Powerful: 25 Things Only Pro Gamers Know The Xbox One Can Do

There was a time when video game consoles were only created to play video games, which we think is taken for granted these days. Consoles seem like they have to do everything now, with a lot of companies pushing numerous features into their consoles to get people to buy their product over others. This means that people who buy a video game console these days are getting a lot more than a piece of modern technology to play their video games. They're taking on everything from a social media machine to a streaming device!

We decided that we wanted to create a list would show everyone just what the Xbox One can do. Sure, it allows people to play games that look absolutely amazing on high definition televisions, but we think a lot of people don't truly understand what power they have in their home. We're going to take everyone through just what the Xbox One can do. There's no way that anybody knows everything this console can do.

Are people ready to find out what their favorite video game console can do? We know that we are, so it's time for us to get started and take a look at the Xbox One. If there's anything major that we've left out, or something else that is cool that we didn't include on the list, let us know in the comments. Have fun testing out all of these tricks and features!

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25 Copilot Mode

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Everybody with an Xbox One knows that they can connect numerous controllers, up to eight, so that people can get involved in some serious multiplayer action, but that isn’t all the console can do.

The input from two controllers can be linked together to control the console.

This feature was mainly added for people with disabilities, but can also be used by parents who want to help out their child playing a game without having to take the controller out of their kid's hands.

24 HD Audio Through A Home System

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There are a lot of audiophiles out there that refuse to listen to anything unless they’ve figured out how to get it crystal clear. Their ears are attuned to a better quality sound, which is why they would have to buy a separate Blu-Ray player to get the most out of their stereo system.

The Xbox One sends the audio output directly to the home system.

This means that the console doesn’t have to decode the audio and the player can rest assured that they’re getting the best quality sound that is possible from their games and movies.

23 Control The Console With A Tablet Or Phone

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Connectivity is an important thing in the modern world, with our houses now filled with so much technology it can be good to know that we can pick one up to control the other.

This is why Microsoft allows gamers to control the console with a tablet or phone.

People can browse their games, see what others are up to, and use their handheld devices to search for their favorite shows much quicker than with the Xbox One controller. No more picking out letter with thumbsticks!

22 Play Games On A PC

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There has been a friendly rivalry between people who use consoles to play games and those who build a PC for the same thing. However, the Xbox One has removed the rivalry forever!

Yes, people can connect their Xbox One to any Windows 10 PC in the house!

The digital games compatible with Xbox Play Anywhere can even be played on the PC without turning the console on. Otherwise, the console can be turned on to stream the video games to the PC.

21 Continue Playing An Xbox 360 Game

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One way that Microsoft is pushing the boundaries in a way that Sony continues to refuse to do, is allowing backward compatibility. This means that people can play their favorite Xbox 360 games on their Xbox One.

However, people don’t have to start from scratch.

Yes, with cloud saving and syncing to their new console, people can pick up where they left off with their Xbox 360 games, which is great news for people who have already put a few hours into an older game!

20 Play Other Consoles Through The Xbox One

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This service was initially put into the Xbox One for people to easily switch to live television from their gaming console. Players do this by connecting a cable box to their console through an HDMI cable.

This can work with other consoles as well, though.

Players can connect their other consoles, such as a PS4, through an HDMI cable and then switch from their Xbox One to any other console they own! A perfect solution for anyone struggling with fewer HDMI inputs than others.

19 Limit Screen Time

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Every single video game console now comes with parental control settings, as many young children enjoy playing video games. The Xbox One allows a parent to limit the amount of time they can use the console throughout a day.

It’s a chance to limit console engagement.

However, an adult who thinks they’re playing their console too much can use these parental control settings to limit their screen time as well. We all know that we could play games a little bit less!

18 Check Bandwidth Usage

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Bandwidth caps can often get in the way of gamers, limiting not only their ability to download digital games, but even keep them away from the multiplayer experience that so many consoles are pushing these days.

The Xbox One wants people to keep informed.

By going into the settings, gamers are able to take a look at just how much data their Xbox One is using, allowing them the chance to change their behavior and potentially save themselves some money in the long run.

17 Speed Up Installation

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One of the things that used to turn people to consoles over PC gaming was the fact that anybody could pop a disk into their console and get playing within seconds, but modern gaming has done away with that, often requiring a lengthy installation of patches and updates.

However, if people want to just skip straight to their game they can disconnect their Xbox One from the internet, allowing the console to focus entirely on installing the base game to the console with ten to fifteen minutes. Sure, gamers will have to go back and install these updates at some point, but they can do it when they’re busy with something else!

16 Disable Autoplay

via: wired.com

While autoplay was certainly added to modern consoles as a form of convenience for gamers, there’s no denying that it can be pretty annoying if a disc is added while doing something else. However, there’s a way around this.

The Xbox One allows gamers to disable this feature.

A console should always be offering people new ways to control their own experience, so it’s great to see that Microsoft has added in the option to get rid of autoplay! This way, there’s no chance any gamer will be pulled away from their experience, no matter what it is they’re doing with their console.

15 Share Games With Friends

via: digitaltrends.com

The gaming industry doesn’t like people being able to share games with friends, as it means there’s one less customer out there! This is why they frequently attempt to crack down on people being able to buy and sell pre-owned games.

Microsoft wants people to share their games though.

They have added in the option for people to designate a home console, before allowing them to then share the digital games on that Xbox One with any other Xbox One, whether it be across the hall or on the other side of the world!

14 Add Commentary To Video Game Recordings

via: twitch.tv

Every gamer out there knows that let’s plays and video game commentaries have been a major part of the industry for around a decade at this point, so Microsoft has added the Upload Studio App to the Xbox One in the hope of helping gamers get their content out there!

