Power Rangers Battle For The Grid Release Date (Finally) Announced

It's almost morphin' time ladies and gentlemen, as developer nWay has finally announced the release date for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. The expansive fighting title will be released on March 26th for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, while PS4 and PC versions will be released a bit later.

A follow-up tweet says that the PC version will be released in the summer, so those who have pre-ordered the game on Steam will have to wait a little longer. It should be worth it for longtime Power Ranger fans, though, as the game is grabbing characters from throughout the franchise's 25-year history. From Jason, the original Red Ranger, to Gia, the Yellow Ranger of 2013's Power Rangers Megaforce, it appears that the developers are making sure this is a game that fans will be playing for a long time.

Originally announced in January, Battle for the Grid features gameplay similar to Marvel vs. Capcom or the more recent Dragon Ball FighterZ. Those who play 2D fighting titles should feel right at home.

In an interview with PlayStation Blog, Steve Kuroki, Vice President of Creative at nWay, promised that the team was working hard to put in the details that longtime Power Ranger fans will appreciate. It's not just a tribute game, however, as it was also made with an online, competitive nature in mind. It appears that nWay has high hopes for the title, as the company plans to host events and regularly release new characters and stories for arcade mode. The game's starting price is $19.99 and many are hoping that it will be a success.

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Battle for the Grid could be the first Power Rangers game to receive a positive reception. Unfortunately, most Power Rangers games have not been received well critically. On Metacritic, the highest rated titles are Power Rangers: Wild Force and Ninja Storm for Game Boy Advance, both with a score of 55, while all others drop below 50.

The franchise has remained relatively popular, though the recent blockbuster movie was disappointing both critically and commercially. It's up to Battle for the Grid to deliver a satisfying Power Rangers experience for fans.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid will be released on March 26th for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. North American PS4 users will be getting the title on April 2nd and PC players will have to wait for the summer. As a reminder, if you pre-order now, you will receive the Green Ranger V2 skin. If you order the Digital Collector's Edition, you will also receive two additional skins and the Season One Pass.

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