Horrifying: 15 Pokémon You NEVER Want To Run Into

Pokémon are cute and adorable; I think we are all perfectly aware of that. From the series’ marquee mascot, Pikachu, to its intended mascot, Clefairy. Growing up with the series’ it’s pretty easy to overlook some of the more gruesome and terrifying aspects of the popular series, but after growing up a little bit the more “not-so-child-friendly” parts of the game start to become a little clearer.

While there is no shortage of popular fan theories and even events that can be pieced together by small bits of info found from around the regions, that’s not the horror I’m referring to. No, I’m referring to the more everyday threats that seem too numerous to ever feel safe going outside.

The most obvious place to find the most frightening facts on the universe is the pocket-sized Pokémon database, the Pokédex. Upon looking at some of your favorite fighters within the world, it quickly becomes obvious that there was a lot of things going way over your head. As it turns out, many of the happy-go-lucky creatures would love nothing more than to rip your face off or eat your soul.

Yea, there is a lot going on in the brightly colored regions. From Kanto all the way to Alola, ever generation has its share of murderous furry friends. Be prepared for the harsh reality of living in the world of Pokémon. It isn’t for the faint of heart. For real, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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15 Melting Its Prey

via: shandria.deviantart.com

Sliggoo has it hard in life and must really suffer from horrible loneliness issues. Having the ability to spray incredibly corrosive mucous is a fantastic defense mechanism and a great way to make your food edible when your toothless as they are. However, trainers probably want to think twice about raising one.

As Sliggoo’s Pokémon Sun Pokédex entry states: “It has a hard time drawing a line between friends and food. It will calmly try to melt and eat even those it gets along well with.” Imagine enjoying a calm day training your Pokémon and the next thing you know one of them is literally melting you alive because it doesn’t know any better. There aren’t many worse ways to go.

14 You Wouldn't Want To Run Into Him In The Dark

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Since Gen. 1, Gengar has been the premier Ghost type in the series. He hasn’t lost any popularity over the 21 years since Pokémon Red and Green were released. He has a few pretty terrifying entries but the worst are from Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon.

Pokémon Moon states “Should you feel yourself attacked by a sudden chill, it is evidence of an approaching Gengar. There is no escaping it. Give up.” If that wasn’t enough for you then take a look at what Pokémon Sun says: “It apparently wishes for a traveling companion. Since it was once human itself, it tries to create one by taking the lives of other humans.” So pretty much no matter what you read about Gengar, he seems to be nowhere near as jolly as he appears.

13 Don't Let Its Cute Exterior Fool You


There are many mysteries within the world of Pokémon. One very large mystery comes in the form of the Gen. 7 Pokémon Mimikyu. This creature is mysterious in many ways and it’s also very sad. According to its Pokémon Sun Pokédex entry, “Its actual appearance is unknown. A scholar who saw what was under its rag was overwhelmed by terror and died from the shock.”

First of all, they must have horrible lives since they have to disguise themselves just to get close to people without killing them. Secondly, this creature is so horrifying that a mere glimpse of it is so terrifying it will literally kill you. I want you to really take that in for a second. There is nothing on this earth that is that horrible looking so it’s even pretty difficult to imagine. It’s sad but I wouldn’t get anywhere near that thing.

12 So That's How Mummies Are Made

via: DeviantArt (Furezet)

This possessed sarcophagus is one unique Pokémon, and that’s saying something in a world where you can fight using a living key chain. However, as it seems to be the theme with this universe, it still a Ghost type Pokémon which means it will gladly kill you without a second thought.

According to its Pokédex entry from Pokémon X, “It has been said that they swallow those who get too close and turn them into mummies. They like to eat gold nuggets.” Taking its non-threatening gold diet aside, the horror of being grabbed and pulled into a coffin never to be released in one of the most horrifying things imaginable. And while we are talking about this evolution chain…

11  A Perfect Likeness

via: nitefise.deviantart.com

The pre-evolutionary form of the previously mentioned Cofagrigus, Yamask is frightening in its own right. While it may not be threatening to its trainer or to anyone else, reading it Pokédex entry from Pokémon Alpha Sapphire will create quite the horror-filled shiver down your spine.

It reads, “Each of them carries a mask that used to be its face when it was human. Sometimes they look at it and cry.” Not only is that horrifically sad and depressing but haunting. Think about it. This Pokémon used to be a human being, and instead of moving on became a ghost who now spends the rest of his days fighting for some 10-year-old and being forced to stare at what was once the face you wore every day.

10 Watch Out For Those Teeth

via: little-ampharos.deviantart.com

To break up the seemingly unending slew of violent Ghost types you have been reading about, I present to you the Gen. 3 Ice type Glalie. This aggressive ball of ice can be found in freezing climates and hopefully you never run into one.

According to the Pokédex entry in Pokémon Sapphire: “Glalie has the ability to freely control ice. For example, it can instantly freeze its foe solid. After immobilizing its foe in ice, this Pokémon enjoys eating it in leisurely fashion.” Just like many other Pokémon on this list, Glalie would revel in eating you alive, very slowly. This isn’t the side of Pokémon that seems to be popularized within the mainstream games of the series.

9 No Child Is Safe

via: pokemon.wikia.com

Of course, who would actually be afraid of a floating red orb of light contained within a skull and black withering husk? Well, probably everybody. And it is beyond evident through Duskull’s numerous Pokédex entries throughout the years.

First off, we have its Pokémon HeartGold entry which states: “If it finds bad children who won't listen to their parents, it will spirit them away--or so it's said.” Then we have the creepy entry from Pokémon Platinum: “It loves the crying of children. It startles bad kids by passing through walls and making them cry.”