Using a Kinect Sensor, gamers can add their own audio and video commentary. This makes it much easier for people less tech-savvy to create their own content and upload it to the internet. Who knows, maybe that gamer will be the next big thing in streaming!

13 Create A Gameplay Montage

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Rather than creating a long-form stream or commentary, the Upload Studio App can also be used to throw together different video game clips, creating a compilation that can then be uploaded to the internet or saved just for friends.

With an external hard drive, these compilations can be an entire hour long. Whether it’s just for laughs or a serious attempt to sum up someone’s favorite game, adding in these features gives gamers a lot of options they won’t find on other consoles.

12 Find Friends

via: digitaltrends.com

Connecting with friends is something that every modern video game console is interested in, wanting to make sure that people can stay social while they play their games. Back in the day, people had to navigate some pretty complicated systems, like knowing a specific Gamertag, but the Xbox One changed all of this. It’s now possible to link up a Facebook account to an Xbox One and search for friends through Facebook. Microsoft has made it easier than ever to get people connected and playing video games together.

11 Play Flash Games

via: softcrony.com

While we will often sit down to play our video game console for hours at a time, sometimes we just have a small amount of time to spend, so we don’t want to delve right into the likes of Assassin's Creed or Fortnite.

This is why the Xbox One can play Flash games.

By using the console’s web browser, players are able to jump into the likes of Bejewelled and Pong! All people have to do is download the Internet Explorer app from the Xbox One store and away they go.

10 Use EA's Netflix Style Subscription System

via: gameon.al

Companies within the video game industry are always looking for ways to pull in new consumers, which is why it's not surprising that EA Access exists. Xbox One owners can pay either $5 dollars a month or $30 a year to access numerous EA titles.

Not only that, but a subscription offers players a chance to find deals on EA DLC. For a small price, gamers can play numerous EA titles, such as Star Wars Battlefront, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and numerous sports titles as well.

9 Film Crazy Things With The Xbox One Green Screen

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Obviously, the Upload Studio App will mostly be used by gamers to throw together gaming clips and commentary, but that doesn’t mean this free software can’t be used for other things. Using the Kinect, the Xbox One essentially allows anyone to have a green screen setup.

Get ready for some goofy action!

We wouldn’t be surprised if some people use this for serious video editing choices, but at the end of the day, it offers gamers yet another way to use their console for entertainment purposes.

8 Refresh The Dashboard With RT/LT/Y

via: screenrant.com

There’s nothing worse than sitting down to a proper gaming session to have a console freeze up, not letting people into their favorite apps and video games. Is the user interface of the dashboard starts to behave oddly or work in a way that it shouldn’t, all a player has to do is press RT, LT, and Y.

The Xbox One essentially has its own Ctrl+Alt+Del.

It’s becoming increasingly important for home consoles to have these forms of troubleshooting shortcuts moving forward.

7 Track Which Games You Play The Most

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There are more games out now than ever before, so it’s no wonder that we all have a backlog of video games that we either start and put down or just never seem to get around to. In fact, most people would probably be surprised to find out which games they’ve played the most. This is probably why the Xbox One lets people take a look at how long they’ve been playing their favorite video games, while also taking a look at other metrics, such as general progression and gamerscore.

6 Set Anything As A Background Image

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People are always looking for ways to personalize their possessions, so it’s no different with video game consoles. This is where the humble background picture comes into play. The Xbox One has a free feature that allows gamers to create their own interface backgrounds.

This means that anything can be used, such as achievement art and screenshots. Throw in the fact that people can even connect an external hard drive to add their own images, and this really gives people some creative freedom.

5 Reassign The Buttons On Your Controller

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The main thing that video game consoles should be striving for is allowing the player freedom. They paid for the console after all, so why shouldn’t they be able to use it however they want?! One way the Xbox One manages this is by throwing in a controller feature.

This is good for both pro gamers and gamers with disabilities. It’s a feature that all consoles should put together, as it means that anyone can play video games however they want.

4 Play Cross-Platform With PC Players

via: gamesindustry.biz

It's no surprise that companies are out to make money, which means sometimes they can look for ways to put up a barrier when it comes to the way that gamers play, but it seems that Microsoft wants to move away from that by offering cross-play with PC gamers. This means that, depending on the multiplayer game that's being played, friends can get together online, even if one of them has a PC rather than an Xbox One, which is great news for everybody.

3 Cheap Storage Is Easy

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One way that PC owners will always get one up on their console counterparts is the by being able to easily customize their machine, literally buying new parts and slotting them into the existing PC.

However, Xbox One makes creating extra storage space easy. All anybody has to do is get an external hard drive and plug it straight into the Xbox One. There's no messy reconfiguration or any chance of doing damage to the console either when it's this easy!

2 Double Tap The Home Button For Quick Access To The Guide

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When playing on the Xbox 360, the Home Button would take people straight to the guide, whereas gamers were dismayed to find that pushing the home button on the Xbox One controller takes them straight to their console's dashboard.

However, the guide can easily be accessed by double tapping the button! This simple shortcut will remove a lot of time between playing a game and getting to the friend's list or a party chat. Very important to know moving forward.

1 Control The TV Through The Console

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One of the many forms of connectivity that people can find hidden within their Xbox One is the ability to sync up their machine with the television. It wants to be the central hub to pretty much everything else entertaining in the room.

This means people can use voice commands to control their television. By taking a few minutes to set everything up, people will be able to control things like the volume of their television just by telling their Kinect to sort it out for them.

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