• Pokimane has tweeted a rather odd statement, asking her followers to stop asking for her bath water 1 / 9

  • While the tweet seems odd, there are both reasons to believe that it was made as a joke, or earnestly 2 / 9

  • For the unfamiliar, Delphine has nearly 4,000 Patreon supports and spends most of her time cosplaying various characters from video games 3 / 9

  • Her persona seems to be that of a “gamer girl”, which upon close inspection seems to be satirical, at least in some part 4 / 9

  • A similar comparison could be made to Guy Beahm, who plays the persona of Dr DisRespect, a hyper masculine gamer act 5 / 9

  • The issue with Delphine began only recently when she posted her used bath water for sale on her store page, priced at $30 per jar 6 / 9

  • These items sold out quickly, and those seeking to have their very own water in a jar, which may or may not have been bath water 7 / 9

  • For now, Pokimane remains steadfast by insisting that she will not be selling bathwater in the near future. 8 / 9

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