Pokémon: 10 Weird Spin-Offs You Completely Forgot Existed

There have been a bunch of spin-off titles for the Pokémon franchise. Here's a look at 10 of the absolute weirdest ones to see a release.

Considering that the Pokémon franchise is the highest-grossing media franchise of all time, there's bound to be plenty of different games, movies, and shows under its belt.

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While the series is primarily known for the mainline titles such as Red and Blue and Gold and Silver, there are plenty of other games that aren't nearly as well known by fans. Today, we're going to be looking at ten different Pokémon spin-off games. Let's get into it.

10 Magikarp Jump

One of the oddest spin-offs of the list is the mobile app Magikarp Jump. In this game you can collect different Magikarp (of varying colors and patterns) and train them, trying to make them jump as high as possible. Eventually, they'll win and/or retire and you'll catch a new Magikarp. That's just about all that there is to this game. There are little events that can happen and characters to meet, but there really isn't much to this basic game. Except for microtransactions. There are always those.

9 Pokémon Shuffle

Pokémon Shuffle is a match-3 puzzle game and, yeah, of course it is. These games run rampant in the app store, so it only makes sense that Pokémon would come out with its own variant of the genre. The game is still being updated with new events to this day and features all sorts of familiar Pokémon trappings such as abilities, Mega Evolution, and diamonds. You know diamonds, that thing that's super unique to the Pokémon series and totally wasn't just added in order to make an in-game currency that players could spend money on. Not at all. Love those diamonds.

8 Pokémon Rumble

Does anyone even know what Pokémon Rumble is? The series is clearly successful because there have been 17 entries but you never hear anyone talking about it. In the games, toyetic forms of our favorite Pokémon run about and attack other Pokémon probably. That really seems to be about it. The latest game in the series was released on mobile platforms, with previous titles releasing on Nintendo home and mobile consoles. The games are pretty basic, which is why they don't seem to have the biggest fanbases out there.

7 Pokémon Quest

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Speaking of basic, Pokémon Quest! This was the first-ever Pokémon game released on the Switch, and yes this is really what they thought was the best way to introduce the series to the Switch. In this game, your Minecraft Pokémon run around and complete the most boring battles as possible while you grow your camp to attract new Pokémon to it. There's absolutely nothing interesting going on in this game. The microtransactions in this one aren't even very egregious, what was the point of this game in the first place?

6 Pokémon Channel

What's better than playing a Pokémon game? Watching TV inside of a Pokémon game with a Pikachu. That's somehow what we came up with for this title. The GameCube was home to two amazing Pokémon RPGs (Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness) and this? Why?

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There's just... not really a reason for this game to exist? Pokémon has always been more experimental on home consoles than handhelds, but this seems to maybe be just a bit much experiment.

5 PokéPark

Everyone who has played the games in the PokéPark series seems to enjoy them fairly well. The two titles in the series are Wii games that are mainly minigame collections, with some adventure elements thrown in there as well. The titles also have actual stories to play through that seem to be enjoyable. The games are generally cute and fun games that Pokémon games that fans would find some fun in playing through, even if they aren't doing anything too special.

4 Dream Radar

The Dream Radar spin-off was released on the same day as Black and White 2, as a companion title for the games. The Dream Radar was an AR game in the same style as Pokémon GoIn it, you'll find various items, Pokémon, and legendaries that you can transfer over to the mainline games. You simply have to catch these Pokémon (and items) in the real world through the DS camera. There isn't a ton going on in this title, but it certainly is more competent than some of the other spin-off games on this list.

3 Detective Pikachu

Before Detective Pikachu was a hit movie, it was a 3DS game. Originally released only in Japan before releasing in the States a few years later, Detective Pikachu is an adventure game which sees Tim Goodman and Detective Pikachu working together to solve mysteries and find out what happened to Tim's dad, who had mysteriously disappeared. The game is pretty easy and somewhat short. The real charm comes in the storytelling and presentation of the Pokémon world in a way that fans had never seen it before. There is currently a sequel to the game in development for the Nintendo Switch, along with a sequel movie in the works. Detective Pikachu could very easily become a large franchise in its own right.

2 Pokémon Dash

One of the most boring games to ever carry the Pokémon moniker, Pokémon Dash has you using the DS stylus to guide Pokémon through checkpoints and that's it. There is literally nothing else going on in this game. If you're looking for a fun Pokémon spin-off game, there are plenty on this list to choose from. This is absolutely not the one to pick.

1 Pokémon Typing Adventure

On the complete other end of the spectrum of DS Pokémon titles is Pokémon Typing Adventure. This game uses Pokémon to teach kids how to type, you know, the usual things that people are typing. Words like Wigglytuff and Starmie, everyday words. This game was bafflingly released on the DS rather than the computer, and came bundled with its own very small keyboard that could attach to the DS. Why, why not on the computer? This is a very strange entry into the Pokémon series, and, well it certainly is a typing adventure, so you could say it does what it sets out to.

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