No, Pokimane Isn't Going To Send You Any Bath Water

Pokimane has kindly requested that her followers stop asking for her bath water.

Pokimane has tweeted a rather odd statement, asking her followers to stop asking for her bath water. While the tweet seems odd out of context, there are reasons to believe both that it was made as a joke, or it's earnest, considering the events that have unfolded with Belle Delphine, a 19-year-old Instagram model.

For the unfamiliar, Delphine has nearly 4,000 Patreon subscribers. She spends most of her time cosplaying various characters from video games, offering content on Snapchat, and posting videos on YouTube that often feature a dead octopus.

Her persona is that of a ‚Äúgamer girl‚ÄĚ, which upon closer inspection seems to be satirical - at least in part. A similar comparison could be made to Guy Beahm, who plays the persona of Dr DisRespect, a hyper-masculine gamer sporting an outfit made to replicate most '80s macho clich√©s, but that is clearly a creation meant for an audience and not representative of Guy himself. There's also a similarity to Showry, a Korean comedian known for gross-out send-ups of streamers.

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The issue with Delphine began only recently, when she posted her used bath water for sale on her store page. Priced at $30 a pop, the jars sold out quickly. Those looking to have their very own water in a jar, which may or may not actually be bath water, have had to turn to secondary markets on eBay and other listing sites.

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Gamerant has pointed out that there may be a potential for legal issues down the road, but only regarding the unlicensed use of intellectual property. If one takes a close look at the image on top of the jar, it is both of an Xbox controller complete with logo and the name of D.Va from Blizzard’s Overwatch, which Delphine has cosplayed previously.

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There can be no mistaking the intention of Delphine’s Instagram account either, as it is filled with NSFW content, wearing items relating to certain female video game characters in a sexualized manner. It would be surprising if future sales of bath water jars are not met with letters from both Microsoft and Blizzard to cease using their official logos.

Otherwise, it seems to be business as usual in the world of Instagrammers. One may consider the selling of bath water to be only for those who are detached from reality, but this writer is far more liberal in saying, ‚ÄúWhatever floats your boat‚ÄĚ.

For now, Pokimane remains steadfast by insisting that she will not be selling bathwater in the near future.

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