Pokémon: 5 Unique Galar Pokémon (& 5 That Are Unoriginal)

Pokémon Sword & Shield is set to feature a lot of new Pokémon. some of them are totally original and exciting, and others are just more of the same.

Along a trainer's journey through the Galar region in Pokémon Sword & Shield, they'll come across new and interesting creatures that are native Galarian species. Some of these creatures are unlike anything seen before them, while others look like they trace their looks back to the Kanto region.

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Several of the Galar pokémon are unique takes on the animal kingdom, while others seem to lack any imagination or creativity. Let's now take a look at 5 Galar pokémon that are unique and 5 that lack any originality.

10 Unoriginal: Grookey

The world of Pokémon is no stranger to apes and monkeys. It also isn't a new concept for a monkey or ape-inspired pokémon to carry the grass-typing. Pansage was a grass monkey introduced in the 4th generation of games alongside fire and water-type monkeys.

Thankfully for Grookey, it happens to evolve into a cool-looking Gorilla, whereas Pansage simply turns into a slightly larger monkey. At the end of the day, Grookey isn't necessarily an original idea, but they made him his own thing with his evolutions.

9 Unique: Drednaw

Most people will be quick to point out that the series has already had a water-type turtle in Squirtle's evolutionary line, and even more specifically a water/rock dual-typing in Carracosta, but that doesn't mean Drednaw isn't unique.

It happens to be the first turtle that doesn't color match its primary typing as well as being the first quadrupedal water-type turtle pokémon. It also happens to change form and be able to Gigantamax in battle given the right circumstances in the Galar region.

8 Unoriginal: Cramorant

Cramorant simply looks like a bird that spends most of its time in the water due to its coloring. Outside of that it sports a simple water-typing and doesn't have anything in its design that makes it feel like it couldn't exist in real life.

These are the types of designs that can break a trainer's immersion in the world and are often the topic of discussion for lapsed or frustrated pokémon fans. It also happens to be this generation's creature that lacks any real or quantifiable intelligence.

7 Unique: Polteageist

One of the most common jokes leveraged at new pokémon generations as the years have gone on is the lack of originality due to inanimate objects now becoming living creatures.

Polteageist takes this premise and turns it on its head as it happens to be a ghoulish spirit that lives inside a teapot in very much the same way a hermit crab chooses a specific shell to reside in. It also happens to have an evolutionary item unique to only it which makes the process of acquiring a Polteageist feel special in its way.

6 Unoriginal: Gossifleur

One of the key things that will automatically mark a new pokémon as unoriginal is if it falls into the template designs that fans have become accustomed to seeing through multiple generations.

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By 2019 incoming trainers have come to know about the flower-inspired grass pokémon that evolves into something bulbous and adorable. Gossifleur serves that exact role in the Galar region, which depending on what part of the audience you are is either yawn-inducing or a direct line to familiarity and comfort.

5 Unique: Duraludon

As common a dual-typing as it would seem, Duraludon is the first non-legendary pokémon to sport the combination of both steel and dragon-typing. A simple glance at it would likely leave you puzzled as the shape of the pokémon is very rigid and architectural in design.

This was a purposeful decision as its Gigantamax form has Duraludon grow into a literal skyscraper on the battlefield. It's one of the pokémon worth catching a glance at when it comes to showing off what Gigantamaxing is capable of.

4 Unoriginal: Rookidee

Now, it's partially unfair to list Rookidee considering it does eventually evolve into a unique looking bird pokémon which isn't an easy feat with the number of them roaming the land of Pokémon.

Rookidee falls into the category of a generational template as every new generation has a 3-stage bird evolution you can catch very early in the game. Rookidee takes no risks in its design as it takes on the all-to-familiar bulbous baby bird shape the franchise has overused time and time again.

3 Unique: Grimmsnarl

Grimmsnarl is the type of pokémon that isn't for everyone. Its design isn't necessarily cool or cute, but it is unique. The dark and fairy dual-type takes the troll inspirations to the next level with its sharp facial features and an abundance of hair coming out of every square inch of its body.

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Not only is it part of a 3-stage evolution starting with Impidimp, but it also is one of the creatures fortunate enough to have a Gigantamax form, the more powerful and effective version of dynamaxing.

2 Unoriginal: Morpeko

Morpeko, unfortunately, falls at the top of this list as the most unoriginal pokémon in the newest generation of games. Despite it having a form switching mechanic that's pretty neat, it happens to be the 8th generation's Pikachu-injected design.

With the release of every new generation of Pokémon games, trainers have noticed a pattern where each new pokédex and region will have a pokémon that has features eerily similar to that of the franchise's mega-popular mascot, Pikachu.

1 Unique: Toxtricity

Toxtricity tops this list simply because it sports a look and dual-typing the world of Pokémon has never seen before. The half-electric, half-poison dinosaur looking rockstar is the final evolution of an annoyed-looking baby dinosaur named Toxel.

Most poison-type pokémon tend to have designs that aren't necessarily cute or cool, but rather try to evoke a sense of malice or disease. Toxtricity is designed in a way that brings the often unused poison-typing into the limelight on a creature trainers want to build a bond with.

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