Twitter Tries To Cancel A "Toxic And Abusive" Pokemon

Now, enraged Pokémon fans are looking to boycott very specific Pokémon whom they've labeled as "toxic and abusive" from their line up.

After the unequivocal failure of the campaign to boycott Pokémon Sword and Shield, social media has moved on to new pastures. Now, enraged Pokémon fans are looking to boycott very specific Pokémon whom they've labeled as "toxic and abusive" from their line up.

It began with a seemingly harmless tongue-in-cheek tweet that drew Twitter users' attention to the fact that Hattrem has a big problem with players expressing their feelings.

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In the Pokémon's bio, it suggests that Hattrem will "silence you violently" if you "bring big strong emotions" near to it. The tweet imagined "coming home in tears" due to some big life-changing negative event to find "your beloved pokemon just immediately starts beating the f**king tar out of you for having feelings."

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While many laughed along with it, even suggesting being sure to have a Gardevoir on hand to protect you, it appears that for some this imaginary scenario crossed a very real line.

Twitter user Manji 'Hoops' Shark went on to explain to us how this is, in fact, a very real issue as Hattrem "fosters an abusive environment" and is "toxic and abusive."

While we understand that toxic and abusive relationships are very real dangers, many people couldn't help but think that applying this to fictional game characters may be taking the concept a little too far.

Others posted their own thoughts on some more toxic and abusive Pokémon and quite frankly the results are glorious.

First up was Tentacruel, who clearly has abusive tendencies both in his name and his toxic spikes. He was followed by Voltorb, who is considered toxic due to his deceitful similarity to a Pokéball.

Further Pokémon making the boycott list include Drifloon, whose tendency to disguise itself as a balloon comes under fire, alongside the whole forcing people into the underworld thing.

Drifloon is joined on the hitlist by Aerodactyl, the self-proclaimed "king of the skies" who it's felt is clearly oppressing all bird Pokémon.

The lineup of abusive Pokémon is rounded out by the unassuming-looking Whirlipede. His tendency to roll, when you may expect him to be passive and still, has ironically earnt him a place on the "do not roll with" list.

Finally, sneaky Yu-Gi-Oh! monster Desperado Barrel Dragon also comes under fire, as does anyone who goes near his many guns.

So if you're playing Pokémon this weekend, remember to stay safe out there. There are apparently a lot of dangerous Pokémon in Galar and beyond, ready to bring toxicity into your life.

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