Popular Pokémon YouTubers Accused Of Being Sexual Predators

Four popular figures involved with the Pokémon YouTube scene have been accused of sexual predation by a number of alleged victims. At this time, 12 different people have come forward with claims against Nathan "Dekadurr" Putnam, Kyle "TheKingNappy" McNeal, "Mudkip Mama," and "Mizumi."

Putnam, McNeal, and Mudkip Mama were all part of the same group and often collaborated on streams and events. They were considered an influential and exclusive group among the Pokémon community, and the accusers say the YouTubers used that influence to pressure underage and barely legal Pokémon fans into unwanted sexual situations.

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The first alleged victim, a 19-year-old student who goes by Sylveon, published a video last week accusing Putnam of pressuring her to send nude pictures when she was 15 years old. Sylveon told Kotaku that Putnam, who makes graphics for several YouTubers with large followings, continually pressured her for = pictures after they started talking, and she eventually caved because of his work in the community.

Sylveon cannot corroborate her story because, as she says, the messages from Putnam are on an old phone, and she has no proof of her age at the time. However, three additional women have come forward with claims that Putnam also pressured them for photos when they were underage.

Soon after, several people also came forward with claims against McNeal, a YouTuber with over 500,000 subscribers. One of the accusers, Callum, says that McNeal pressured him into a relationship when Callum was 16 and McNeal was 21. Callum also said that, when he made it clear that he wasn't comfortable dating McNeal, the YouTuber cut him off completely and isolated him from their mutual friend group.

McNeal has tried to clear the air regarding his relationship with Callum, but has been mostly unsuccessful. In a statement to Kotaku, he said the situation was not "black and white" and that he has tried to explain what happened from his own perspective. McNeal has stated that he thought the relationship was consensual, and that he apologizes "to all those involved."

Allegations against Mudkip Mama surfaced at around the same time. The 30-year-old YouTuber has been accused of pressuring another, underage YouTuber into sexual contact offline and trapping him in a bathroom while she tried to kiss him. She has also admitted to "dating" a subscriber who was under 18, but claims she was unaware that they were a minor.

Mizumi, a YouTuber who is famous for modding Nintendo games and operated separately from the group, has been accused around the same time. Two women have said that he pressured them into sending nude photos when they were underage by implying that he would harm himself if they didn't.

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