Pokimane Confronted By "Police" During Stream

Popular streamer Pokimane got a surprise while streaming when two men in officer uniforms entered her room and questioned her.

Twitch and Youtube streamer Imane Anys, better known by her online alias Pokimane, was in for a surprise when the "police" unexpectedly showed up at her house while streaming Portal 2 on Twitch. Thankfully, the streamer wasn't in any serious trouble as the incident turned out to be a harmless prank set up by a friend.

The incident occurred on September 23 while the streamer was playing Portal 2. At around the 28-minute mark of the three and a half-hour stream, two figures are seen entering Poki's bedroom before proceeding to knock on her door. The streamer was caught off guard by this sudden intrusion when one of the "officers" greets her with "good afternoon, ma'am."

The confused streamer then inquired about the nature of their visit, to which the officer responded that they had received a noise complaint. Poki swiftly apologized before one of the officers asks if she had a permit to be filming in her bedroom. Before she can respond, a voice on a megaphone can be heard, "Cut! Can we cut there? Okay, thank you!" That's when Poki's friend entered her room, revealing that the heart-stopping moment was only a prank.

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"I--? OH MY GOD!" The streamer exclaimed as her friend entered the room and the officers burst into laughter. She then proceeds to fix her camera angle so viewers can get a good look at the perpetrators.

A relieved Poki exclaims, "I was, like, please not a swatting!" While playfully swatting her friend's leg, Poki noticed that the officers were laughing their heads off. "They're laughing harder than you are!"

Despite the surprising occurrence, the streamer seemingly took the encounter with stride, saying, "I was, like, 'This is either a prank or am I actually in trouble. Either way, just comply, just comply.'"

The prank seemed benign but, as some in the gaming community can attest, swatting incidents -- real or not -- can have serious implications. Perhaps one of the most notorious swatting disasters occurred early last year when Andrew Finch, a man unconnected to the situation, was shot by police officers when the intended target of a swatting gave the prankster Finch's address instead of his own. The quarrel between the two gamers was over a $1.50 Call of Duty bet.

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