Poll Says Sony's Next Console Is Wanted More Right Now Than Microsoft Or Nintendo

When gamers were asked which company's next-gen console they are looking forward to the most, Sony was the clear winner.

It has been six years since the original versions of the current generations of consoles were released. That means they are, sadly, coming to the end of their cycles. Nothing has been officially announced quite yet, but rumors are rife when it comes to what's next for every major console company, especially Sony.

The PlayStation 5 (we're assuming that's what it will be called) is definitely in development, and rumor has it that we could have the console in our homes before the end of 2020. The rumored price point is also something to be hopeful about, as it seems it won't be much more expensive than the latest versions of the PS4 and Xbox One. That's likely why gamers seem to be far more excited about Sony's next offering above any other.

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IGN recently ran a poll asking which next-gen offering gamers are most excited to get their hands on. The options were Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Google. More than 40,000 votes were cast and more than half of those votes were for Sony and the PS5. 52.8%, to be exact. Microsoft came in second with 28.5%, Nintendo in third at 14.2%, and Google all the way at the bottom with just 4.4% of the votes.

via IGN

Despite finishing second, Microsoft should probably be the most worried by the results of this poll. The Xbox 360 won out over the PS3, but Sony has very much claimed back its crown via the PS4. This poll suggests that the paradigm will not shift as we move into the next generation. Since the Switch's cycle has only just begun, it's understandable why gamers aren't yet excited about what the gaming giant will be offering next.

Last but not least: Google. Google's Stadia will be available before any of its rivals offer up a new console. However, it will be the company's first real foray into the gaming world. With no previous experience in that arena, it's understandable why gamers aren't as excited for the Stadia above other upcoming consoles. Sony will be extremely pleased, and to be honest, we agree with the majority on this one.

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