Briggs® Personality Type is Sylveon, the fairy evolved form of Eevee. This bundle of joy is all about warming the hearts of those around it, making it the ideal partner for any ENFP looking for a Pokemon that is at once creative and loving.

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5 ENTP - Garchomp

These inventing and versatile individuals are best when hard at work inventing something. These people put their best foot forward to create and express themselves in new, fascinating ways. They seek challenges so they may push themselves to new heights trying to overcome them.

For this reason, the best Pokemon for this Myers-Briggs® Personality Type is clearly Garchomp. The Garchomp line is remarkable for how every evolutionary form seems to build itself up into a greater and more mighty force to be reckoned with, always increasing its powers to make it a more powerful partner. Still, at the same time, Garchomp has all the might of a dragon and of a ground type, giving it a variety of potential attacks for any situation.

4 ESTJ - Porygon

ESTJs are systematic and practical. They approach a situation from a pragmatic perspective, able to break down their obstacles and deal with it piece by piece. In essence, they are efficient machines. But they're machines with personality -- with perspective.

The best Pokemon for this Myers-Briggs® Personality Type is clearly Porygon. Often underrated, Porygons are naturally a computer program given life. It is the systems of digital code given life. If you value systematic approaches to problem-solving, few can do better than Porygon. Plus, if you like making a flash, just remember: this is the Pokemon most often blamed for that episode of the Pokemon anime that gave all the kids seizures.

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3 ESFJ - Charmander

ESFJ Personality Types are friendly and reliable. They're the sort of people you want on your side in a pinch, since they'll make you smile while also kicking the snot out of anyone who dares mess with you. Active and productive, they aim to please.

For that reason, the best Pokemon for you is Charmander. Charmander is a regular ol' spitfire capable of standing up right alongside you. Lovable and earnest, there's a reason why so many kids growing up in the '90s thought the Charmander line was the best of the Starters. Also, after getting over his awkward puberty phase, he becomes a GIANT FIRE BREATHING DRAGON! You could do worse.

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2 ENFJ - Meowth

ENFJ types are all about communication. Their wheelhouse is being able to talk and connect with others, valuing diplomacy and interpersonal dialogue as an ultimate good that leads to harmony.

While many associate Meowth with the criminal Team Rocket from the Pokemon anime, it's undeniable that, if you value communication, Meowth is the best Pokemon for you. Meowth is one of the few Pokemon capable of teaching itself human language. As such, it is a skilled communicator. While the most famous Meowth is a criminal, it is, at the very least, one that values discussion and dialogue to reach its own selfish ends.

1 ENTJ - Squirtle

The final Myers-Briggs® Personality Type is ENTJ. These individuals are strategic folk who go out of their way to communicate with others. They have far-reaching ambitions, and, while they can be sociable, are also fiercely independent.

For that reason, the best Pokemon for you, based on your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type, is a Squirtle. Fiercely independent, Squirtle have been known to form their own gangs to seek their own personal ends. They are sociable yet can stand without any aid. They are shrewd, known for their ability to be at once defensive and offensive. Capable of withdrawing from attack before unleashing Hydro Pump on their adversaries, Squirtle is simply the best Pokemon for the job...and a valuable companion for you on your journey.

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