Lost To Time: 10 Popular Arcade Games That Were Never Ported To Consoles

It's well known that people of all ages love and play video games. The more experienced  "retro" gamers have fond memories of shoving quarters into bulky arcade machines and playing the ultimate classics such as Galaga. However, technology soon caught up to the neighborhood arcades from the '80s and was replaced by convenient "consoles" bringing player's favorite games to their living rooms. Developers like Sega and Nintendo saw huge potential in this evolution to spite the limitations of home hardware, bringing greats such as Ms. Pac Man to avid fans. But some of these great games didn't make the transition even though being high celebrated.

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9 Scud Race

Scud Race, also known as Sega Super GT in North America, was released to demonstrate Sega's Model 3 hardware, boasting vivid, colorful scenery and super-fast rendering. However, to provide this fast pace, the developer sacrificed the opportunity for some killer graphics. In true arcade-style racing, players choose their difficulty level and compete against several dozen computer-controlled drivers in order to claim first place. Featuring four cars based on real-life ones, including the very iconic Porsche to the delight of sports car enthusiasts. Some consider a sequel to Daytona USA due to having the same controls and game engine.

8 Boogie Wings

Also known in Japan as The Great Ragtime Show, players control a young inventor/aviator as they fight the army of a vile professor. Players maneuver all sorts of automobiles and even animals to defeat mech-wielding scientists while mostly using a biplane with a hook attached to it. This is useful for dragging enemies and object to be used as wrecking balls. But it's not indestructible if shot down, players can continue to fight on foot. Although unclear of the setting, it seems to be modeled after World War 1 and the tale of the Red Baron.

7 I, Robot

I, Robot was the first game ever to feature camera control and 3D polygonal graphics. Players control "Unhappy Interface Robot #1984" who has become self-aware and wants to rebel. To advance through levels, players continuously destroy an ever watching giant eye by breaking down its shield first by hopping over red blocks, turning them blue. The challenge is to jump while the eye is closed or else be destroyed while also avoiding things like birds, bombs, and even flying sharks. There are 26 levels that get harder every repeat and only ends when players run out of lives.

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6 Mystic Warriors

Mystic Warriors: Wrath of the Ninjas is a side-scrolling shooting game released by Konami. Players fight to prevent the evil Skull Enterprises wicked ninja army from taking over the world. Choosing between five different characters, players fight enemies by throwing shuriken or close combat. Each stage advances by the boss of each level taking one of the five as hostage prompting the others to save them. This pattern continues until one of the ninjas sacrifice themselves for the others, saving the day. The remaining four then fight the remaining levels to avenge their friend.

5 The Outfoxies

The Outfoxies is a one-on-one arena-style battle royal reminiscent of Super Smash Bros. Choosing one among seven vastly different characters with a wide range of abilities. players can use epic weapons such as machine guns, rocket launchers, flame throwers, and even (oddly enough) hot soup to kill their opponent. Players will find it difficult to fight since the playing field often changes dramatically. One stage features a skyscraper that collapses as players fight through the debris. After the player has defeated all the other characters, they can finally fight the boss and win their freedom.

4 Blood Bros

A cowboy and an Indian team up to hunt down the most wanted outlaw in Dodge City. Their journey takes them through a variety of landscapes like towns and caverns before arriving at the treasure fortress.  With limitless ammo and a few sticks of dynamite, players must deplete the "enemy gauge" at the bottom of the screen to progress.  Defeating bomb-throwing convicts, armored wagons, and torch throwing horsemen, players then face an even more challenging boss while avoiding obstacles such as a trio of fire-breathing giant birds and dodging a speeding train.

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3 Cowboys of Moo Mesa

Cowboys of Moo Mesa was first made as a (now long forgotten) television series, then a book series but was still popular enough to have its own cereal. As an arcade game, however, it was a smash hit, even to this day having a dedicated fan page. Controlling one of four anthropomorphic cows (with hilariously bad cow-related pun character names). Set in the wild west, players use weapons and "stampede" through enemies. Unique to this game is the fact that each level features two bosses who are largely bizarre mash-up of cows with other things like a cow/spider type creature.

2 Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs was made based on its short-lived animated series released the same year. Its sequel was eventually made for Sega CD, but the base game was more popular but never crossed over. Players choose between four characters, each with their own set of strengths (like super speed). Set in the 26th century, a gang of poachers has hunted the dinosaurs to the point of desperation, attacking enemies and the innocent alike. The four set out to defeat these pillagers to restore order and peaceful cohabitation with the dinosaurs.

1 Golden Axe: Revenge of Death Adder

Golden Axe was extremely popular when released, encouraging several sequels ported to Sega Genesis. However, none seemed to beat the original until Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder. Heavily based on Conan the Barbarian, it's about the mythical weapon and its great power. Using this, players must defeat the evil Lord Death Adder once again (after being revived after being defeated last game). Players can choose one of four types of warriors (an Axe Battler, an Imp, a Centaur or a magic-wielding Giant) to defeat many kinds of enemies. One drawback of this game is how long it is, causing many bosses to repeat.

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