The Pokérap With All Of Sword & Shield's Cuts Is... A Lot Shorter

Crying Pikachu

Someone took the Pokérap and removed all the Pokémon that didn’t make the cut for Sword & Shield. It’s a lot shorter than you remember it.

We’ve known for a while now that Sword & Shield will be the first generation that no longer includes every Pokémon from previous generations. For the first time in Pokémon history, some ‘mons will be culled from the ever-growing encyclopedia of Pokémon.

Actually, a lot of them didn’t make the cut.

According to a recent leak on the form site ResetEra, a majority of previous-gen Pokémon will not be included in Sword & Shield, with many of them being cut from the heretofore sacrosanct first-gen. The leak indicates that just 54 Pokémon from the original Red & Blue will make it to Sword & Shield.

Pokémon fans were upset when they heard about Gamefreak’s plan to remove Pokémon from the next-gen game, but the amount of ‘mons that have been Thanos-snapped out of existence has gotten them outright angry. So angry that one of them decided to remake the original Pokérap by taking out all the Pokémon that won’t appear in Sword & Shield as a sort of protest song.

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As you’d expect, it’s a lot shorter. Like, a full minute shorter. And it’s less of a rap and more of a ballad.

We have YouTube user TooManyLuigis64 to thank for meticulously removing every unseen Pokémon from the Pokérap. Omissions are made all the more glaring by how quickly the rapper moves from verse to verse. At the end, the only Pokémon mentioned is Charmander before the song abruptly ends

And there's also the part where they take out the "150" line and replaces it with "54.”

Longtime Pokémon fans are so upset that there is even a movement to boycott Sword & Shield in protest. Perhaps those fans can even use this video by broadcasting it outside of Gamefreak’s offices. Food for thought.

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