If that wasn’t enough for you then look at its Pokémon Omega Ruby entry: “Duskull can pass through any wall no matter how thick it may be. Once this Pokémon chooses a target, it will doggedly pursue the intended victim until the break of dawn.” This is one severely messed up creature.

8 This Ain't Toy Story

Via: Zerochan

Any of you guys ever see the movie Chucky? Well, apparently the developers of Pokémon did and decided that Chucky deserved a fresh coat of paint and needed to be thrown into the wild world of Pokémon. Thus, Banette was born. This vengeful marionette is haunting to say the least and you will understand why after reading its Pokémon Black 2 entry.

The entry states, “A doll that became a Pokémon over its grudge of being thrown away. It seeks the child who disowned it.” So, this doll was so angry it developed its own consciousness with the sole purpose of finding and murdering the child that tossed it. That’s some seriously dark crap right there.

7 Grab Hold...

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What could be more fun a living balloon that can play with you? How about one that has been known to kidnap children and make sure they are never seen again? As its Pokémon Sun entry states: “Stories go that it grabs the hands of small children and drags them away to the afterlife. It dislikes heavy children.” And it’s even got ridiculously superficial standards; not cool, bro.

But imagine the horror if its Pokémon Moon entry, which states “If for some reason its body bursts, its soul spills out with a screaming sound,” happened right in front of you. Imagine seeing a living creature not only die, but hearing its SOUL scream out as it leaves its body. That’s the kind of stuff that creates the need for therapy.

6 Maybe You Should Avoid Hospitals, Too...

via: deviantart.com (terraterracotta)

The 5th generation Ghost/Fire is pretty elegant as far as Pokémon go. This unforgiving pocket monster has a very steady diet of; no surprise here; human souls. Not only do Lampent feed on the souls of the very recently deceased, but they can even sense when someone is going to pass.

As its Pokédex entries in Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2 state: “The spirits it absorbs fuel its baleful fire. It hangs around hospitals waiting for people to pass on.” So, if you see one waiting around you better start making peace with those in your life, because your days numbered. You will also be aware that your soul will be devoured as soon as you pass. These Ghost types don’t play around.

5 Crushing Death

via: archive.nyafuu.org

Tall, adorable, and strong enough to crush a tree, Bewear is quite the misleading creature. At first you would probably think he nothing more than a gentle and cuddly teddy bear, you would be very wrong. According to Bewear’s Pokédex entry from Pokémon Moon: “This Pokémon has the habit of hugging its companions. Many Trainers have left this world after their spines were squashed by its hug.”

The final thing its trainers ever see is its smiling face looking at you as it unwittingly crushes the life out of you and happily watches the light leave your eyes. This is some dark and grim stuff here. His joyous demeanor is so freaking misleading. No thank you, I’ll keep my spine intact.

4 This Is Why You Shouldn't Go Mountaineering

via: endless-whispers.deviantart.com

Many of the Pocket Monsters of the popular series are heavily inspired by ancient legends. Froslass is no exception to this. The 4th generation Ice/Ghost type Pokémon was inspired by the Japanese legend of the Yuki-onna, the vengeful spirit of a woman who died in the snow.

As stated by its Pokédex entry in Pokémon Moon, “The soul of a woman lost on a snowy mountain possessed an icicle, becoming this Pokémon. The food it most relishes is the souls of men.” The fact that this Pokémon stems from legend only furthers the horror of it. Especially when you think a calm stroll through the snow could end with you having your soul eaten by a seemingly serene Pokémon.

3 The Dream Eater

via: mallary.deviantart.com

The one place that every person should always feel safe is in their own home, especially inside their own bed. Now read this Pokémon Emerald entry for Drowzee: “If your nose becomes itchy while you are sleeping, it's a sure sign that a Drowzee is standing above your pillow and trying to eat your dream through your nostrils.”

This violates so many rules of personal space it’s not even funny. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to find some fat little bi-pedal psychic pig-elephant sitting over you literally sucking the dreams out of your head. You would never sleep comfortably again. That level of security is right out the window once you see a creature that close to you that you almost die of a heart attack in the middle of the night.

2 Once You Die, You Become... A Stump?

via: dragonasis.deviantart.com

So, it definitely seems like there’s a trend within the universe where the most horrifying Pokémon are definitely the Ghost types. And in sticking with that theme we have yet another Ghost-type whose absolutely bone-chilling to think about.

Phantump looks adorable as a floating little tree stump, until you take the time read his Pokédex entry in Pokémon Y. It terrifyingly states that “According to old tales, these Pokémon are stumps possessed by the spirits of children who died while lost in the forest.” If you’re looking for something utterly grim you don’t need to look much further than dead children possessing woodland backdrops. That’s definitely some heavy stuff and it may be a little too much for some people to truly take in.

1 Don't Let The Kids Near This One

via: pokemon.wikia.com

It’s all fun and games at the beach until somebody ends up a dried-up husk under a haunted sandcastle Pokémon. This seemingly adorable and harmless sandcastle Pokémon is perhaps one of the most horrifying Pocket Monsters in the world.

The Pokédex entry for Palossand in Pokémon Moon reads as follows: “Buried beneath the castle are masses of dried up bones from those whose vitality it has drained”.

Uhhhh what… this is still a kid’s game, right? There are a lot of really dark Pokédex entries throughout the series but this definitely takes the cake. The horrifying image that comes to mind of a literal pile of human remains at the beach buried just beneath where children go to play. Game Freak needs to take a nice long look at themselves next time, they need to work some personal things out before they start working on Gen. 8.

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