All The Pokémon Types, Ranked

From Generation I to Generation VI, only three more Pokémon types have been added to the roster: Dark, Steel, and Fairy. But since the beginning, not all types were created equal. Despite the Pokémon Company’s best efforts, some types remain overpowered based on stats and effectiveness and resistance towards other types... and maybe on how cool or cute thePokémon in a type family tend to be.

Here are all Pokémon types, ranked.

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18 Bug

This should really go without much explanation. Bug-type Pokémon have the weakest stats out of any other Pokémon type and are weak to the types you usually start with by the beginning of the game, typically Fire and/or Flying. Adding insult to injury, the Bug Gyms are always among the first 3 that you battle. Let’s be real, Aaron was a welcome break in Sinnoh’s Elite Four.

17 Rock

Sorry, Rock-type, but you’re basically a worse version of Ground. Overall, Rock-types tend to have somewhat high Attack and Defense stats with very low Speed, making them the team tank. But aside from Grass-types, Rock has the most type disadvantages: Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, and Water.

16 Normal

Normal-types can be really fun to battle with, if only for the fact that a Linoone can learn Surf and surprise the competition. But shock factor aside, Normal-types don’t offer any particular advantages or disadvantages. 

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That would fine if there were more than a handful of Normal-type Pokémon that could hold their own in a competitive battle. Seriously, the legacy of the Normal-types rides on the back of Slaking.

15 Dark

Famous as one of the Generation II balancing types, Dark was originally added to counteract how powerful Psychic-types were. Completely immune to Psychic moves and super effective against Pokémon of that type, Dark types have remained largely unchanged through the games’ history. There’s nothing particularly advantageous or disadvantageous, but most of the time, you can get another Pokémon to learn a Dark-type move to round out the team.

14 Poison

Typically introduced sometime early in gameplay, Poison-types are the 8th most common type in the Pokémon games. It’s typically paired up with either Grass or Bug-type. Probably the most effective way to use Poison-type moves is through status infliction. A Poison-type Pokémon that knows Toxic will never miss its target and also is immune to being Poisoned. Other than that, Poison doesn’t offer any more strategic advantages. Steel is completely immune to Poison while Ground, Rock, Ghost, and Poison (yes, its own type) are resistant.

13 Steel

Immune to sandstorms and with great Attack and Defense stats, Steel can be considered somewhat overpowered. Thankfully, it’s not immune to Dark or Ghost-type moves anymore. 

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What makes it great is that more than half of all existing types only do ½ damage to pure Steel-types. Also, no Steel-type Pokémon can be poisoned. But when you land a super effective Special move, you land it.

12 Flying

Early in-game, Flying-types are generally a good addition if you skipped out on the Fire starter. Good against Grass, Bug, and Fighting, you’ve pretty much covered your early Gym basics. Overall, the type has pretty balanced stats. As the third most common type in the Pokedex, you’ll be hard pressed not to have one on your team at some point. Flying-types are also immune to almost all entry hazards, barring Stealth Rock.

11 Ground

It still feels unfair that Ground doesn’t make it into the top 10, but there’s a reason. Ground-types work well as the team tanks, due to high Defense and Attack stats. The biggest draw to this type is their immunity to Electric-type moves, but that’s balanced out by their inability to hit any Flying-type or a Pokémon with the Levitate ability. The biggest drawback is honestly the Water and Grass weakness, given how that’s literally ⅔ of every game’s starter Pokémon lineup.

10 Ice

As a strong offensive type, Ice deals major damage to Flying, Grass, Ground, and most importantly, Dragon. However, there’s a significant drawback: Ice only resists itself. 

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Every other type does the normal amount of damage, which ties it with Normal as the least-resistant type ever. As the rarest Pokémon type, it’s likely not one you’re likely to face a lot.

9 Fighting

With the highest Attack stat of any type, Fighting-types with high Attack and Speed can be deadly foes. Strong against Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, and Steel, they only tie with Ground-types for the most amount of types they’re able to be super effective against. Additionally, most Fighting-type Pokémon can learn Rock moves, which helps check their Flying weakness. Two of the best dual types to have are Fighting/Ghost and Fighting/Steel.

8 Fairy

As the newest addition to the pack, Fairy was bound to be some flavor of overpowered. Created to help balance out Dragon-types, Fairy-types are endowed with high Sp. Atk and Sp. Def stats. In fact, they have the highest average Sp. Def stat out of all the other Pokémon types. However, they do have a low Attack stat, which doesn’t bode well for the pre-existing Pokémon that were converted to a Fairy-type.

7 Ghost

Don’t underestimate the power of Ghost-types. Immune to both Normal and Fighting moves and having only two type weaknesses, it can give even Dragon-type a run for its money. Since Steel-types lost their resistance to Ghost-types, the only bad matchup against Ghost is another Ghost-type or Dark-type. 

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Probably the biggest weakness lies in the stats. Ghost isn’t particularly strong in any Attack or Defense stat and really, the best Ghost-type to use offensively is the Ghost/Fighting dual-type Marshadow.

6 Grass

Here we go, our first starter type! The Grass-type starters have a reputation of being the weakest out of the three and unfortunately, it’s true. Weak to 5 other types - Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice, and Poison - it doesn’t make for a fantastic defensive Pokémon. However, Grass has some other advantages that other types don’t. They’re immune to powder and spore moves and they have a good handful status moves that give them good boosts, such as Flower Shield and Grassy Terrain.

5 Electric

With literally one weakness and a high Sp. Atk stat, Electric-types are wonderful and could take the place of a Grass-type if your team has a Water-type already. Though they don’t deal any damage to Ground-types, being super effective against Flying and Water are almost enough. And if a pure Electric-type Pokémon has the ability Levitate, it has no weaknesses. Such a Pokémon does exist, in the form of Generation V’s Eelektross.

4 Psychic

The type with the original balancing issue! In Generation I, Psychic-types were incredibly overpowered, leading to the inclusion of Dark and Steel-types. 

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Psychic doesn’t affect Dark, but even then, there’s a workaround through the status move Miracle Eye. Generally, they have high Sp. Atk and Def stats, so the best way to take them down are physical Dark, Bug, or Ghost-type moves.

3 Dragon

Staking its claim as the most overpowered Pokémon type, Dragon earns a spot in the top three. For this one, it really comes down to high base stats, being the overall highest of any type. Resistant to all the starter types, Dragon-types are almost unfair to even have. Thankfully, most Dragon-types are dual-types, adding to some of their weaknesses. And Dragon is only super effective against Dragon, making them a little easier to handle. But dang, that resistance...

2 Fire

It only took until Generation VI for Fire moves to thaw frozen Pokémon, no big deal. But in all seriousness, Fire has more advantages than disadvantages. Though weak to Water, Ground, and Rock, most Fire-type Pokémon can learn Solar Beam to combat them. Being one of the three starters, they’re easy to get ahold of early on and prove to be a good choice against any early Grass or Bug Gym, or even good down the line for the Ice Gyms that exist.

1 Water

With only two weaknesses and balanced stats, Water-types reign supreme. Many Water-types have highly advantageous secondary types that help nullify their Grass and/or Electric weakness, like Empoleon or Marshtomp. It’s the most common of all types, making it easily accessible, which is especially important when considering Dragon-types. Almost all Water-types can learn an Ice move.

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