Power Rangers Battle For The Grid Reveals Characters And Zords (Kind Of) in Official Launch Trailer

Power Rangers Battle For The Grid launched on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One today, along with an official launch trailer.

Power Rangers Battle For The Grid launched on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One this week. If you're on the fence about buying the game, maybe this will sway you.

For us Power Rangers fans, it feels like we have been waiting for the highly anticipated Battle For The Grid game to be released forever. Then on March 24th, almost out of nowhere, developers nWay revealed the release dates for the game on various platforms. That date? Just two days later, at least on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. For those without a calendar handy, that's today.

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While fans of the franchise who want to play the game on PlayStation 4 will have to wait until April 2nd, and PC players until this summer, Switch and Xbox users can get it right now. However, we completely understand why you would be a little hesitant to do so. Although Battle For The Grid is supposed to celebrate Power Rangers' 25-year history, the franchise's previous offerings to the gaming world haven't exactly been the best.

That's why we're here to run you through some of the characters and Zords that you'll come across in the game. Plus, you can take a look at Battle For The Grid's official launch trailer below to get a feel for the gameplay. Long-time Power Rangers fans will instantly recognize the Red Ranger, aka Jason Lee Scott, and also Tommy Oliver (the Green Ranger) from the original series.

A few familiar foes feature in the trailer, who are also playable characters. Among them is the always confident Goldar, which begs the question: where are his masters Rita and Lord Zedd? It's something of a disappointment to not see them be a part of the game on launch, however, nWay has promised that it fully intends to add characters from the franchise's extensive history in due course.

Last but not least, the all important and aforementioned Zords. There are three in total as of right now. The instantly recognizable Dino Megazord, the Dragonzord, and also Mega Goldar. Plus, a nice touch and perhaps the highlight of the launch trailer for us, is that one of the five arenas in which you can do battle is the Power Rangers command center, complete with Zordon in the background.

If we have convinced you to go ahead and buy Battle For The Grid, it's available now on Switch and Xbox One for $19.99.

Stay tuned to TheGamer for our upcoming review of Power Rangers Battle For The Grid.

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