10 Of The Most Polarizing Games Ever Released

Popular games are often pretty polarizing, but these 10 releases have proven to be some of the most divisive titles of all time.

Most gamers have their favorites; whether it’s a preferred genre, franchise,  or even a specific title, many of us have a game which we always come back to. Certain games also naturally have more re-playability options, especially open world or sandbox titles. However, for every gamer who spends hours playing sports or simulation games, there’s another who can’t stand them.

Certain genres and games just seem to have the love it or hate it factor. For these titles, it’s rare to find people who think they are just mediocre. Often, opinions are completely polarized, with players falling firmly into one camp or the other. Here are 10 of those video games that players either love or hate.

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10 Just Dance

Ubisoft Proud To Still Develop For The Wii

The Just Dance franchise is an incredibly popular series of rhythm games which have been around since 2009. They are motion-based and involve players dancing in sync with the actors on screen, using controllers of cameras to track their movements.

Fans of the game love the interactivity, choreography, and the chance to show off their moves, as well as the feeling of enjoying some exercise. Critics tend to hate the game for all the same reasons. Usually, they prefer their games to involve far less effort and be much less upbeat. The games also tend to change very little with each relive, granting them a bit of a Madden or Call of Duty syndrome.

9 FIFA 19

Sports games are generally love-them-or-hate-them titles. For fans of the sports in real life, they can be an amazing chance to be part of the game. Play as your favorite team, direct the play, score the goals. What’s not to love?

For critics, the main gripes are usually that they either hate the sport and have no interest in anything based on it, or they feel sports are best played on an actual pitch, not with a controller. The similarities between different versions of the franchise is another negative from those who aren’t football crazy.

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8 The Sims 4

The Sims 4’s greatest strength is also its greatest weakness; while it has careers to master, money to earn, and events to attend, at its core, it’s a sandbox game. There are different things to achieve and ways to play, but there is very little structure to it all.

For fans, this is the beauty of the franchise. It’s a world in which they can tell whatever stories they desire, free from limitations and with the ability to build whatever they can imagine. Critics, meanwhile, struggle to enjoy a game which has such random tasks and no end goal to aim for.

7 Fortnite

Fortnite Battle Royale has taken the gaming world by storm. Like many incredibly popular games, it has a crowd of haters to go alongside the legions of fans. The game is very popular amongst younger gamers, in particular, with many attracted by the games quirky graphics and fast-paced gameplay, as well as the fact that it’s free to play.

The design style and young fan base are also some of the most commonly stated reasons to stay away from the game, which also has a premium shooter-survival mode called Fortnite: Save The World.

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6 Professor Layton Curious Village

Professor Layton is a puzzle adventure series which has spawned 7 main titles. The games tell a story as players progress through a series of puzzles. While not all of them have to be solved, some are mandatory, and certain content is gated by requiring a minimum number of problems solved.

Fans of the series find the puzzles engaging and enjoyable, while critics find them difficult and frustrating. Puzzle games are always an acquired taste, and Professor Layton appears to be one of the more polarizing puzzle franchises.

5 Grand Theft Auto V

The controversial action-adventure series includes a large amount of adult orientated content. Its fans love the open world, crazy missions, and the ability to explore some very mature themes. The series allows you to get involved with crazy adventures of which you’d never dream in real life.

For those who hate the game, it's usually the adult content which turns them away. They have no desire to explore the seedy city or live a life of crime and debauchery. The very basic themes of the franchise are, by nature, extremely polarizing.

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4 Minecraft

Another sandbox game, Minecraft has even less structure than other games of its type. There are virtually no goals at all apart from survival and a handful of monsters to defeat. The entire premise is that you mine and craft.

Often loved by kids and adults alike, this game very much splits opinion. Fans love the open-ended worlds, which continue to generate for hours on end, and the ability to use the resources given to create whatever you desire. Critics, however, hate all the same things, often struggling to enjoy a game with no goals and no real ending.

3 World of Warcraft

The MMORPG is not a game you can enjoy a little bit at a time. You’re either all in or all out. The fact it requires a monthly subscription is often a reason why critics stay away. The other reason commonly cited is that they know if they get in, they may not be able to get out.

The game has numerous quests to complete, huge worlds to explore, different classes to master, and raids to beat. There are also PVP options as well as other things such as pet battles. It’s a whole gigantic world which most people either love or won’t set foot in.

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2 Candy Crush

Candy Crush is an incredibly popular match 3 game. It’s become synonymous with people who play casual games on a casual basis, usually on their phone. The mobile game has a huge fan base who enjoy playing the game, often just in short bursts.

Critics usually consider it “boring”, or “not a proper game.” Most commonly, the distinction is not necessarily related to the game itself, but more the type of gamer that plays quick, simple mobile games. For those who hate it, just remember that you may hate the game, but don’t hate on the gamers.

1 Resident Evil 5

Many game critics love this long-standing third-person shooter franchise, with several titles racking up high scores on Metacritic. The Resident Evil series as a whole combines action-adventure and survival horror in a package which seems to delight or disgust.

For Resident Evil 5, in particular, some gamers have claimed that they either hate the storyline or don’t find it scary or appropriate for the series. Others love the titles and think they are well written, tense, and engaging games.

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