15Spawned A Powerful Failed Clone

via: youtube.com (pokemechanics)

The Pokémon series has many characters that look cute, but are more powerful than expected. Though Mew is the prime example of adorable powerhouses, another Pokémon, Ditto, shares Mew's deceiving looks. Both Ditto and Mew are powerful because they have similar DNA. Ditto has the powerful ability to transform into

any Pokémon. Ditto is also genderless and can also breed with any Pokémon. They also share almost identical normal and shiny variant colors, while both Pokémon share the same weight of 8.8 pounds.

Though Ditto can transform into almost any Pokémon, it has a few flaws, unlike Mew. Ditto is unable to learn any disc moves, such as TMs or HMs. The Pokémon it transforms into also shares Ditto's facial characteristics of small eyes and a wide smile.

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