You Can Finally Pre-Order The Nintendo Switch Lite, But You'll Still Have To Wait A While

Switch Lite pre-orders are officially open online, but you'll still have a long wait until it's released on September 20th.

What started out as a rumor has quickly become the most anticipated console in a long time. While pre-orders are officially open at many online retailers, those looking to score a console will have to wait until September 20th to get their hands on one.

When Nintendo first introduced the Switch to the world, many within the industry wondered if it would be embraced or if it would meet the fate of the Wii U. Nintendo had a lot of pressure on its shoulders to make the console a success, and it didn't take long for the company to prove that consumers still preferred gameplay and mechanics over graphics, when it surpassed the PS4 in all time sales inside of Japan.  Those looking to order the latest iteration of the console can do so now at many online retailers, but it will be a few months before the system launches officially worldwide.

It's hard to determine if Nintendo let the leaks of the Nintendo Switch Lite happen on purpose, but given the overwhelming positive response it's clear that the company is still king when it comes to captivating consumers in the area of handhelds. As details continue to pour out related to the console it will be very interesting to see just how many pre-orders of the system are made. If it ends up being as successful as many imagine it will be, it could drive Sony and Microsoft to look into creating their own handhelds.

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According to Polygon, the console is currently available for pre-order at various online retailers including Amazon, Target, Best Buy and GameStop. Additionally, they go on to say that the Nintendo Switch Lite will be released worldwide on September 20th, the same day that the remake for Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening hits store shelves. While you'll be able to secure your own console for just $200.00, it's important to note that it won't have detachable Joy-Cons or the ability to connect to your television, though Nintendo may add connectivity features in the future.

Given that the original Switch is only one hundred dollars more, it seems that the price is a bit high given what you lose versus the original. The fact that the company has chosen to release the console at the same time as the Zelda remake seems to indicate that they may have specific plans for the new system that they have yet to announce.

Many wondered if the Switch was Nintendo's attempt to replace the 2DS and 3DS and it appears that the Nintendo Switch Lite has answered this question clearly. While it's an option that should have been available from the start, it couldn't come at a better time given the fact that the company's foothold in Japan is on the rise.

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