Pokimane Finally Beats 'Getting Over It'

In a show of determination and skill, popular Twitch streamer Imane “Pokimane” Anys finally completed Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy. The game is known as a ridiculously difficult platformer developed by Bennett Foddy, and Pokimane celebrated following its completion, though she did not appear to know that she was at the end until the in-game message appeared.

Getting Over It is simple in its premise, whereby a man named Diogenes resides inside of a large metal cauldron and holds onto a Yosemite hammer, which a player uses to grip objects for movement. Using the mouse, a player works to move the man’s upper body and sledgehammer to climb a steep mountain.

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Despite being straightforward in concept, the game’s mechanics are frustrating, and the game is difficult to defeat. Following a two-hour stream on September 15, Pokimane surpassed the final climb of a radio tower, followed by a brief moment of confusion as the physics of the world were broken and the man begins floating upwards into space, where a message is relayed to the player that they have reached the end, and appears to be a heartfelt entry by the developer, which reads, “I dedicate this game to you, the ones who made it this far. I give it to you with all my love.”

Following the completion of the game, Pokimane seemed genuinely surprised, saying, “Did I do it? I literally thought I would never beat this game!”

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Afterward, she continued by celebrating with her community in the chat, saying, “I’m really glad we didn’t look up any speed runs or tutorials, it feels so rewarding to have beat it on my own. I mean, with some tips and tricks from you all, but feels freaking great man. Feels great man!”

The completion of the game is another notch that Pokimane’s can add to the broad range of titles that she excels at. The streamer is known for playing a variety of games including League of Legends and Fortnite, two highly popular games that are often at the forefront of esports and gaming news. Watching her stream and charismatic performance showcases why she is so popular on Twitch, and her humble attitude was evident in 2018 after winning Twitch Streamer of the Year at the Shorty Awards.

If Pokimane wants to build on the idea of playing ridiculously hard games, perhaps she should go retro and pick up Ghosts ‘n Goblins!

Source: Dexerto.com

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