10 Pokémon People Only Use Because of Nostalgia

From Cloyster to Sudowoodo, here are some Pokémon we appreciate more for nostalgia's sake than their battling prowess.

Pokémon has been around for a pretty long time now. Over the years, fans have had the opportunity to catch and train various companions – and you can bet that in that time older Pokémon have been made irrelevant with the arrival of newer faces. But regardless of practicality, trainers still have their favourites.

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Plenty of trainers still catch, train and utilize older Pokémon. Not because they give them the best chance of winning, but because they make them feel nostalgic. It’s not the best move if you’re playing against other trainers, but when going through the main story, anything goes. Here are some  Pokémon people mostly only use for nostalgia's sake.

10 Sudowoodo

Encountering Sudowodo in Gen II was a pretty cool experience. It had its own unique sprite and was a fairly rare Pokémon – which made catching it something of a priority. But nowadays is there really any point in using a Sudowoodo?

Aside from its base 100 Attack and 115 Defense, Sudowoodo doesn’t really stand out all that much statistically. It has five type weaknesses and offers little in terms of efficiency. There’s not much point in using this relic.

9 Corsola

Back when it was first introduced, Corsola stood out due to its adorable design. It still stands as one of the more visually-unique Pokémon of its generation. But there’s no reason to use this Water-type anymore.

With no evolved forms and some pretty subpar stats, Corsola won’t be helping you win any battles anytime soon. It got a slight stat boost in Gen IV, but that’s still not saying much. Defense and Special Defense are its only notable stats, but with low Speed and HP, along with virtually no Attack, Corsola is a sitting duck in battle.

8 Cloyster

Cloyster is another Water-type that just didn’t age all too well in the long run. A Water/Ice-type, Cloyster has access to some pretty good moves. While not the worst Pokémon on this list, Cloyster doesn’t really add anything special to the table.

Its 180 base Defense stat certainly raises some eyebrows, but couple that with 45 Special Defense and you instantly see why no-one really uses this Gen I favorite any more. It’s just a one-trick pony with not all that much to offer. There’s tons of better alternatives out there. We've all seen its Shell Smash shenanigans before, and it's not nearly as scary as it used to be.

7 Dewgong

Dewgong is yet another Water/Ice-type that was much scarier 20 years ago than it is now. Anyone who’s faced the Kanto Elite Four knows how many problems this Pokémon can cause. But that was Gen I. It’s not all that great now.

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While not a terrible Pokémon, Dewgong is fairly mediocre. It may serve you well during the campaign, but will get demolished against other players more often than not. You may remember this being a top tier Pokémon, but that’s changed.

6 Sandslash

You can see why Sandslash was so popular in its heyday. It still has one of the cooler designs of all the Gen I Pokémon out there, and for a while, was a pretty solid Ground-type option for trainers. But looking at it now, Sandslash just isn’t all that great any more.

Though it does have some pretty high base Attack and Defense – 100 and 110 respectively – that doesn’t make up for its less than optimal Speed, HP and Special stats. Its HP is the only one of the bunch that’s over 70. Sandslash is good for a nostalgia trip, but not much else.

5 Flygon

Call it nostalgia or maybe even misconception that causes people to still use Flygon. Trainers typically view two-stage evolutions favorably, but that doesn’t always make them the de facto best choice. Similarly, Dragon-types were at the top of the food chain for a long time in the Pokémon world – so a Ground/Dragon-type like Flygon benefitted a lot from that.

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Flygon is a solid Pokémon, sure. Its stats make it a good option should you need a glass cannon in your party. But there are so many more that do it better. It isn’t a bad choice, but it isn’t the smartest play either.

4 Primeape

Going just on looks, Primeape seems like it would be way stronger than it actually is. In the early years, it very well might’ve been. But now, it’s more of an afterthought. There are plenty of better pure or dual Fighting-types you can choose from.

Primeape is a pure glass cannon; it hits quick and hard. But it only has a handful of physical Fighting-type moves in its learnset. That makes it difficult to best take advantage of its strengths.

3 Butterfree

Butterfree was never a really viable option in battle, regardless of which generation you’re playing. It’s one of those Pokémon that’s good for early game stuff and spreading annoying status, but quickly outlives its limited use.

In all fairness, most Bug-types aren’t all that good. Butterfree being one of the most memorable Gen I Pokémon makes it seem like it’s way better than it actually is. With just under 400 total base stats, you’d be hard pressed to find anything this Pokémon can do all that well.

2 Claydol

As intimidating as it looks, Claydol really isn’t all that once you get right down to it. It has some pretty high Defensive stats – with 105 Defense and 120 Special Defense respectively – but doesn’t really stand out all that much in any other regard.

With six different weaknesses, all that defense won’t do you all that good if you get stuck with one of many unfavorable match-ups. Also note that Claydol’s HP is pretty darn low, so you’re really not benefitting much from those high stats.

1 Pikachu

Pikachu may be the face of the franchise, but it’s far from a serviceable Pokémon. You have to imagine that most trainers who go out of their way to use Pikachu are either doing it due to its prevalence in the anime, familiarity or cute design.

Pikachu is quick, but that’s about it. It isn’t particularly strong and can’t really take any damage before fainting. It isn’t even worth training to get a Raichu, as there are still better Electric-type alternatives out there. Game Freak do seem to want to make us use it, though, with tempting options like the Light Ball (a held items that doubles Pikachu's offenses) and powerful moves like Volt Tackle available to it.

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