Bowsette Was Searched More Than Overwatch This Year According To Adult Site Data

The fan-created Bowsette was more popular than Overwatch characters, according to Pornhub search data.

The fan-created Bowsette - a horrifying fusion of Princess Peach and Bowser - has beaten even the popular ladies of Overwatch to the top of adult video searches in 2018, according to one site.

Bowsette left her mark on the internet in 2018 when fan art of her exploded across websites like DeviantArt and Twitter. It seemed like everyone had their own take on the female version of Bowser created by New Super Mario U Deluxe's Super Crown.

For those who scrubbed Bowsette from their memory, she was inspired by the trailer for New Super Mario U Deluxe, which revealed that Toadette could wear an item called the Super Crown that allowed her to transform into Princess Peach.

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An artist named Ayyk92 uploaded a picture to Twitter of what Bowser would look like if he wore the Super Crown, which resulted in a Bowser/Princess Peach fusion, later dubbed Bowsette.

The transformation of Bowsette into an attractive female had longer-lasting effects than we realized, as Pornhub revealed in their 2018 year in review that Bowsette was the most searched for video game character of the year, with a staggering 34.6 million searches - and she only appeared in September.

via: eurogamer.net

The top ten list is mostly dominated by Overwatch characters, yet Bowsette beat them all easily, with only Brigitte coming close with 4.8 million views, landing her in second place.

Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider series was the third most searched, followed by Mercy from Overwatch, Princess Zelda from The Legend of Zelda, Ashe from Overwatch, Mario (surprisingly) from the Super Mario Bros. series, Widowmaker from Overwatch, Calamity from Fortnite, and Tracer from Overwatch. 

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Mario's place in the top ten is pretty surprising, but his high placement may also have been inspired by Bowsette. This makes Mario the only male to break the top ten, meaning that he pushed out fan favorites like D. Va and Mei from Overwatch and even Princess Peach.

There was also further analysis performed on the Bowsette situation, with data suggesting that men were 342% more likely to search for Bowsette than women and that millennials were more likely to search for Bowsette than men who were over the age of thirty-five.

Nintendo has still refused to comment on Bowsette, as they may be waiting for the excitement to dissipate, so they can avoid discussing Rule 63 versions of their characters, but it's clear that 2018 was the year of Bowsette for many fans and the fact that she crushed the Overwatch ladies in the Internet's favorite pastime just goes to show how popular she really was.

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