Pokimane Partners with LG UltraGear + Twitch For Ultimate Female Gamer Squad Stream

LG UltraGear and Twitch will be joining forces to create the ultimate esports stream with an all-female squad.

On Wednesday, November 20, LG UltraGear and Twitch will be joining forces to create the ultimate esports stream with an all-female squad, featuring Imane “Pokimane” Anys, one of the most influential female voices on Twitch today and also one of the biggest streamers on the platform to lead the squad for this activation.

Twitch allows diverse users to create communities that are authentic to them because, anyone, regardless of gender, can enjoy games. With the help of LG’s latest UltraGear gaming monitor, the world's first Nano IPS monitor with 1ms response rate, Pokimane has asked fellow popular female streamers, Celine “Starsmitten” Cheung, Angela “AriaSaki” Don, and Alena “AngelsKimi” Kim, to be a part of the stream to showcase a series of ultimate multiplayer online battle arena games on the Twitch Homepage. These will incorporate the immersive Squad Stream function, interacting with party viewers and dropping “sub-bombs” throughout the event.

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The exact list of games that the squad will play has not been released, but the most popular MOBA titles on stream are League of Legends and Dota 2, either of those would be a reasonable guess for what we will see.

Partnering with Pokimane is no surprise given how prevalent the streamer is on Twitch with 3.1 million followers alongside 7.6 million hours of content watched. She plays a variety of games including Teamfight Tactics, Fortnite and Minecraft, to name a few.

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Pokimane's popularity continues to grow, and there is no shortage of acts to point to that support her ongoing rise within the Twitch community. Recently at the conclusion of TwitchCon 2019, Pokimane informed her followers via Twitter that she had rented out a local pizza restaurant and was hosting a party as a thank you to all of her fans. The line quickly grew as news spread, but in the end the gathering was friendly and wholesome.

Pokimane is also serious about gaming, and often more than willing to devote herself to a game in order to grow in skill. Recently she completed Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, which is a game known for being unnecessarily frustrating in its mechanics, and completing it showed a level of determination that many streamers simply do not have.

Viewers are sure to be in for a great show on November 20, and the all-female squad will be front and center on the Twitch Homepage!

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